Do you know how to love when you're pregnant?You haven't heard the wrong thing, so long as you keep the clean and avoid too dangerous body positions , you can make the pregnant girl enjoy the beauty of sex.Women are here to sort out nine of the hottest little reminders, so that you can get hot any time during . Oh!(Recommended reading: [Pregnancy sex])The most comfortable sex in pregnancy )

Last year's wedding wave allowed the rise of a wave of pregnancy and children this year!There are many different kinds of imagenism about pregnancy, men and women, but few will tell you about the sex of pregnancy.Is pregnancy a sex life?If there is a real life, what should I pay attention to?(Recommended reading: Gender: Two or three things that we regret about sex )

Can sex be sexually at the time of pregnancy?This is a misgivings of many quasi-mothers.womany's a different woman, and it's a nine-piece knowledge of pregnancy sex for everyone!

1. A body position: Female Upper and Lying-style, all of which are comfortable to allow quasi-mothers to be more comfortable

2. Don't go too far: The other half may not feel well when it is too deep, and don't press down to the belly!

3. Don't pump water or blow: Don't slain or blow the vagina. If you cause air embolism, you may compromise your mother and the tire

4. A little quirky, quirky: When you find it strange, you pause it.In any case, women are always entitled to stop.

5. The feeling of being thoughtful, communicating with each other, and the sense of humor can be a great deal for love!

6. Three months ago, we had to be patient. We had three months to follow, we suggest we still have forbearance, or we can express our love through caress.

7. Keep your body clean: If you have a disease or HIV, you have to be careful. If your partner has a mess, you have to be careful!If you ask him not to cheat, don't pick up the disease!

8. Don't forget that you can always come by yourself: You can reach orgasm in a simple way, and not allow your body to withstand too drastic sprint, and help you to light it ( here to watch the small ).

9. The last one is to listen to a doctor: if the doctor recommends the suspension of sex, be obediable.

Sex in pregnancy is basically safe and does not cause abortion or premature birth.Unless there have been miscarriages or premature birth experiences, or at the initial stages of pregnancy bleed and vulva infections (if there are still misgivings, ask your own doctor is definitely the best method), otherwise the sex is very safe!And many women say that after the first phase of pregnancy (13-14 weeks ago), and after the last few weeks (28 to 30 weeks), it is easier for mothers to come to orgasm than normal mothers, and they are more likely to enjoy sex than usual.

Let's go, ladies and gentlemen, let yourself feel comfortable tonight!