Sex is also sex during pregnancy, so you can avoid concerns that people have sex with a pregnancy, as long as they are clean and use the right body of love.You can also face your emotions in a total of 10 months of your pregnancy, so you can answer the four little problems of sexual love during pregnancy.(Recommended reading: [Pregnancy sex])The most comfortable sex recommendation reading when pregnant )

We are giving birth to a new life that deserves to be treated and loved by our partners. And womany hopes that every woman will be able and happy to get through this period of good and sacred, and enjoy the special nine-month, wonderful and moving smile of woman's pregnancy.When she is pregnant, she always has a lot of misgivings about doing anything based on the heart of the love of love.It's good to be careful, but it is also more important to love yourself!

Maybe there are a few things you might be afraid of, we'll tell you, don't be afraid, womany tells you the answer!

Objection 1: Is Pregnancy Safe?

It's basically safe!And what are the things that you should pay attention to at this time, look at pregnancy sex: nine little reminders!

Objection 2: What if sex is uncomfortable?

At the time of pregnancy, due to normal Helmon changes, the vagina may not be smooth enough to smooth, and the use of lubricant is a recommended choice for a global beatician!But women, who can do it, don't mean we have to have sex with ourselves.

When you have a growing belly and a sexual desire is high in the condition of your body, sexual behavior is sometimes not the best choice for this.The most important thing is: communication with a partner!The discussions between the two sides have been open to the needs of each other.Love and close to each other can be delivered by kissing, hug, fondling, or oral sex.It's not just sex. It makes each other feel happy!

Objection 3: The sex of pregnancy often makes you feel "not enough"?Is this normal?

This is very normal!When mothers are found to be pregnant, they are more likely to orgasm than before and enjoy a more sexual nature.Your breast, your body will become more sensitive, and you can see that your body is even more attractive than usual!

Objection 4: Will sex be bad for the fetus?

Not.The insertion and orgasm of the penis does not affect the small boobies that are protected by amniotic, hysterotic muscle, and will not result in premature births or miscarriages. (Sibling on Pregnant Sex: Nine Small Reminders! )

In addition, many studies point out that when the mother feels happy, in fact the baby can be happy at the same time, because the chemical that is secreted in the orgasm will also be transmitted to the baby, and it can make him feel as happy as it is.

Do you have any other things that you think a little scared hasn't been answered?Please leave a message or leave a facbeook message to tell us your troubles!We're here, stay with you, not afraid!