Interview Jiangmichi, from the singer to step into the family, these years have setbacks and thus growth, the only thing that is not to the music of the obsession, singing with the song to watch everyone's heart hurt.

1999, Jiangmichi in the style of alternative Girls, her first album to Sing "I Love Faye Wong", the second "second eye beauty" and a bit of hard to tune the strong British rock. Speaking of Faye Wong, Mei has a lot of youthful memories, many people remember the warm love song Jiangmichi, that is the third album after her, in the middle school, she is a not according to the cards, the Grinch Strange Beauty Maiden.

If only use the warmth to describe her very pity, the little Amy sits in front of me, the eyes blink blink, the joke sometimes, the lonely sometimes, her character likes the cat which the host dotes on, sometimes unrestrained, sometimes cares about, has a kind of passes through the wind and waves the sense of humour, but also has the (Recommended reading:"straight hit" Jiangmichi salon: My failure is my great )

About the music, the little beauty turned the corner and came back, 2014 that year, Mei announced that she will enter the marriage, after having a child to start her retreat from the stage of life, daily necessities, she always feel what is hanging in the heart, still remember their Jiangmichi as a singer, said Mei, I do not want to disappoint the only I can do for the audience. Music in her obsession, as she fell in love with Faye Wong's time.

Music can satisfy my sense of vanity as a human being.

Talking about her magic moment, not deeply touched by which song, but found that they have the ability to move others. In the small United States, there is an open karaoke near the home, and she likes to be applauded in front of a group of strangers: "At that time my aunt very like to take me to sing, I go to sing, the people do not know the reaction is very enthusiastic, I have a sense of vanity and achievement, there is a thing I can do so well ah, I think so, That's when I like to sing. 」

Then someone taught her another kind of music, that is Faye Wong's "obsession with no Regrets", Faye Wong fluent and free to sing "stream is not flying", although on TV, it seems like not on TV. "Now I think this girl is very cool, cut a five separate, dressed very special, sound good." I like to stay in my room and listen to her songs. Middle School just girl feelings, have a lot of emotion, dinner also don't eat, while listening to imitate, very delicate to turn over the album, a word a punctuation lyrics, I repeatedly listen to her song, feel very touched. She can sing the story of others and mood, laid my imagination to the singer, to interpret a new life. 」

Amy said that she had many dreams, and did not think that "singer" just stumbled into life, one day, Amy and her classmates to buy a famous lo-Mei, she repeatedly stressed that the lo-Mei is very famous, said as if the lo-mei shop is a lucky opportunity: "Because too famous, must wait for a long time, we have to go to the next door hang Ten, My classmate saw an MTV station to do the singing competition, they secretly help me sign up, at that time the class knew very like singing, I will sing in the class to satisfy my vanity. "She said very honestly, the first singing is not too much ambition, just because of doing better than the average person." (Recommended reading: She is the right person!) Dailing talk about singing this way: "Stick to it, otherwise?" ")

Amy to "Jane Eyre" to open the first singing contest, she still remember when a green grasshopper makeup dress up, and then to advance, time and space and smell in sharp, listen to her, there is a picture, just like her singing. "I had thought the singer's dream was far away from me, because I was not too pretty, also is not the idol, my former director said modest elder brother (Yao) to choose me when everyone was startled, because my modelling is too terrible, like the deep fear that others can not see me, overage of heavy make-up and unsuitable clothes, I think, Modesty is really a hero. After that, he laughed a lot, and Amy knew herself well and thanked his bole.

I really want to do something for the fans.

After the third album, The record company pushed Mei on the road of transformation, all the way to release the album, "Dear How are you not around" achievements of her healing love song days after the title, Jiangmichi sing City girl's loneliness, superior, Miss, wandering, many people have been comforted. However, she said: "My singing history has been a lot of twists and turns, I have wondered whether I am suitable for this circle, but also struggle to leave." Until I was pretty sure that my song really seemed to bring something to everyone. (Recommended reading:"interview" small ball Zhung: Let the hope light up in the trek, the heart will take you to where to go )

This is very sure, from the audience message: "How does it seem that the Mei has disappeared, the one of the song of the Mei has my story, the song of Amy to accompany me through that period" they will personally write the lyrics, let Mei know, this music quickly eliminated the era, some people Miss Jiangmichi. She looked at the messages and felt that she had not done enough: "I did not think that my song had accompanied them through these processes, I feel that I must continue, the mission is too heavy, but I really want to do something for them, so that some of their lives can continue to be a feeling. 」

