constantly rewriting the pain, the words that soothe the crowd in countless nights are the marks of his wounds and his wounds. An interview with Ren Ming: "Some injuries don't necessarily have to be cured.""

"Wolf" juvenile was in hiding for months, and devmask was the code of the PTT, and the Ridge of the mountains was once a tide of the sea, and the guide was guided to life.Today, fate is even more difficult to say, it is even greater, surpassing the meaning of words, and not in name.Fate is a narratives of the narratives of the cosmos, to be the narratives of the narratives.

For example, he is a black and rusty ink that has been written over and over with desire, with no desire to be a five official.

For example, he is a butterfly in Chuang's dream, in which he dies as a way to die, and to resonate with the sound of the sound.

he was black, he forgot to bring an umbrella with his partner, and he had a share of his partner with the publisher.The rainy season in the north has been especially long this year, giving people a laziness and sham, so as to give him a lukewarm word, so as to make a joke. Sometimes, the cuffs have a few pieces of the sun warm in the south.In the past two or three years, he was known for his intense and resounding. At that time he worked at three other bookstores in Kaohsiung, writing poetry, and he was aware of the pain.In 2013, was published, followed by in 2015, when he was the most longing to die, and he was portrauned as two of his best known works.(Recommended reading: lyrical!In the interview with the poet Ren Mingxin: "When I didn't have the inspiration, I was living a good life")

Pain, and desire

When the first book was published, the letter just ended a five-year-old romance, and he described it as "extremely miserable.""

" At the time, I wanted to end my life.Life was lost, and it was the best time for me to create the greatest inspiration, because this experience opened my life's comprehension.The characters were too fast and too fast, and the older generation worried that he could not slow down. He was writing on the side of the letter and groping for life, and he was looking at the Krishna Muti, Osho, Laozi, and Chuang Tzu." Because I want to understand what the pain is, what people are, what is the nature of desire."

He is a person on the tightwire, and others are afraid of him falling, but as a human, a professional, loyal to life, life hangs in life and is dangerous, but it must.Even if each one is trembling.

I asked, about desire, pain, now you understand?

He said, "Two things are the same thing. Desire is the source of pain. Simply put, if you don't expect it, you will not despair."The other problem is, if you don't want to ask, are you still a human being?What would your presence become?" (Recommended reading: understood to love, after being injured )

As a young boy, he never felt that he would get married and have children, and that this stubborn child is not like the mother's birth.When he was in junior high school, she asked her mother: What do people want to live?The mother was stunned and said she didn't know either."It's not just a succession of generations," Ren said. "If this is the case, wouldn't it be boring?""

"I thought," I didn't even know this thing, at that time, I would have looked down on my lord.I would think, what is it, you are too inexplivor to live at this age."

He laughed and smiled when he was a child who looked down on his adult. He was more thoughtful and more profound than a smiles smile. He also said that he was a child.

With regard to the resistance of the missionaries, until they met "the girl"." If she wants to get married, if she wants to have a baby, then it's just that this person can." The clearer the outline of the future is that love should be tested and broken.(Recommended reading: [Single diary] I'm not a pity I'm single, I'm sorry I no longer have you )

Ren Mingxin Oosho says that people will be born two times, the first time the body is physical, the second is spiritual, and the second birth is the real birth." After I lost my love, I didn't die, it was regeneration.I know that there are some things in the world that don't work, and how to plan them."

Growing up, I'm starting to love my mother

first generation of educational reform, many people seem to be growing up: " I felt that I lived in a very dusk education. Most of you were going to do what you wanted to do. Because there was a state religion, what you wanted to do was very stable and narrow. The only thing you could choose was, what kind of cartoon is it?"

Ask yourself, it's the departure of his work.If you are familiar with any of your letters, it is difficult to trace his life history in the past. For him, the best creation is to hide the traces of the author in his creative writing.In the case of "other people", Ren mentioned his own family experience. He wrote his mother and wrote to his younger brother and grandma, leaving behind his own ethnic history.

