lunch and dinner, it can be luxurious and free from work and free time. It's like a bird's ordinary pecking of a little bit of sweet, and a small, tiny bubble of white wine and a baker of tea.In-lying, smitting, or sitting or standing around a table full of beautiful food, this is the fragrance of the teas.

This intoxigent fragrance, which began in the 17th century, is the United Kingdom of Great Britain.Early English breakfast was very good, and lunch was easier, and dinner was held at 8:00 pm.As a result, the dim sum between the two is now a popular afternoon tea.Anna Maria, a woman who knew how to live, and who knew how to enjoy it, began a feast of feasts after a beautiful afternoon.In the age of male sovereignty, the busy lunchtime made the ladies free to take advantage of their leisure time in the afternoon's leisure time. Some excitement, some of the excitement, and some of the jealousy talk about the private life of others, and the relaxed hours of tea and tea, which became a kind of greed enjoyment.


These beautifully covered magnetic and dining utensils are also a symbol of honor, Victoria style porcelain, teapots, and screening procedures. The cup set; sugar cans; sugar bottles; tea pods; tea knives; tea knives; bowls of cakes; napkins; a pot of fresh flowers; a bowl of fresh flowers; and a wooden tray.A major object of great importance was the importance of the noble family of the nobility.

Come to a gorgeous afternoon tea, at four o'clock in the afternoon, the men and women dressed in the tuxibare and gowns, and the hostess of the hostess for the show respect for guests.The traditional flavor of tea, gunpowder green tea, or the traditional taste of Earl Grey tea is the main character of tea. If you want to milk tea, please remember to add milk before adding tea.The first layer of sandwiches is filled with sandwiches, the second one is Scone, and the second one is Scone, then butter, and then the cream, then the next one, and then the next one. the third layer, the cake and the fruit tower are put, and the food is fed back from the bottom up.

The alternation of time, back in the 21st century, has been a memory of the past.The changes in the times have been made in different styles and directions in the alleyways of Taipei.In the past, it had not gone back, but the idea was that it was happening every day.You walk into a tea world of your afternoon, and start a good afternoon in the afternoon.


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