Women are fascinated by "supernatural woman" to construct a new language and contemporary social dialogue. To break the male-standard worldview, we look forward to opening up more daughters to write their own heroic narratives.

"Supernatural Woman" in the name of God landed in the world, DC's first Super heroine film, no tragic childhood narrative, no mental illness, such as the persistent disease, female hero Diana was almost perfect birth, she was outlined in the original as a justice, love, peace and gender equality and fight heroine, some people scoff asked: " DC is in dire need of love action movies to save? , a cursory disclosure of "male hero's Love" more noble ideology.

Batman and Superman can love each other, only superwoman. As if a superwoman lover would be unprofessional, a hero lover would be an assist.

In the process of watching "Supernatural woman", if it is too hard to appreciate the gender perspective, it is a bit like a pigtail to talk about the tempo in terms of script and splicing. For the First World War, the background of the film time and space, to accommodating its gender awareness is too severe, as we look at this movie some interesting bridge section, in order to hope that one day, we talk about "supernatural woman" can try to remove the "female" word.

Diana is so beautiful! You're welcome to look at my body and admire my head.

A few friends watching the movie, Talk is the heroine is unforgettable. Spill Jadot can fight, filming with five months of small belly (after the system horse off). People say this hero is not scientific, perhaps we do not trust a girl in the heart can be strong and powerful.

Diana first entered London, and people were wrapped in coats with gentlemen's caps, only her black robe, almost faded from the act of scaring the hero, for Diana, the body and nature coexist, she was in the turf and blue sky under the training of fighting, she grew up on the island of Heaven, women from the country without "resist gaze", because their gaze is not malicious. Diana's personal clothes do not deliberately emphasize sexual characteristics, the past comic and TV series will be portrayed as sexy woman Superman: Burst milk, slender waist, hot. Spill Jadot interpretation of the female Superman why invite viewers to view the shadow? The film convinces the audience that "there is a sex-free cloth", and that Diana is loved for her strong muscles, a bright smile, a naïve heart, and each of her "energy and strength" potentials.

This may be a single way of portraying women, but it is also a preliminary step out of the way fans go to the theater to enjoy the flesh with the naked eye. You can also observe that Diana is very happy to accept human praise for her in the show, and she will not change her dress because of other people's evaluation, because she is very confident of her body to do natural appearance. (Recommended reading: sex watch: Sexy woman enough to force? The supernatural woman who was expelled from the United Nations.

The director tries to construct a negative gaze on the world view, in Paradise Island, the interaction between women and women does not have to cross the male language, do not have to resist pornography do not have to refuse materialization. The negative writing concept proposed by French feminist Suzie: "Women must be detached from male-dominated sexual discourse and create their own subjectivity by creating feminine language."

Men are excluded, women build their own friendship and social networks, so on Paradise Island, the scars on Aunt Antieupe's shoulders are not sins, but the coronation of the female warrior's vest line, not for recognition, but for fighting. They gaze at each other's power and welcome each other's bodily curves. Women are not just waiting for the dominant caregiver, not only sexual function orientation, their practical power is abundant and expect to be recognized by society.

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When the parent invades the matrilineal: If the woman is not the second sex

Diana's mother invented her by clay in the name of Nu WA. Diana grew up in such a logic, no human feelings, no desire for sex, Diana's understanding of lust comes from a complete set of sex papers, the paper summed up women to be happy without men, men are just breeding tools. Here Diana developed a fully optimistic head, she was full of justice and justice, perhaps that is Zeus left in the body of the cells, Zeus left many descendants in the human altar, and the descendants of Diana is descended from the daughter, not only divinity, but also the personality. Start to understand love, know how to hate.

The hero of Steve's flight, crashed in the Sea of Paradise Island, followed by a large military ship breaking through the mist of Paradise Island barrier, the female Holy Land was offensive aggression. Amazon women soldiers first sight of men, is killing, Diana also finally face the mother's mouth of the "war", the smallest war, are from the "different" start, gender-sensitive, hand-to-hand combat, women with hand-tied force defeated the men who took the gun. They are not just a year or two of barracks training, years severe warrior physical form, women have enough ability to resist the oppression of men.

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Steve entered the Amazon bathhouse, he was the only man on the island, Diana looked at him naked, not curious about his organs, but a table on the ground. Here, Diana's life begins to have a new revelation, and Steve shows that human beings rely on time to spend every day, and Diana cannot believe that humans have to be made to decide what they want to do with such a small thing. In their evolving relationship, Diana could not understand the value of time to mankind, and she could hardly experience the single choice of women who had to succumb to paternal marriage and children for limited time. (same field Gayon: as long as the child, do not ring?) The choice of a woman's illegitimate child

Diana: Is it true that when people get married, they really stay together for a long time? 」

Steve: "Usually not." 」

Diana: Why did they get married? 」

The movie went to pieces and the theater people laughed. The Amazon does not have to be married to maintain the loyalty of the relationship, the Earth people see marriage as a lifelong event, extending the law of reproduction, obedience, family maintenance, the plight of women in the real world, and never live in the patriarchal society of Diana is particularly absurd. The women of Paradise Island are bold and resolute, running two sets of orders with the world, while the British women are fighting for the right to vote, the Amazon is fighting to defend themselves. Let us imagine what it would be like if women were no longer "second Sex". (Recommended reading: looking forward to a new era of female leaders!) The voice of women's rights: fight, for better living.