Growing up, he has many conflicts of conflict with his family, and he is the one who hates the connection between the loved ones." In the past, I always thought that everyone was lonely, so I thought they were other people, regardless of their loved ones, their partners, my mother's younger brother.There are some things that they can never understand.And interestingly, for me, they were other people, and I was someone else. Why would my mother love me?They think of me as a thing, take care of me, understand me, and help me as much as possible."

" I slowly clarified, but I said it was love, but I had nothing to do with reason.I can gradually understand that my mother's love for me is a good one, from birth to growth and constant stacking.I started a late night, and I didn't start loving my mother until I understood.What do you understand?I asked.

"Understanding she always loved me, but I never loved her."I found that it was so, I was the one who was the farthest from love, and I was the most unintelliable person."

In a courteous and courteous way, Ren Mingxin has grown up from an inpatient child.He has always been such a person for love.I asked the film to share his intuition as one of the most intuitive.He described the film as "the fire of fire", describing it as "a soul fly".I asked him to share his deep footage, and he said no, let me see it myself.Fortunately, he left me with a decisive and fatal picture.

The best thing to do is to be together." — — < Fire Incineration >

Lonely young, Ren Mingxin, became a young man from the group, and he never loved it, and he also loved it when he was in love with him."I feel like I've always had this sense of loneliness. — am I, why do I have to do these things?"What do you live for?The unsolved answer to the question in middle school is that as his bones grow up and be tough, they cannot be forgotten, and there must be repercussions.If he doesn't forget his life, his life will give him a voice.He was eager to die, and he was summoned to death, and "death" was neutral. He may not have ambitions and posturing, but he simply shouted the name of the letter.I want him to go.

Departure and Life Sped

He works as a watershed and logs his fate.The publication of , with the "Room of the Sea" at the end of the epitaph of the epitaph, cries the crying of the sea, and he walked into a new practice.The "Room of the Sea" is an event-based, with a record of "wandering experience" in the letter.

departed from the place where the previous Ming Thaksin farewell to his or her family and valedictory lives, and with a light and light heart." That freedom is unprecedented, and you no longer have a plan, and you wake up every day without knowing what you're doing."

Taking stock of his past life, he says, " I think I've lived in the future, I think modern people are like this, and in the morning we start thinking about what to do today, what to do in the afternoon, what to eat tomorrow, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.As I was doing that, I had forgotten that I was looking forward to, scheduling, things to happen, and then in the past." (Recommended reading: Don't look at the other side of life!)I learned to live in the moment and make you happier.

" I've been in the process for two years, and I've been there.At that time, I left alone, without mobile phones and communication software, and not as much contact as possible.I never had this alone, and that state was the state of creation for me, and I suppose the creators were in a state of loneliness, but they had never been exposed to such a state for a long time, and that had some amazing effect on my mind."

his departure, he reminds people of the "Summer Palace": "I've done my best in the war, and I can't walk in peace.""

" I feel like I'm losing a living thing in the moment, and I'm hitting, fighting, going with one another, or losing something.It seems to me that there is no way I can get it in this society, but it is safe to say that it is safe.When Ren Mingxin talked about the impact, he was a stone and a hand, and the impact was very deep.

So, if you don't let the next event occur?The most original ambitions of the seaside event are:

End the Waterside Event

When he was trying to think, he tried to use the vocabulary that he could communicate with, and this time he accepted the call of death.

" I want to finish by the seaside."

" At that time, I wanted to go to the seaside. In fact, I felt that my status was the call of death. I felt that I had to go to the beach to die.Ren Mingxin has always felt that "call", unspooted by sensory methods, and he said to the other: "Okay, don't argue. I'm going to look for you."" The end of the picture was very clear, and he had the way he ended up in his head." This is not the same as the suicide, the unobnocstinable, and the unimaginable. My status is surrounded by strangely indulgenable hallucinations, and it can be ended here very well. It's a very happy state."