Starting again Jiangmichi is bound to take a more real posture, so, under the concept of the teacher under construction she did live recording, the most real emotion is not in the studio, but in the audience with the scene. Live recording also with the audience Exchange diary, they come with the story, Jiangmichi sing out, layers of overlapping audience rich at the level of the scene. I sang "The Gentleness of the hands" to the day's WAN, she ordered this song to the Dead good friend. Each person's life course will experience the death, for example my father died because of the stroke, the elder brother died because of the cancer in the previous years, this is the life certain experience. 」

Amy said that she had struggled and would not be able to sting the song again, but she thought a turn believe that this can be a good opportunity to put down: "We will feel the heavens why to take such a good person away, when WAN as in telling her story, I subconsciously told myself:" I can't cry, this thing in her heart has 16 Years, she came today may be the fate of her friend, want me to tell her: "I am good, I also hope you have a good life." "After tonight, she can start a good life again," she said. 」

"I decided that I would help her with this song to create a new memory. "She said with great boldness.

The turn of marriage: I promise to sing only a life song

Mei with "Can't Meet", "no impossible" two songs, it is condensed their own years want to tell everyone the story. "No impossible" invites everyone to cross the heart and treat themselves well. Like this live recording she also with a lot of anxiety coexistence, questioning herself, but after all, she put the focus back to her favorite one of the most happy thing-singing. To the Mei, the past oneself is not like the song so gentle, she has too many edges and corners too many wayward, "life I am not very patient person, my temper impatient, also easy to give up, I think the person's toughness is very strong, as long as the face, it can occur potential." After getting married, I became very patient in my life, and so was my relationship. (Recommended reading: marriage is not to meet a piece of paper, but a good love of a person )

The new family changes Jiangmichi many, and teaches him soft love. Children teach her a lot of things, teach her sincerity, teach her seriously, "with a child, more a sense of responsibility, you look at this child is a bit like looking at himself, how he looks like you, his temper is quite like you." The child is my mirror, I am the old family, the personality is very capricious also weird, I saw in my son before I learned a lot. Sometimes when I'm with the kids and I'm still on the phone, he pulls me up and says, "Mom, stay with me, sit down." "Let me take off the mobile phone status, I will reflect on their own, why I am so not attentive to the present, I should be more focused on my time, back to the real relationship with people." 」

So now we see the small beauty, a little more intimate, I asked this out, what do you want to communicate with the audience? "I want to make music along the way I feel now," said Amy. Some people will be in response to the market and the popular, I think no bad, but now I want to return to the nature of their own, do not need too complex, with the feelings of the heart to interpret the song, the song is Alive, when you identify with him, he is a living person, as if chatting with you, you know he understands your mind. 」

"For me, the song is like this. I hope that my music, can give you the most simple moved. 」

Thank you for coming to my life to dote on me

Mei with their own happiness on the stage of the emotional story, she "not to" bless their own, in the past she taboo to talk about their feelings, but also deeply loved the bitter. "I used to love the road is also very twists and turns, I once told my sister:" In fact, I married myself I have a fright, I once thought that I will not be married in my life. "I have been deeply disappointed in love, even if I love children, I feel happy family is far away from me." "Mei is easy to blame people, she said I come from a happy family, why should I be disappointed with the family?"

People lose their sense of security and collect feelings of loss along the way, and she says I believe these pieces are meant to make people find their own process. "When you meet my husband, I find that feelings don't have to be forced, you meet someone and you want to get better." I have thought of my native family to give me a very complete love, why I have suffered the injury will make me afraid to move forward. In the past, I was too vulnerable to injury and too fragile, it is easy to encounter emotional frustration, this is the subject I must face. 」

Now her heart has a sense of belonging, no longer uneasy. "We all believe that marriage is not a constraint, but a relationship in which we have a strong power and a space for ourselves and our independence." Many people in marriage will say: "I sacrifice for you," I do not want to speak of sacrifice, sacrifice is that person destroyed your life original plan. "Mei slowly said, there is a breeze in the tone:" I heard a story before, I feel so beautiful, the legend of each child will choose to come to this family, will be in the clouds between the sky to Peep, to see what their parents to choose. I think that kind of picture is very lovely, thank my child to find me. 」