The path of for manslayers Mother's growth: through oneself, completes oneself

"It's about a girl who grew up in an overprotective environment, because she was so isolated for so long that she was curious about the outside world and wanted to be the Master of life, especially the experience of human life." "The director said that Diana is incredibly innocent is justified, her to prevent her to become more powerful, she wants to put Diana into the princess, only a pity Diana only do warriors."

Diana had never been a well-behaved child in her own upbringing, and she had learned the skills of combat by constantly overthrowing her mother to strength herself and against her mother's instructions. When her mother told her that you were supposed to be a gentle child, Aunt Antieupe constantly told Diana "you are stronger than you think" when her mother hid the child's story and feared the child would leave, and Aunt Antieupe before she died to find out where she was coming from.

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The mother was afraid that her daughter would be too strong to be coveted by evil forces. "The more powerful she is, the quicker he will find her." "This view is also very much like the society we live in, the implementation of the" female self-protection measures "to prevent girls from continuing to be harmed. Mother constantly wanted to weaken Diana's power until Diana decided to leave the island when her mother said, "Man is not worth protecting." Diana was naïve, and she said she would regret nothing. Diana's love transcends ethnic groups, not just fighting for the same kind.

Heroine spill Jadot once said: "Men and boys grow up, they always have Superman and Batman can be admired, strong male role, and we (girls) have no such pointer figure." She continued, "We have so many princesses." We don't have a very positive and strong character. I think it's really great. We can finally describe the beautiful and representative character of the story. And that's not just great for girls, but for guys as well. 」

Diana had done herself through a betrayal of her mother. Like the second wave of feminism to the first feminist declaration, like the third wave of feminism chasing the second wave. There is no absolute right or wrong, and we are all choosing the best way to survive this time and space.

The mother is her political awakening, is also her anti-identity, here can also be judged Diana is a strong-minded woman, in the psychological mother is the daughter of "important others", for a little girl, mother is the first woman model. But Diana was more ambitious than her mother's love, and she didn't have to do it through her mother's mirror. The mother is attached to the child's traces, she must overthrow the mother world order, to find their own. (Extended reading: feminist bad daughter: Ketilofi's teenage rebellion )

Love doesn't have to be forever: The key is not worth it

Diana took Steve away from the island of ease, and Steve took her to the WTO, she wore a neat uniform dress, screen out the evil bundle of breasts, he took her trip on the journey triggered love. Steve seems like a great man to the truth of the world, and I think he has a lot of problems with Diana. Steve explained to everyone that Diana was his secretary, and Diane behaved like a father when she was reckless, trying to civilize her and tame her.

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Steve has a great love for the world, but he is still a normal person who makes mistakes, and he is like the most traditional gentleman in the United Kingdom--after getting married, he can have a baby, not a love and not a hand. Diana's thick lines silently broke his chastity spell, in Diana's story, sincere to the meat of justice is if, love is a beautiful but short-lived embellishment. However, Steve was not just a vase, he helped Diana recognize his own self, the blurring of good and evil, and even the triggers that awakened Diana's God in a pinch.

"The point is not that the value is worth it, but that you believe it." 」

This is the epitaph that Steve left to the world, as well as the best portrayal of their relationship. Love does not have to be forever, they met a mission must reach, not the female Superman saved the world, but to pull out the gender and ethnicity of the label, work together to see tomorrow. In the film The hero's "sacrifice" does not make women great satisfaction, just as women expect not to rebel against patriarchal, but to solve problems together. (Recommended:"me and My champion Daughter": India, Farewell to the long road of paternity )

But the real answer is love and justice? Or we can try to find more answers in the movie road.

Love is always a heroic film of the routine, all the pain and death are directed to the same way of reconciliation, perhaps this is all the heroic formula film can think of place, contemporary reconciliation is increasingly difficult. Some people think that "supernatural woman" is a male hero of the film, but I think it is not subversion, but the attempt to create a common language of the world.

"Supernatural Superwoman" is the first female hero of DC film, Diana is creating new dreams of girls. I also greedy imagination, the future Diana, whether out of their heroic posture, we have the ability to open the definition of "hero", open more people to interpret themselves, define what is powerful, great.

Not everyone has the strength to lift a car and smash it into the gods. Not every love of the slogan can dissolve the sadness of the world, as the contemporary practice of Diana, you, you, you, should be kind to their own not easy to shake the independent thinking, keep a superhero general firm belief, regardless of your " Strength "soft and strong, you can do the right thing in the way you know it."