Sometimes along the coast, sometimes the mountains are searched, and if you want to go, you can walk away. It's dark in the sky. It's a tent on the seaside. The flowers are played, and the beasts of the world are the world's beasts, and only the letters of the Ming are so hibernating.During the day, it was like a daydream, and the flesh was soaked in the waves and dried by the sea breeze.(Recommended reading: [read poetry for you] when your sea doesn't care about you )

very loose and crisp, and the foam fell out of the rock. By the fifth day of the fifth day, Ren said that the sound was no longer happy.

" One moment, one night, I spent the night at the Tawu coast.I was close to a breakdown, like I said in my book, and I started talking to the ocean, asking what it wanted to do, what could I give you?I started singing, dancing, and then I exhausted myself.When you drain yourself, you get a strange experience, and I'm going to be very happy to talk about this, because it's really like a repair."

In the heart of the letter, the mind was widely abused, and perhaps there was some sort of aesthetic and value that he insisted on, so when he was talking about "that," he was always very conscious of his own words." In the book, I use a more ambiguous statement. I mean, I met him."

Die. I'm me. The ocean is the ocean

Who is He?It can be said that it is death. It can be said to be destiny. It says it is the universeWhether Chuang Meng-mai is a butterfly dream or a butterfly dream maker, he feels that the two are in one, or that they feel "everything."At that moment, Ren's letter kowtowed, "Who am I?""The problem is not important, and there is a much greater force to cover him."

" At the coast, I kept exploding, releasing, exhaustion, until I slept.When I woke up, I had no thoughts, no ideas.What's embarrassing is that I have to talk about it without thinking, but it's a state where there is no literal, no interpretation."Is it a void?"He rejected it, saying it was empty.

"Empty silence is a full state, not a thing."But that's just the use of language, and if it's a Taoist, it's full of it."

And it was a surrender: " You find that you don't have him, and you don't care who he is, and he's going to give it to him.This life is like this, and how should we leave?He acknowledges that he may not be dead, that he may be "dead", but not to "die" and "He" can have any name, such as the fate of the past in the past." Before I say fate, it is destiny.Now I can say that destiny is God, destiny is the universe, and I am talking about it." (Recommended reading: [A poet] An Interview with Lu Ying fish: Poetry is a lifesaving railing, no poetry is not a world )

" I know I don't have to go for it."

He also naturally co-existed with his death as a shadow of his life." I still have this idea, and sometimes I have some moments in my life, and I would think that if I could die here, it would be great if it wasn't at all, it would be a very happy situation for me."

Ren Mingxin says that death has always been the death of the sea. The sea is a frequent occurrence in the works of the Ming. I ask him how he views the relationship with the sea. He says, " I am I, the sea is the sea."

Lonely World Losent Me

A is written and is a comment on his relationship with others.Because of the experience of the sea, he gros his relationship with his people.

" Other people are people who are distinguished from themselves.It's a goodbye person. Goodbye, man.If there is a future, I do not want to be human." — —

"There is no one in this world, no matter what, I can only walk on my own path, and all the differences on the road are my own."I would have an experience with others, but that would not be the core of my life.Before the publication of the book , he usually only chatted about himself in one of two poems, because he was too close to himself, so he had no one in his heart.When I saw someone else, Ren Mingxin discovered that his loneliness was very small: " My original experience was: Everyone was lonely.This is not a particularly unique interpretation, such as Camus's Outlander, where literature is dealing with loneliness.My feeling today is that no one in the world is alone.I feel like I'm connected to something by the sea, and that thing is much bigger than me.It's going to be there anyway, and I'm just dust."