Talking about the balance between the family and the work, she was born in a good enough generation. Working abroad can be seen with the children, Sir very supportive of her at work to find herself. "I think the family can make us adjust to our own state of life and not put the word" sacrifice "on them. "Amy went on to say:" Become a parent after many things, there will be a lot of understanding, they are not good language communication, but they will use action to love you. Love has generational differences, I will continue to say to my children: "Mother Love You Yo", because I think love is to let each other know. 」。

She thinks her parents that generation's toughness is very strong, before mother can take five children, hand wash clothes boil three meals, no regrets. "I honestly said that I can not do, now the environment men and women to more respect, in fact, we are more happy, I also think that girls should not be so hard, women consciously slowly rise, we all found that they can do more, based on equality and tolerance and respect, share life." I think this is a more ideal relationship. "There is a kind of love is not to each other, but we can choose to love each other way."

Be alone and take care of yourself in your own time.

The most valuable thing is to let her learn how to respect each independent individual, "before I was thinking of what to do, now will be a more worry, everyone should have their own time and space in the family." "Amy said that she had been very afraid of lonely people, to do a variety of spiritual treatment, and even doubt that their heart is not" a piece.

Many of her lonely lives are built on the opposite side of love. "I had a relationship, together I still feel lonely, the other side with you very little, when you need him not, this feeling is particularly lonely." Also think of me a long time, and then a person come in will break the balance, make changes will not be very troublesome, then I found that are more than think, and met again. 」

She began to adjust to the empty window in her relationship. "I started a person to eat to see a movie, a person to go shopping, solitude is necessary, alone in addition to doing their favorite things, more important is to organize their own thoughts." I am an impulsive person, after working all day, I will sit on the couch and think about everything that happened today, think about whether I need to adjust, examine my state, think about the better. When you are most in the lake, give your time back to yourself and take care of yourself at this time. "(Recommended reading:" 525 alone Season "solitude declaration: The day to talk to yourself, lost all became )

"I also like to not do anything in the café, think about things to listen to music, it is my own time, no one can disturb." 」

Amy's ability to be alone evolved, is the site of love left, but also she can give herself the most precious gift.

The ritual of tattooing: the best solitude is to accept the wounds of life

I asked Mei, what is your impression of the bravest solitude? She thought for a long time. "I go to the tattoo alone, as if full of courage." I am a very afraid of pain, I have a tattoo on my body is meaningful, such as my first tattoo, is "courage", is my brother stabbed after the death, I hope this brand on my body, can bring me a lot of strength. (Recommended reading:"Scars on my body out of flowers" breast cancer patients stabbed the most beautiful medal of Pain )

Mei's tears came down and said that she would not cry today. And comfort everyone, don't worry, it's okay. "Hey yo, I said Don't cry." It's all right. "She has coddled in her words, the temperament of the woman, let a person very want to love." Amy has been quiet for a long time, she needs to adjust her breathing and regain the courage to finish the story.

Both father and brother died early: "I remember when Dad left, I was in Taipei with chin sister rehearsal" Angel not Night City ", I have been living in Taipei for nearly a few months, and my father told me that my head was sore when I went home a week before my dad left, and I said that I would take you to the doctor tomorrow. A week later, I saw more than 20 of missed calls at home in the rehearsal room and my head was blank when the phone picked up. "She regrets life, so she can resonate with pain." After the death of his father, his brother also walked, small good long time to listen to "can only miss You" heart pain. Brother's farewell style, is putting this melody.

She left the skin to remember her brother's appearance after her brother was gone. "The Thorn is like a ritual, he accompanies me, he does not leave, give me a lot of strength and courage." 」

"I sometimes use some way to transfer the heart of the gap and pain, I hope this thing, not my heart heavy pain, but it let me have the courage to face the difficulties of life, but also have the courage to face the loss of his pain." 」

It was Jiangmichi's bravest solitude, and there were two sides to the pain, said Amy, and I chose to look at it in a way that was happy.

There is a kind of solitude, not vigorous, there is a kind of solitude, not to enjoy the small time is indeed fortunate, or accept the pain of patience and relieved. There is a kind of solitude, not to recruit eyes and ears, only to be steady.

She hummed: "Love, lost love ⋯⋯", cherish the loss, and then watch the wounds in many cities, continue to sing, that is the story of Jiangmichi, and as a good choice. "

1999, Jiangmichi sang "I Love Faye Wong", the eyes are naïve and lovely arrogant, 2017, Jiangmichi sang "No Impossible", her soul or obsession, but there is a way to let go of forgiveness.