2017 women obsessed with space exhibition, invite you to leave white for yourself, into the time to experience the meaning of solitude to you, for their own heart, to make room for a sense of life.

Entering the space of solitude and constructing the value of thought

Every year, a woman obsessed with the May 25 to commemorate the love of their own, to "I Love Me" as the core call on the reader to think about their own value, condensed readers and we grow together, in the excavation of the moment, digging ideas of the bright.

2013 Women fans first proposed "525 I love my Festival" concept, advocating women have independent space, self-awareness and independent ability, brave love their unique. " 2017 "The fourth session of the Women 525" I love my Time festival. With the Taipei 101 cooperation, in the 4F will space to create a "solo space exhibition", through the three core values "to leave time for themselves", "take time to concentrate on", "Take Time to create miracles", and Exhibition Interactive design invites readers to spend some time in the hectic daily to themselves, into the solo space exhibition, in the solitude of the time to construct the value of thought, these flowers in their own time, are completed to nourish the life of nutrients. (Recommended reading:101 "Solo Time Space exhibition": Women should have their own room, but also have their own time! )

Flash concert, J.sheon: Find confidence in solitude, go after your dreams

In addition to the static exhibition, the women's fans held the solo-time space exhibition this year, the opening day more invited singer J.sheon to attend the appeal to women to enjoy independence moment. To "give their own kisses" pass love their own ideas, in the song to drive the scene hundreds of fans kiss lip printing props, and j.sheon common response to love themselves, value self-worth. (Recommended reading: learn to live alone!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

Into the women's Fan pavilion, J.sheon also especially with women fans share, mentioned that they like to be alone, when a person like to watch movies, cooking, creative. "Because there are many different stages in the creation, the conception period needs more solitude, and the experience of life and the inspiration for writing songs can be gained through solitude." "When it comes to love yourself, J Sheon also said that usually like to" empty "dote on their own, by pressing the way of life suspend the key, let oneself rest and start again, back to love things enthusiasm, and said that love oneself is constantly fall in love with their favorite things.

J.sheon also talked to the audience at the scene, he finds confidence through the solitude of his conversations with himself, and the things he loves to go after, and this solitude is the idea that women fans want to pass on to their readers: depart from the noise, let us face ourselves and listen to the voice of our hearts.

People say the difference between loneliness and solitude, when you begin to understand inward exploration, the time of solitude has become a kind of exceptionally cherished detachment, detached from others wink, see their own appearance diffuse open, alone, let you step closer to their own smooth, to the world around a circle, but in the bottom of my heart to find a place to settle down.

Dear invite you, together with us into the space exhibition of the three major pavilion, send themselves for a period of time to perceive themselves, in the unknown to make their own appearance, learn to live with themselves, in the time to love themselves soft.

The first exhibition area: "The single time famous brand flop"

Attentive people are not stupid, they are particularly to see themselves, particularly worthy of time.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

Life is short, there is no time to waste, all the freedom of the heart, is to strive to pursue. --Sanmao

A single quote from the flop, on the display of a sentence in solitude to perceive the life of the statement, those who concentrate on becoming their own stubbornness, in order to live the confidence, are in each of the process of dialogue with the self, when you know to leave the life of white, cherish the moment of life gap, time, is you can give yourself the best gift, Concentrate on the things you love and live to be what you want to be. (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

Looking at the scene of the reader occasionally lightly flip the famous card, the occasional pause attentively eyes, the words lying on the cards as if three-dimensional up, jumped into their minds, leaving some trample on the reader's thoughts, looking at also feel the heart full of feeling, everyone to watch the famous card to get different feelings, But all because of the text and have the value of the link and communication, the interaction of thought so flowing in the exhibition field.

Second section: "The Declaration of the Single Time box"

I would like to give myself the time to grow up, so that the mind can go farther. --Woman fan

Women fans invite you to speak your own declaration of independence, try to find your focus in your solitude, focus on yourself, you will find life hectic, and there is a peace of mind that can feel so open and free in the process of talking to yourself.

In addition to the desire to invite readers to consider "solitude" to their own feelings, the declaration box alone more hope that through the single declaration into the mailbox, and then exchange a card from the mailbox interactive design, so that readers can pass on the meaning of their solitude to them, through the text, exchanging each other's lives in a moving.

At the scene to see every serious desk to write a declaration of expression, from the single Declaration box to pick a card in the surprise face, some people murmured the warm handwriting on the card, some friends shared the exchange of the single statement, I think, such communication, also really in two of strangers branded some unforgettable warmth!

Dear, speak your own declaration, try to Polish yourself in solitude, build value in solitude, and dream the way of life when you are alone.

The third section: "ME Time alone Always Light"

Solitude makes me know how to subtract from others and find my own life.


Do you like to be alone? The third section of the solo space Show invites you to think about the problem, to see the everyday life in which you can bathe in solitude, and to realize that the subject in your life is truly growing when you talk to yourself. (Recommended reading: Leave your own life 10 kinds of blank: be busy again, all have to be alone )

By voting, reading, bathing, music and writing, it is important for you to be alone. The number of daily votes in this section is different, and through each reader's participation in the voting process, I wish to invite you to find the way to comb yourself in your life, to recall the small but beautiful me time of day, and to commit ourselves with us: "I am willing to send a nagging shaoguang, so that the dark heart and light, Let the mind take me farther away. 」

By perceiving the importance of solitude, let solitude be the necessity of your life, so that love itself is no longer a slogan, but a practice of thought.

Rush to salvage life, the days return to their own

The first object of love in life should be yourself, write poems to yourself, talk to yourself, be quiet in a space, listen to your heart and breath, I believe, this life will not panic when going out. On the contrary, a life outside, like a headless fly, is most afraid of loneliness. --Chiang Hsun

Honey, women fans invite you into the solo space show, in this gap with yourself, take away the spirit of loving yourself, let love become your daily life, from the departure of the crowd, we learn to subtract others ' faces in solitude, to be aware of ourselves, to feel alone in the present, to listen with more attention, Will feel the sadness to iron life, so polished process, bit by bit clip out of their own embryonic life. (Recommended reading: Life Solitude Learning: Empty yourself, Power will come in )

"Solo Space Exhibition Information"

Solo space exhibition ME time show

Date: May 18 to May 31
Venue: Taipei 4F Metropolitan Square (110 Taiwan Xinyi District Xinyi Road, 7th, Wu Duan)

"A man who makes himself himself is more important than anything." --Woolf.

2016, woman fan 525 women's Day to create a "big woman room" invite girls to find themselves in a crowded city, we extend this year 500 years ago Woolf "own room" to Me time to break the pattern of life, to my dear you make room for their own heart. Time alone, so that you use to understand yourself to agitate the life of the small universe.

Let's act together:

Together to the Taipei 101 site to leave time, for the love of their own proof, there will be a chance to get women to enjoy a good gift