[Relationship diary], there is no ideal love in the world, only its own close relationship.Wang de and Percy's love of the same sex, despite your negative return to the world, recolls you as a paradise in hell.

Wang de, the mechanic's sharp, writer, poet, and playwright, and the naive, untrue sense of humor that was hard to destroy, the naive, loving idealist who was in love.

heart was cold, and he wrote that the heart was used to break. The heart was made to be broken, and as he was a blond, he was a blond, he was a young man, and he was a nickname for the nickname, "The heart of the blond."Percy never had the option of not loving him, and he was a thousand-hundred-old.(Recommended reading: [The Single Diary] I love my people, I don't want to, I love someone I don't want to )

Wang and Percy met in the back of the theater, and the beauty was even more beautiful. Mr. Wangd was a gift of beauty. He was a gift of beauty. He strenuated him, and he stare at him, and he's so much more beautiful than you.(Recommended reading: Diary diary: Einstein's genius, Mareva's Achievement )

He was poisoned, he didn't take drugs, he loved the poppy, and Percy admirer Wang and his younger soul. He was guilty at the time. Possi's father gave Wang a note, "To Wang, a sodomy.""

Ward lost to Percy's property and gambled his talent and spent two years in prison.In court, Mr. Wang's words, "My love, I can't say the name, just like the love you found in Michelangelo and Shakespeare's sonchio."Although they are attracted to each other, they love each other so naturally, the world cannot understand this kind of love, and only mocked at it ... "..." Wang's naked confession, and Percy goes away, perhaps as he said earlier,

There are only two kinds of tragedies in life: one is not what you want, and the other is what you want.


There is only a small window in the prison, and when he looks up, the moonlight is a little bit like a lover's past kissing.In hell, Wang wrote a letter to Percy and the abyss. Of course, there was resentment. There were even more humble requests. Where were you?Can you answer me?He remembered him as a haven in the most hellest moments.(Recommended reading: [Relationship Diary] Xiao Hong and Xiao Jun, I love you only if you have the ability to hurt me )

Wang Lde is lying in the gutter, and still doesn't forget the kind of person who looks up to the sky. Love is a starry sky. Although close eyes are closed, they still have to be full of their own.People say that Wang's pens are good, and he is desperate to write him, and he can be idealized by his talent and his talent.

The burning child is still in love with fire.


was released from prison, Percy appeared again, and he fell in love with his wife and children, and he hugged him again, and again he had to dry his own time.Before Wang died, they broke up, and he was left alone in Paris without a penniless, and he could not even pay for his cup of coffee.

tomb of Wang Laird fell in the tomb of Montparas in Paris, and later generations left behind their tombs to seal the mark, with a kiss to seal the mark. What kind of a bad lover you are, and I still love you till the last moment.