Handsome lady, today I take you to see Japan's most legendary female black Liuche, the parents give the beauty has the deadline, the style is the thing which the time cannot rob.

Black Liuche (Kuroyanagi Tetsuko) is one of Japan's most legendary female characters, the Japanese TV's longest-green host and TV live history, and Japan's postwar best-selling writer.

84-Year-old She is still the Japanese television Taiwan to now the longest green program "Beecher's House" host. The program was broadcast in 40, inviting more than 10,000 guests, and was awarded the Guinness World Record "the same moderator presided over the longest set of television talk shows."

Beecher's life is full of legends, her lifelong unmarried, and "Japan's Eileen Chang-novelist to Tian Bong intimate friendship, has been preaching to the world story." To Tian Bong 1981 died in Taiwan's air crash, love with the Sisters of the Son, from this with the field of the part together, live to become an interesting granny.

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Her more-known identity than the presenter, the author of "The Little Roo Roo by the window", which has more than 35 translations and more than 8 million copies, is Japan's postwar best-selling book, and her name is absolutely unknown to East Asian parents or teachers.

Why do you call a roo roo? In fact, the name is black Liuche's claim, she was a child to hear others call her "small Beecher" (Tetsuko Chan) to listen to "small roo Roo" (Toto Chan), so has been claiming. The family also thought it was a good name, and it always called her that.

"The window of the small Roo Roo" is the autobiography of Black Liuche Son, describing himself from a child with learning disabilities, to Blood Yong Chuang TV circle life Course. Her story was moved to the television screen in April 2016, the Japanese television system broadcast TV series "Small roo Roo TV", starring Manaka, to the black Liuche son salute.

This gorgeous TV series only seven episodes, with vivid illustration style, cheerful song and dance style, exquisite costume design and stage scene, describing the last century 50 's, television just entered the Japanese public life that period of golden age.

February 1, 1953, Japan's first television show, when All Japan has only 866 television. And black Liuche by Japan NHK hired for the first generation of TV actress, she dares to do herself, with the new woman's lively bold, courageously, and white-like open mind, all the way leading Japanese television to the future.

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In the TV series "Small roo Roo TV", a lot of space in the beginning of the television 1950 years, the full island of light played by the black Liuche son at that time, although the new Woman of the era of the big screen, but almost no trousers to wear. Not just Beecher, but the other actresses are wearing elegant dresses. In the 1920 's symbol of Avantgarde women's image of the trousers, but at this time was abandoned, this is why?

Fashion is like rock music, and changes in style often show rebellion and rebellion against the last generation.

The end of the 1950 's World War II, the world ushered in the chengping period, women in wartime to make up for male labor market vacancies, in order to function and practicality of more frequent wear trousers, but unlike the 1920 's, the 20 's trousers with rebellious fashion appearance, and 40 's trousers meaning is about " Practical ", and the fashion of the symbol even runs counter.

This is why, since 1947, the "new style" style that originated from the Paris Christian Dior quickly swept around the world-the slender waist line is sketched out through the waist-shrinking design and the 襬, and occasionally the wide version of the belt becomes the rebel and aesthetic source of the wartime costume. The 1950 's is known as "the most elegant Era", in the black Liuche in the dress, we can see the 1950-year fashion It girl Audrey style remnants. (same field Gayon: The elegant makeup of the knowledge soul!) Hepburn Imitation makeup )

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However, the female has not satisfied with only to do a decoration, at this time the eyebrow type of makeup is shorter, thick, straight, and clear angle, eyeliner is obviously up; lip makeup of the corners of the mouth began to shrink, showing a strong and more solid makeup. This power-bearing style of makeup also conveys the idea of Japan's female sexuality being put into the revival of the country.

The style of black Liuche was laid down after a year of her study in New York in 1971.

About 40-Year-old Beecher in New York for a whole year, she pushed off all her work in Japan, walked around all day, took drama lessons and met new people, but she wore a kimono every Heliu and said, "If you wear a kimono, something good happens, really." 」

Photo Source: "The House of the Beecher Son"

In Japan, the black Liuche, who is over 40 years of age but still not retired from marriage and continues to be active on the screen, is simply a arts of the Japanese world. In New York a year of cultural impact, learning and charging, but also let the black Liuche from a broader perspective of their own image, transformation and the second half of life positioning.

After returning to the son, the bangs into a modern Western-style flat bangs, long hair is a traditional Japanese style of the bun, and the mixed "onion Head" hairstyle was born, thus laying the style of black Liuche son. Positive look is a playful bangs, the back look is stable and style plate hair, her hairstyle also symbolizes her culture and character, Onion became her 40-year-old style logo.

Parents give the beauty or have a taste of the term, but the style is their own, is the years can not take away things. (same field Gayon:"Handsome Lady" Ono with her black suit: Lennon, living in the memory of my body )

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Until now she is still Japan's fashion icon, the rare thing is that she has not worn a bra for more than 40 years. Freedom is not a slogan for Beecher to shout aloud, but to cling to the skin daily.

Her young often wear chuan long Kawakubo, Mori Hanae, now still maintain the oriental elegance, whether it is a special color fabric, or a variety of three-dimensional cut, all difficult to her. The most wonderful, or her changeable kimono to wear a match.

Foreign superstar visiting Japan, almost must on her program, from Tom Cruise, Raubertinillo to Lady Gaga, greet the foreigner's black Liuche, always wearing an elegant kimono.

Most people relish, is the netizen makes Lady Gaga and her in the program "Beecher's Room" in the modelling exchange imagination, already 80 years old black Liuche son, wears Gaga's black onion outfit but also has no Shong. Because fashion is always about self-expression, expression is not a young person's patent.

Today's black Liuche, in addition to hosting programs in Japan, also serves as a goodwill ambassador to UNICEF, and is actively involved in philanthropy to help children around the world. A child who is unmarried and has no children, devote her love, care and energy to the needy child.

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Always willing to try new styling, enjoy the fashion fun, always happy to share and performance of the black Liuche son, may be so with fashion continued to accompany, keep young.

Image source:Tetsuko Kuroyanagi IG