After Baby was born, the new mothers must be very concerned. When will they be able to return to their pregnancies before they become pregnant?womany knew that many of the new parents were so excited that they could return to their original close days after the birth of the baby.However, in fact, the wives have to be psychos-ready.

The day after the birth of a child, it is actually the first big test for the newly married couple, because of their intimate lives, they may have to withdraw from the second overall order at this time.Because at this time they have to adapt to the needs of their father, and they have to be responsive to the needs of the baby.It looks like nothing. While one aspect of the endless weeping of a baby boobies makes two people sleep well, they have to work and reach the limit. On the other hand, they are frustrated by the inability of the two worlds to resume their lives as expected.

More importantly, it may be uncomfortable for a new mother to be uncomfortable (so the partner is also sympathetic to the birth of the birth) because at this time, the hard and postpartum bodies of life, vaginal spillage, pain in the wound, pain in the chest, unwell breasts and pain caused by breast-feeding.But remember, the brave women don't need to be able to put the two people back on their old life, apologize or be sorry, and the body is still recovering, and the two are more comfortable sex is what he wants.

We recommend the start of sexual behavior six weeks after delivery, because if the vagina is bleeding, having sex may make it uncomfortable.At this time, your body was restored to the best of its ability to fully enjoy the beauty of its body, and to make each other feel happy.In addition, it is recommended that the new mothers begin to do Cegel after childbirth, not only to alleviate swelling pain, but also to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. More importantly, it can also improve the vagina sensitivity and make it more comfortable once every time!

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