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2017 Women Rising!New NASA astronauts, women account for half of the number

The number of new astronauts in 2017 is half of the number of women in the world. Besides breaking the stereotype of the gender career of men as men, it also leads society to see the rise of women in all professions and the possibility of creating more female roles.(Recommended reading: Unreliable, hard work: these female writers stand up to break the written gender ceiling )

According to , the newest NASA graduating class in 2017 elects 12 space personnel out of 18,300 applicants across the United States.Among 1,500 people, five of the talented women's space personnel were included in the case.


Of the five new astronauts, Loral O ' Hara, 34, is a NASA engineer.She was involved in NASA's KC-135 'Gravity' program, which allowed new researchers to conduct microgravity experiments; Jessica Watkins was a new astronaut, but she was involved in the JPL team's plan to explore Mars, and a 29-year-old Zena Cardman working at the ecological research station.


points out that these new astronauts have joined the space program since 1959, with only 350 astronauts on board. The new astronauts will still have to undergo two years of rigorous training, and then dispatch missions, including launching a commercial spaceship, joining the International Space Station, even visiting Mars, and becoming the first force to be the first to set foot on Mars.

The Fire in London, Fireman Rounds Rescue: "Those numbers that were too late to rescue in my mind"

At least 30 people have been killed and more than 70 missing since June 14, when a fire broke out in the London home of Granfell Tower, according to the >.It was later confirmed that the fire broke out in the old refrigerator at the head of a household, causing the fire to be tragic.

Gerenfell Tower has been spreading throughout the night, and many valiant firefighters have lost their lives in the fire in order to save their precious lives.


According to < Daily Mail > report, Jon Wharnsby, a fireman who was rescued in the fire scene that night, revealed that he was not only personally at risk of being more dangerous and more difficult to forget about the fire.He recalls one mother and daughter shouting at the 10th floor that night when he heard a call from a mother and a family. He felt the psychological pressure of his life, but he felt very painful: " That night my mission was to reach the 14th floor to save the family, but I didn't do it. The numbers that weren't rescued were trapped in my head." (Recommended reading: Learn to lose this lesson!An Interview with the May Day Stone: "Death so close, more force to live" )


In the end, Jon stressed that he was not particularly vulnerable to the courage and professionalism of his 270 colleagues."I need to let people know the situation at the scene of the fire, and society needs to know that every fireman is facing not only personal safety, but also a lot of psychological pressure."Through these reports and photographs, people have seen firemen's lives and their lives, and even more admire the contributions of these unsung heroes to the selfless effort of each firefighter.(Recommended reading: Save from 921 to the Crown Building!An Interview with Grandma Lin Mei-hsia: " Time to cry, I take it to save people )

Grandpa Xia's death, Old Summer Dies: "You're safe to go, I'll take care of myself."

On June 16, a video was uploaded by Red Man Xia Xuan, who had just passed her 96-year-old grandparents' home surrounded by the camera. The grandmother's face said, " You're a good boy, and I'll take care of myself.Many netizens, one after another, wrote a message hoping for grandpa to refuel, and later confirmed that Grandpa Xia died later that night.