Alone and non-loneliness are all part of the game. He doesn't believe in the ultimate truth, and he believes in contradictions, and in his meaning, contradictions can be contained in everything." The right thing to do is not to be inclusive.Buddha says compassion and compassion are not synapical. It is impossible to say that all life is lonely. You can never have a common experience with someone. Even in the same time and space, perception is different." Because of the difference, because there is no such kind of difference, loneliness.(Recommended reading: Strays at the end of 20: becoming more lonely and complete in cities )

How do I not be lonely?" The butterfly effect in the West, the butterfly's wings will cause a storm. This is a consequence of the Buddhas' causal and small cause, and may lead to a lot of consequences.It can't be loneliness, the clothes you're wearing, the cup you use, we can talk here, it's all fixed early, and we're all just one of those cells." We are building the world, or being sent by the world.He did not read the tone, he was relieved, he was not happy, but knew about it, and then accepted it.

Writing doesn't mean to live

What is writing on him?In early writing, Ren said: " It is to heal itself.He later thought it was arrogant, and he was able to cure himself.Behind the cure is to have a wound for himself." Now I don't think I have no wound, but there is nothing to do with the wound, and there is nothing to do to cure it."

" I have no ambition in writing. I don't have to write it. It doesn't matter if I don't write.If we say that we have ambitions, I would say that I hope that everyone can find themselves and put aside their own."I hope they can forget what they have and remember," said Ren Mingxin, a former editor of the New China Business Center." (Recommended reading: The power of depression: the story of life is broken, and it will also be rebuilt )

" What I want to do is put down.' — — Ren Mingxin

meaning of life is superfluous, and the Confucians say 30, 40, and so on, and the life of the art is 50 and so.Ren Mingxin has always wanted to know, what is his fate?What's he doing here?What is he?Before that, he had to understand how to confuse: " I think it's almost impossible, I don't understand things, there are too many things wrong, how can you not question everything?All are question marks."

Writing, writing poetry, reading poetry, is a kind of crawling, finding that the answer is Osho.Osho says that the flowers will ask themselves why they are open, and the birds ask themselves what they are singing for.They were only open, they were just singing.Is life need to be meaningful?I understand that it is not the answer to the question.It's that you don't ask any more questions."

His eyes are straight, like calling: Please don't feel sorrowful, why can't you go to life without meaning?" The real answer is the crawling process.You have to ask questions and find answers.That's the answer."

"Life is meaningless, not a matter of sadness, it's a normal state."' — — Ren Mingxin

I don't know why, "Life without meaning" has always been in my mind, over and over again, like the soul of the town, and it's like the ferrat.

As Ren Mingxin says, "I've been a human being, I can be anything else."At the time, the air was like a full breath of breath.I was a good person at the moment, and I felt like a world without a moment.

a universal character of the universe, and he is a happy butterfly, a happy butterfly, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul, a person, a person.

releasing his breath, he will write an interview with the Ming and Xinshen, and as a result of a dialogue with the heavy rain, he is a "sigh" of the resonant of the universe. It is a sigh of the universe.


I have always wanted to keep the distance from writing this interview. Don't be taken to the eyes of any Ming-in-letters. Don't be taken away from the sound line of the Ming-hsin. I'm afraid I know too much myself, and I will lose some pleasure.We talked about the Yi Jing, chatting with the tattoo, and I felt particularly fond of the oracle bone inscriptions on him. The electricity was the ancient character of the god. The tail was rifling. I felt it was like him, and it was pointless to stir up.

Although he is soft, the sound of the sandy sound is reassuring.(Laughter) Like a child, it's often very fast to say four times, "yes". The teacher who helped him to paint books didn't want to be painted, but he told the teacher, " You just draw it, otherwise it's a waste. It's never been like this."

Ren Mingxin, after all, is human, and some people are cute and self-sexual.

Three eras of Ren Mingxin's creation.

The first book, < You don't have a better fate > , is: Iron and wine and Almighty Youth Hostel, which is the most serious of Wanqing's singing in the worst of depression.

Two songs from the second book, , are Perfume Genius , Wang Yu-kwan < Japan, and he's entering a more violent and unconscious state of creation.

Third book Ennio Morricone and LALEH's , which is more dim, have a daily and very high level of volatility.