Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"Stay hungry" has always been a partner in the female fans of the common characteristics, this hunger is not limited to the individual areas of expertise, but also want to be in other studies to fill their own. In response to this need to constantly fill and get knowledge of the desire, the female fans of the primary school Hall responds to the needs of partners. Self-join a woman fan, on all kinds of primary school, have professional quality, new media forward-looking, have put aside all technical knowledge, only enjoy dancing.

This year I worked with designer Merci to serve as a women's fan learning system, and we planned the 2017 study for the team, from clarifying the status quo, recognizing team needs, and rationing appropriate courses, as a journey to a new understanding of partners.

The woman is fascinated the elementary school hall is for the partner to keep the time to grow, we also use the note to restore the scene, hoped that more comfortable work you can with us restores the work significance.

The May "Theatre thinking" primary school hall is a gift that we hope to give to our partners in the expansion of our team. In the field of work, how much time do we pay attention to partners and awareness of ourselves? Theater worker Penjo and everyone from the theater to practice thinking about their relationship with the team, this is a no answer no right and wrong activities, the extension of the body is honest, it will tell you the inner voice. Three good discoveries in team interactions give you the ideal of living and working. (Recommend you: Workplace notes: Workplace achievement gas field!) To be a character worker )

Cross the threshold and put down your emotions

If Xuan said to enter the theatre before, everyone must cross the threshold: "We divide the world into two worlds, inside and outside worlds, and we usually bring outside to the company, and every time we come in, we can adjust ourselves to neutral posture, I stepped in, It means I'm ready, and here is a space full of ductility, where anything can happen. 」

We hold our breath, focus on waiting for the moment of their preparation, each person to take a different time, someone in the leap before you can think of the life of the lantern, someone just in the heart of their own instructions on the departure. This is also the rhythm of the work, fluent sometimes, card-related sometimes, a team-oriented enterprise will not have partners to follow, but to respect the rhythm of everyone walking.

When you close your eyes, the more you pay attention to the footsteps of others, the more anxious you will have to cross out. If you are not honest about your emotions and come in your own workplace with your troubles, you may be more anxious. On this side of the workplace, not for a company to work, for a business, but loyalty to their own industry, respect for their choice of work, we can do the best thing is to not let the occasional emotional oppression of life, not to let the life of the impurities critical work of the essence. (Extended reading: as long as there is a search, not afraid to lose )

Sometimes, the work is not as heavy as the imagination, as long as we are willing to light footsteps, ready to take a neutral posture Shen steadily into the axis of their body, to draw a work circle.

Put down your emotional exercise: every time you step into the door of your company, let yourself stay a few more seconds, take a deep breath for 10 seconds, and put your emotions outside the door. You have to go in with a new self and experience a new space. Don't let any emotion embarrass you, may you do it perfectly in every moment.

Create the atmosphere and create the workplace you want

The team on the first floor of the space walk, the teacher gave different instructions "Imagine your side, are the most want to work together partners," Imagine your side, are the most you do not want to meet the work of the partner, "while maintaining a distance away, one must take" instructions "with the partner to greet, the team walk into a circle, the flow of the gas field constantly. In this practice, the partner observes, "Everyone contributes to the shaping of the atmosphere."

Teacher called "gesture", posture. Any movement through the body shows "meaning", and the meaning of the action in space creates an atmosphere. The same is true of our daily work tables, and have you ever said hello to your partner at your table? Can you be more inspired by the failure of others? Sometimes a kinetic wave can awaken a team, and a very positive eye can inspire the team to move forward.

Working in the same space, everyone is the catalyst of the environment, besides thinking about what kind of gesture you want to give to the people around you, can also observe your "the intrinsic meaning of action" is the same as others? Each person to positive negative emotion transmission way is different, facing the different work partner, we must maintain own neutral posture, does not take the thing to be happy, does not have to own the sadness, lets oneself become has the ability full gas field person. (Recommended: Spend your time on things that make you happy )

Create an atmosphere of practice: every day into the company, happy to say good morning, start your work tacit understanding! Learn to let your work have a stronger positive energy "gesture", as part of a team, your emotions deserve everyone's attention, and every move you make is changing the environment.

Awareness of the rhythm, the ability to undertake others

In "playing paper practice", the teacher wants each of us to interact with the paper in hand, put aside all thinking, only focus on the paper, there is only one principle-don't let the paper fall off. Originally a person and paper play, dance, touch, and then become two people play a piece of paper, three people play a piece of paper. "Watch where it wants to go, what its breath is, how you're going to find your rhythm in the interaction." The teacher exhorted everyone, the paper's ups and downs do not have the correct answer, everyone and paper relationship is also. The partner feels in this experience: "Can play in the paper exercise to appreciate each other's movements", "when the number of people to become more, breaking the order of two, to work together to find a new rhythm," We have to trust their partners, will not let paper fall. "

The whole activity is silent and the point of dancing, nothing said, but the action is enough to explain everything. In a team where everyone can be a leader, work is a journey to bring more people forward. From one person, two person, three person, four, we must feel the rhythm of every partner in the expansion, sometimes the main key, sometimes the supporter, the most important core is-we all stare at the same piece of paper, the same goal, then we can fully understand the direction of the paper now to the way, The other hand is not enough distance to undertake.

I think this is "not only to see themselves" practice, in the work must let their habit of a more than one eye, to sympathize with the wind and rain partners, to watch the difficulties of partners, it is possible to achieve a more successful task. When all the paper, this task is more important than the individual achievement, then basically the team can play the paper to have a good time, rather than the fear of fear when it fell. (Recommended reading:A letter from BuzzFeed CEO to the team: Communication leadership is the key to success )

The paper fell down, the mission failed, you can pick it gracefully, forgive each other's mistakes, continue to pass. The so-called work, rather than care about the standard rate, than care about the input rate. Are all people involved and enjoying the project? Are you looking at the same direction as the leader?

The practice of caring partners: Learn to maintain "resilience" in your work, starting with your "rotational speed", sometimes you have to trample on more muscular endurance to be a person who can help your partner move forward; sometimes you have to slow down and learn to be able to share the energy of the advance with others.

Three women fans of the theater thinking exercise, we move is the body, liberation is the mind. Let yourself have a sense of work, to maintain the ability to awaken every little thing, tacit partner attention to other people's ability, team work is the dance of many people, not only a protagonist, there will be no meaningless role. Each person's breath, all contribute to the team work pulse, each person to work mood and the statement, all let the work has its own life shape and the story.

Become a person or want to work together partner, only intimate understanding is not enough, but also have to observe the dynamic intentions of others, waiting for everyone from different starting point of patience.

To be a workaholic, we do not obey the workplace, but create the workplace.