Woman fan I love my lonely season, inviting you to face their own back with applause, in solitude to dig deeper self, the sense of life brings every moment beautiful.

Alone in the room, to explore the inner achievement of self

Women want to write, must have the money and their room.

Virginia Woolf "Own Room"

For Woolf, the room is her creative and thought-fermenting space, in this space with self dialogue, creative agitation in the process, she found the meaning of their own existence, outlining the contours of their own. So dear you, what does it mean for you to be alone?

Since 2014, women fans have launched 525 I love my concept, we look forward to passing the 525 verses each year to love ourselves, to be proud of ourselves, so that "love ourselves" is no longer just a slogan, but can go into life into the daily, activities into the first 3 years, this year, we through the "time to ourselves, Solitude finds life "as the main axis of this year's" I Love Me ".

2017 women are obsessed, inviting you, rejoicing in your solitude, these moments of solitude make you feel yourself and become yourself.

Dear, come with us and try to stay white in your life.

The city's gorgeous neon often blurred our eyes, leaving a blank to their own bar, let pure white reflection of the color of your heart, crawling back to the original intention, hug yourself. Stay away from the clamor of noisy crowds to perceive life's own words to you.

This year, women are obsessed with filming, I love my own image, recording the self-adaptation of women alone, inviting writers Pan, designer Cinny and art performers Wang Yu to in-depth the meaning of solitude for them, solitude is a balance of relief for them, a kind of courage to confront fear, and a necessity to burnish oneself. (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

Pan: Talking to yourself, losing has become a

In order to exclusive season of audio and video interview, this morning we will appear in the month of Qi home downstairs, people still at the bottom of the building, heard her hearty greetings from above, she is a radio host is also a writer, as she described herself, she likes to use words and sounds to bring people a warm feeling of life, and that sound warm heart greeting, Now think of all can make me a smile, warm can be so direct and profound.

We sat facing the face, and I saw the eagerness and excitement in her eyes, which was a willingness to open up and share all the warm visions with you.

Ask when to start learning to be alone with yourself? She said she was very late to know how to get along with herself, and share their time, this paragraph to want some bitter but back to Gan's memory, from the loss of life. She said, and the important person in life has a life process of rupture, whether it is the loss of loved ones or feelings, these impermanence teach her to look at their own inner pathos, see the heart of the injury, to be able to thrive. Lost to the end has become a kind of get.

Solitude is the balance of life, the exploration of my time.


Learning to explore the heart, she felt a return to the balance of self, facing the inner time, she just want to please herself.

The big blank time that frees up in the life takes to flee! The Moon Qi began to travel self-help, such as the removal of Xinjiang horse-like, wild let out of the heart no longer shut, she enjoyed the fate of travel and freedom, in the face of the world wide, she learned to embrace life with a more open mind, the small sense of self, the moon Qi more know how to talk with themselves, enjoy with their own time each moment, This let her dig a stronger, more real self. (Recommended reading: learn to live alone!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

In the face of life, I thank myself for being willing to conquer cowardice, to break myself, to talk to myself deeper when I am alone, and I understand that these things have their value. --Pan

Life is more alive to know the time to leave their own important, solitude for her significance, is to make life balance necessary.

The tiredness of work, by embracing the softness of his heart and feeling free; there are wounds in life, she thanks to solitude let her know to unload strong, still retain the original intention, with a hot heart to love, loving themselves, love life to give meaning.

Cinny: To be yourself, someone else's love will be the real you

Into the designer Cinny's room, a small aisle with a variety of bags and clothing on display, like walking into the wardrobe of every woman's dream, everything is carefully displayed from the value of goods and life, such temperament and Cinny is very similar to the decoration of her room just nicely decorated the room temperament, more on the artificial rose, As if she had inadvertently left two of them in brass vessels, the beauty of a lattice, the United States to be narcissistic, beautiful without other eyes to foil, like her philosophy of life. (Recommended reading: reading female writer Chongwen: "Don't live like Paris, but live like Yourself")

Truly be yourself, and others like you will be the real you. --cinny

Asking about the meaning of solitude for her, she said to be alone so that she can really the ground to the self, take off work when forced to bring their own professional masks, abandon others to their own expectations, she can be a good dialogue with themselves, such a process, slowly find themselves want to become the appearance, understand their unique, Such self-confidence no longer requires the pursuit of the affirmation of others to wink. She said, I like to shed the guard, really do their own appearance, this is the solitude let her understand the truth.

When I am willing to settle down to face their fears and fears, the courage to face, will make you very grateful to yourself.


