Reflecting on the traces of gender discrimination in life, a male journalist visiting Lady Gaga, pointing to the sexual implications of her music and not the social framework, will provoke a sexual order in the patriarchal society.

On the internet recently appeared a film of Lady Gaga, Gaga a word to prick many people's gender blind spot.

In the film interview, the male reporter asked her: "You will worry about if the sexual reference in music, will have a negative impact on your music?" Because people will only notice the sex in the song. "Although we can't see the expression of a male journalist, the tone of the male journalist doesn't sound as deliberate provocation," he said.

Lady Gaga was so keen on the problem that she was silent for a few seconds and seemed to be suppressing her anger, saying, "I'm not worried, are you worried?" 」

The male reporter smiled at this moment, and tried smooth things over to say "no, haha." I mean, aren't you worried that people just focus on sex and not pay attention to your music? At this point, the male reporter tried to put himself in the position of partner for Gaga.

But Gaga is ungrateful, because her music is to provoke the absurd sexual order in the patriarchal society. When she heard the gender consciousness lurking behind the question, she bluntly countered that Gaga had no need to pretend to be a polite smile about gender bias. (Recommended reading:"Be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

"Not at all, I have three singles and more than 4 million albums worldwide, and it's the gay community that inspires my career because they don't ask me questions like those who have the courage to talk about sex and power," she said. 」

"Do you know?" If I were a man today, sitting here with a cigarette, holding a dick in one hand, talking about how I make music because I like to drive and get a girl to sleep, you would say I'm a rock star. 」

"But instead of me doing it, put sex into music and MV, just because I am a woman, and I do is pop music, you try to judge me, and you say I this is in the vague focus,"lady Gaga shook her head also waved, "No, I am a rock star." 」

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The male journalist's question, if not intentional, shows that he does not realize that the problem itself contains several questions that need to be pressed-why does the musical sexual implications have a negative effect on music? Why can't listeners care about sex and focus on the music itself? And the same question he did not realize, did he dare to ask a male musician?

Lady Gaga is to talk about sex, her music project, that is, to be full of women's image of power to talk about sex, she is unwilling to do popular music in the gender narrative tradition, women most often appear stereotypes-the object of the gaze.

Gaga greets her gaze, but not passively accept the traditional gender framework of pop music, on the contrary, her face is rather a sexual provocation, this is my sexy, my sexy is not beautiful gentle, is perverse rather than subservient, is the claws and rude, you/dare not want?

Lady Gaga succeeded in creating the aesthetics of what the American music industry calls "black neon" (neon noir), while praising the identity of "freaks" while making a black fear of the aesthetic style, with the MV interwoven with sex, violence and power (note 1). However, these are all about the truth of sex, in the real world, sex is never a vacuum, often accompanied by power, or even violence. (Recommended reading: The desire of the seducer and the violence of civilization: Thousands of people who have no say in Rita )

Gaga's costumes are often bold and bare, but the naked way is too much weirder than the mainstream sexy standard rating: Black lipstick, clothing and other plastic body lines are sharp and distorted, so that can not cater to the heterosexual mainstream market sexy appetite, but she is willing to make a monster to the world: I am sexy, I show sexy, but my sexy freedom is also insolent , I'm the Lord, you don't want to dominate.

Lady Gaga even more bluntly, when the male rock star songs have a strong sexual reference, they will be asked such a question? Journalists will worry that "sexual involvement will have a negative impact on your music, so people will not pay attention to your music"? If not, does the question for Gaga default to "Only one way of talking about" is licensed and does not negatively affect music? And who has such immunity from accusations?

Let's take a look at the history of rock music, how many female rock stars are there in the history of rock and roll?

The male reporter asked for granted, he even ask two times, "Dare to talk about sex singing women, vulnerable to social negative evaluation, why aren't you afraid?" "This also exposes the society constructs in the human body the sexual concept:" The female best not to talk about sex, if you want to talk, you will be attacked by the society, the public opinion harm. (Recommended reading: I'm not a fertility container!) This Ted speech tells you that pregnant women also have lust.

These seemingly "good for you" conservative idea, make sex become taboo, the power person can use sex taboo production of concealment, athwart to the relatively weak person to inflict harm without dread.

In 2014, Gaga first revealed that she was sexually abused when she was 19 years old, "today, I told the world the deepest secret, the secret will only be a shame to manipulate and influence." "Until now, she has been battling PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome). At the Academy Awards ceremony, she sang 〈til It happens to you〉, inviting women who had been sexually violent to stand up with her, reversing the image of the victim, who could be brilliant and full of power. (Recommended reading: sing a song for sexual assault victims!) Lady Gaga Oscar show: I sympathize with your pain

Lady Gaga's performance was also disturbed, but there was always a deep claim behind it. When she puts on a raw beef outfit, the goal is to let the world's eyeballs fall on her. Four American soldiers accompanying her in the week--they were suspended from public service because of their homosexual status. She said, "If we do not openly stand up for the right to fight, soon, our rights will only be the meat of our bones." 」

When sex becomes taboo, taboo creates secret, secret creates shame, who gains? In "Fang Siqi's first Love Paradise", in the case of sexual assault around the world, people have seen very clearly: taboo, secret and shame, is a sexual assault is not responsible for the rape of a culture.

In the real world, sex is often intertwined with power, only those who have power can speak and sing, and conversely, who has the power of speech and singing, who has power. People who are expected to avoid sex, such as women, such as homosexuality, when they talk about sex, the society will handcuff them to the shackles of shame. Gaga sees it too clearly, she is not ashamed, she is to be blunt, refused to be heterosexual under the framework of women assigned romantic love to talk about sex, her courage to expose the truth, to music, clothing, MV visual language to challenge heterosexual sexual hegemony, this is Lady Gaga's message. (Recommended reading: Yang Sunny TED speech: "Dear girls, you have to take back your body, lust, rights")

The real provocation, not the eye, you must express something, in a real, positive way, truly affect others.

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The constant use of music, clothing, and words to incite society to the sensitive nerves of sex, the pent-up voice of the expansion, which is so many small "monsters" (Lady Gaga fans claimed to) follow her reasons.