Woman fan exclusive interview, into the Yang Dazheng, Zheng Yinong, Shandong built a home, three people is a home shape, defend each other to do their own rights.

Yonghe Lane, up to the two floors, to open the door, two cats, three people, four rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a table, a home-Zheng Yinong, Yang Dazheng, Shandong's home, all very large, so that small people can settle down.

Zheng Yi Nong Not go home, Yang Dazheng in the kitchen bar is busy washing dishes, Shandong lazy booth on the sofa, such as only waiting for the sun cat. I lay aside my bag, afraid to disturb the house.

Big is approaching, do not want to drink something, I shook my face, see Yi Nong push the door into the house, a black and look bright, "you are talking about now oh", Yi Nong handsome back to the big, I was going to eat it? Then the bag twist on the table, the pen electricity open, quite a workaholic attitude. Shandong drifted over, the beautiful side face a little backlight.

Such a place is like an organism, where things come in, nourish life, and relationships come in and grow into a family shape. Motorcycle outside whistling, we slowly moved to the sun favored living room, three candidates sofa corner, independent but also intimate, Yang Dazheng first told the story.

Thinking of renting a roommate, the name of the farmer came out first.

Divorce News released at the beginning of 2016, the Yi Nong and big is a bottle of whiskey, one hand around each other, laughing apart, vowed to defend each other to do their right, love transit, leaving a lot of blessings. Then the days, the farmers live in two original room, Big is a nest company, with friends and rent, later karma, meet Shandong, discuss find a more like home place.

Look around the room, find such a bright space, all ideals, that is, rent is too expensive, two people can not afford. Want to find a roommate, the first thought is Zheng Yi Nong. At the end of the summer of 2016, three people officially began to live in the same habitat.

"The first is that the habit of living is acceptable, and the name of the farmer emerges," he said. Really did not think much, did not think there will be conflict. For me, the end of the relationship is the end, and I am a good friend of the farmers, very familiar with the family this thing will not change. "Big is laughing," many times people feel strange, I feel natural, Shandong is also. 」

What about the farmer? "In fact, the big is about my present, I laugh out, he asked me to look at the house, I came." I said yes, you asked me to live, and then a look, I like. The house has a vast field of vision, a large window, a space for itself, and a public space, and we are all in need of quiet people, where everything is large and suitable for three people. 」

This one feels intimate and not too sticky, keeps yourself from being too alienated, and stresses, "many people think our relationship is very special, what three people do, or feel great how to do it?" In fact, we are roommates, not what we imagine difficult. 」

Don't make the relationship a specialization. Looking at them, a lot of words are too tacky to ask. Clearly remember, the media pathologist of the report, others to speculate, they do not pay too much attention, the heart is magnanimous. This society is very strange, break up must be decorum, find reason to blame, too many people to the relationship of rough understanding, to them throw.

Big positive tone has no resentment, listen to have helplessness, "if really want to say there is pressure, the only pressure I am afraid to disturb, one is to occupy the news layout, two is once, my personal affairs to spread out with everybody to explain?" I do not like to share personal affairs, more afraid of affecting the mood of Shandong. 」

Shandong poured a face detached, she said completely did not feel the pressure, crooked head think of the reason, probably the constitution of the pressure to raise good. "I started selling clothes at the age of more than 20 and got used to being scolded, but now I feel nothing." Other people's criticism is not related to me, I want to live my life, for me, life is the most important. 」

Life is the most important, such as the light sprinkle the living room of the moment, to close their eyes to enjoy, to embrace care, squatting body, pick up a fine moment, a piece of hidden into memory.

We've had history, and history is not going to go away.