A period of time very care about other people's vision, hope to pursue perfection, but in the process of missing the original intention, in the process of solitude to find their self-confidence--cinny

Life is always some seemingly difficult to cross the ridge, Cinny said that thanks to their willingness to face the courage to fear things, she thanked the former willing to stay in the life of white, by solitude, she knows to clear their confusion to the unknown, face the fear, full of courage across the ridge. (Recommended reading: courage is not not afraid, but in fear can still move forward!) Big woman Lara & Esther interview )

Wang Yu: It's necessary to be lonely in my class.

A loud greeting from the top of the head, the first impression of Wang Yu is very natural. Stepping into the Wang Yu home she is busy east busy west, the number count, a busy tea, mouth read, ah I did not think so many people, only prepared a pot of tea. She is so natural, in the small talk of the show.

Into her room, first by the distinctive wall color suction eyes, mysterious confused dark purple to catch the ambiguous Lake Green, the atmosphere of the room has a messy barrier, such as Wang Yu General, she in the mixed world has its own distinctive personal characteristics, you never have to define her. She always said, the world I do not want to please who. (Recommended reading:"The film hits" My Life. Wang Yu: "Put a favorite label for yourself."

I like the ambiguous of the lake Green, not clear, you can never clearly define it. --Wang Yu

Talking about what the room meant to her, she said she longed to have her own room when she was very young, she described the room as a refuge for herself, and she needed an area that was entirely personal, and the world was so hard to understand that she didn't want to spend her time figuring out what the rules of society gave her, and her room was the space she could hold, in the city's psychedelic , she is here to live as she wants to be, this space allows her to Yu Shi independence, so that she can safely become herself.

My self-confidence is worn out by life, I think of my own value when I am alone, and then I understand that I do not need to feel sorry for my existence.

Wang Yu

Wang Yu has been straight straight to, you do not like me, I do not have to please you. Even asked if there was a particularly impressive experience of solitude, her silence of rates, the phrase "no" popped out of her mouth, she said because in her life she was always with herself, and for the most part she had only herself. is not incompatible with society has already internalized in Wang Yu heart, she in the interview process, always make a distinction between himself and human, she said in a tone of not caring about their differences with the human, and I think, not she is too weird, but people do not see her unique, the unique beauty only exists in her Yu Shi independent world. (Recommended reading: Cherish the untimely thorns!) Interview Wang Yu: I finally don't have to please you.

At the end of the visit, Wang Yu leisurely took us in her room, when she came to a cupboard with a flat height, she opened the cupboard, and there was a purple pottery in it, which was wrapped around the tail of a eight tail, only one of the eyes stared at me. We exclaimed the cat's eyes out of the aura, but the next second, Wang Yu picked up his behind a paper booklet, saw the above verses, I understand this pottery as the cat's anger from, it comes from Wang Yu to the world's deepest, the most true confession.

"I, 8.5 tails,
A person is not a person, ghost not ghost, cat not Cat's monster.

I exist, but I do not exist.
I'm alive, but I'm dead.

I am kind and wicked at the same time.
I am absolutely beautiful, though ugly.

When I walk to your door, I never tell.
When I'm about to leave, you're never lonely.

I am not true in your eyes,
Unreal, 8.5-tailed cat. 」

--"Overture", Wang Yu

To empty the life, to perceive the harvest that life brings

Life is not just in front of the drifting, there are poems and distant.


Chinese network celebrity Xiaosong said such a sentence, this sentence each person's interpretation is different, but I, the poem and the distant representative, is the life embrace poetic, to the future embrace dream.

The poetry of my life, always spread out in the moment of dialogue with myself, wrapped my love of life, let me know, what kind of a person, perhaps sentimental a little wayward, but always embrace the soft to perceive life, the distance of life, embrace the dream I still sketched, but in the solitude of the constant dialogue with themselves, Find the love that can not be discarded, then straight to the side of the Mercedes-Benz, each footprint engraved with their own hard face, so the pursuit of meaningful.

And you, dear, have you ever spoken to yourself in solitude? With poetry and a distance, trying to find myself in a collision? (Recommended reading: to pursue a dream is silly!) Interview HUSH: Life is to do a thing to let oneself move.

Solitude is the difficulty of perceiving the living, but in the face of the difficult process of discovering, own shares do not want to give up the stubborn, solitude is to see the heart of the black hole, but in the recognition of weakness found once impassable, paved to let you live your way home, this just understand the meaning of sadness; solitude is escaping from everyday indulgence, But in the process of dialogue with themselves clear thoughts, feel very open.

2017 Women fans I love my lonely season, inviting you back to face their own applause, send a time with their own solitude, May 21 for us to stay white, to participate in women fans I love my lonely season, to perceive the meaning of solitude to you, love yourself, let us start by embracing ourselves, learn to be alone in the time to dig themselves, let us, with you proud.