"Now go out to meet friends, about me and Yang Dazheng things, can be a joke." "Yi Nong said, with a smile," can joke is, at least I know, big positive to me, we have had things, will not disappear. We pass each other and become better and stronger people. So to Yang Dazheng this person, as well as his partner, also produce more hope that they can better heart. "(Recommended reading: Gender observation: Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng, our home transcends blood and marriage )

"I'm thinking about intimate relationships," he said. No matter friends or family, many times in the establishment, how do I make the other person better, multiply this relationship. Also see that the so-called relationship, sometimes need to care about, sometimes need to let go. 」

There are many in the Nonghua admits that intimacy is constant learning, after several changes, only to find their own set of methods. Big is sharing, oneself with Yi Nong and Shandong compares, compare scrupulous, trust rule.

"I'm with the farmer, undeniably, we from the realization of life together, to the end of love relationship, also 89, it is a history, and history will not disappear." The state at that time, she is not good, I also bad, after the decision, we are relaxed. 」

Big is the eyes firmly, "still want to defend the right of farmers to do their own, this has not changed, after the divorce, I have a lot of ways to practice this commitment ah." For example, work, give farmers enough space and resources, let him do want to do music. 」

Yi Nong New album "Pluto", with the Temper music cooperation, Yang Da is doing the boss, lovely in the face of the book shouted, "Well-yi Nong, loans to you to shoot MV, remember to earn back OH." 」

"Life, if there are any farmers want to share, this family, we have to help her find a way, for me there is no obstacle also very clear." "Yi Nong Nod, do not forget to add spit trough," but the trouble of love, I will not ask Yang Dazheng, I will ask Shandong. 」

Shandong also smiled, said carefully, "we three people have a very similar understanding of the nature of love, sometimes feel at the right place and." I am not a special person to give advice to others, do not like to interfere with other people, I believe that love is free, want to love to love. (Recommended reading: Love is not blackmail, love is free )

Shandong does not often answer words, but an opening is very accurate. Love is free, and this is the power of this family.

Love is always in the direction of freedom, the end of the relationship does not necessarily have a murderer

"Love is freedom, this is not to say that moral and secular not important, but the ideal of love, is to find their own comfortable way to complete each other's expectations." "There is no rule in love, in the end is willing, big is often for three people summed up, like parents."

Love is free, do not be limited by the relationship box, time back to 2016, all the way, they spent a lot of energy to explain to the public, the end of the relationship does not necessarily have a murderer, let go can be very beautiful, leaving can write a happy ending. Yi Nong muttered, "For example, I was really troubled at that time, a dispatch, the report of the cutting angle are Zheng Yi Nong out of the Ark." Of course, I will not deny that I like girls, there is nothing to deny. I'm not going to love another man, except that I love him too much. 」

Yi Nong stopped, "but I actually do not want to" so clear reason, I actually or I, nothing changed. In a moment, but many nouns added to me, out of the closet, lesbian, gay love and so on. 」

The invitation flocked to the farmers to talk about gender awareness, support very gay, each faction route Rob people, "I do not want to jump into the label immediately, nor this qualification." "And from start to finish, the starting point of the great positive, is always very simple, the end of the relationship, there should be different methods of discussion." (Recommended reading: Kangyong talk about the loneliness in the closet: "I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters")

One is, do not violate the identity of the creator, "At that time big is relatively red, we are public figures, married when still very high profile, decided to separate, bound to face." Otherwise write any love song, everyone thought I wrote to the big positive, then I was cheating fans ah. 」

The second is that the freedom of love may be, "I want to say, everyone should allow themselves to have the chaos of space and power, I want to admit that I am confused, love can be free, chaos can feel, I also hope that I and the big is in a better direction." 」

"There were a lot of comments that made people very vomiting blood," he said, "We have always thought that love is going to be free, that good things stay, all are the nutrients of life." Look, where did you find a friend who had lived so intimately? We are just ordinary people living in the present, define what is not our homework, our work is to return to everyday, learn every problem of life. 」

After some turbulence, looking back from life to find clues, face every difficulty. It may be similar to Pluto, Pluto, The expelled Lonely Planet, after death and rebirth, through chaos, afar see the light of freedom, understand that the original strength has been on their own. The word "Yi Nong" is like coming from a distant planet, "I believe, and I want to encourage you, that every love is free, and every disorder can be embraced." 」

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