In an interview with a couple, the love of love from the Internet has been shared by the warmth of the Great Screen of the Great Screen, and the love of love is you have me. The world is only willing to explore with you.

In the afternoon on Sunday afternoon, it happened that the Shigeru couple stepped into the said playground three minutes earlier than the expected time.

Shigeru has a big hand, and she goes to the park for less than three seconds. She asks the location of the place, and she put down the big suitcase in his hands and then asked her: " Can I borrow your restroom?Before you begin, you have to organize yourself!"

Shigeru, who has a hair and a beard, is like a big bear. His wife has reached the depths of the park. He is still at the entrance of the park. He observes quietly. Before his wife returns, he seems to be a bit shy and shy.

One of the most elegant deer, and the bear that was swallowed up with a rugged one, was the first impression that the Shigeru and his wife gave me.

Shigeru found out that the sleeves were not locked, and the husband helped her with a good and funny face. The lively and lively couple suddenly settled down at the moment, concentrating on the button.A sleeve of four, with a total of eight buttoners, I seem to have broken into the real daily routine of the Shigeru family.(Recommended reading: Love, find someone who gives you the time to be willing to work )

Their daily life is very interesting, and the couple's popularity is the first time that their wives have begun to share their love stories, and are gradually being watched in the social network.

" Sometimes I feel shy on the road, and I'm a bit shy, because I don't want to be recognized as a normal person on the road.The wife is very busy. "Usually everyone recognizes him first," she points out, "Mr. Shigeru" because he looks the same wherever he is!" Mr. Shimoki has the usual practice of being there, with a smile on his face.

Deer and chameleon, bear and sloth of the tree.

I said that Mrs. Shimoki is like a deer, but her key words are chameleons." Every time I go to a new environment, I'm going to fit in, and I'm going to be the perfect place for that environment."

On the occasion, it's important to make a person who has a bit of crazinness in an appropriate place, so that she produces the charm that makes the Internet netizens dumping them.

name of Mrs. Mogi's name Lin Lin-lin and Facebook was not even before the Gulf of Taiwan. She was once a famous "Unknown Sister" in the Jane Doe Station." But at the time I was really sloppy, like in the movie, a week after three T-shirt turns.Colleagues who work in the area do not know what I look like on the Internet. I also hope that they do not know."In a place where work is going to work, it's not a good place to work on the Internet," she said. "It's a place she likes."

Mr. Shigeru says that he is lazy and has a slow motion.Sir, "Yes, I speak very slowly, and I always don't seem to be paying attention to the scene, but I'm really focused.""

comparison, Mrs. Shigeru speaks fast and does not say that Mr Shigeru, a Chinese language, is often used to make a lot of work.A wife who is too fast and too fast is too slow, and she doesn't get too much noise.Often Mrs. Mao went to fight with her husband, and quickly felt that it was her own fault, apologized, and then apologized, and then she was fine.

" From beginning to end is my own play.Mr. Shigeru may still not be able to figure out what just happened.

But I'm very angry with the money, "says Mr. Shigeru. He hasn't had enough time to explain, and his wife will interrupt." He's a little angry with me, and he's always supporting me as long as I want to do it."" The chameleons don't just make the trees lazy, they also have to help him speak.(Recommended reading: Cheng Yi-nung's wine and love: I love you no matter what you are, I love you )

bear is a deer, a tree, a chameleon, a chameleon, a double-man combination, and four animals.

To be asked to marry, she is willing to divorce and revisit

The chameleon is always astonishing.Mrs. Shigeru says that she was married before the marriage and was never asked to marry, and she wanted to get a divorce.

day of the test, Mr. Shigeru and his staff planned a marriage proposal, and they wanted to surprise the wife. The goal was to make her move to tears.

Before I thought of marriage, the wife heard a song from the theme song Singer Lin Ching-yi, and she couldn't cry herself. Instead, she was completely unable to cry at the proposed wedding bridge.She says she's laughing and laughing, and who says she wants to cry, she must cry and cry. She says that she is smiling like this. Perhaps it is the style of the Shigeo couple.(Recommended reading: [read poetry for you] real touch without flicker )

film premia on both sides of the Taiwan issue raised the subject. Are there any interrupes in the life of the chameleon and the sloth?The wife quickly replied that she did not disturb, but opened a lot of opportunities.

For example, Shigeru and his wife are now the new members of the new iggus, and they have become artistes of the same broker company.

If you can make a wish, " I'd love to go to the Japanese variety show, 007. (Laughter) 007!The wife says, "Peacock."About 007 > There are a total of seven facilitators, all of which are famous hosts of Japan's comprehensive arts community. The program does not have a script. The host does not know the guests in advance, but it is the top Japanese singer and performer who can get on the program.

This ambition is great, but who knows, they have all done so many impossible things, from Facebook fan pages and on the Taiwan Day to the movies, perhaps the next time they are talking to their couple, which is the original Tate and the well-being, or perhaps even if they are.

Mrs. Shigeru: "This movie makes me want to fall in love again."

The world doesn't have many people who have the opportunity to make their love stories become films.I was curious to ask, "After getting married and having children, you can see that I don't have to marry," she says.(Note 2) What are the movies and feelings?

"First is the dream come true," Mrs. Shigeru said, "The preparation period of the movie, in fact, she secretly lists the wish list of a female actress." I didn't think that the movie card division came out exactly the same as my wish.The character of Jane's portrayal of Chien-man is not only lively and cute, but also for boys and girls in Japan.

fact, she was surprised to see the actor portraying Shimoki. "When I saw Nakano playing the male lead, she felt that she wouldn't be too handsome."" Mrs. Shigeru glance at a glance at a glance, and he is proud to be standing next to the sofa.

In fact, the film began preparations two years ago, and the couple have been waiting for a long time. "After we have seen the full version of the film again, I really want to be in love!"Mrs. Shigeru has an astonishing tone."If you want to enjoy a relationship, don't get married too soon!""

said, but she was actually glad to marry Mr. Shigeru.

From the initial online chat, to the awkward period of the dating of the line, the active hands involved in breaking the ice are Mrs. Shigeru.When two people start to talk without saying, "I can only be with Maui and I can be the only one who can do it," he said. "Only when I'm comfortable, I know that the most important thing about dating is to let the other person like the original self, not to be just like it."" (Recommended reading: Love is in front of you, I can become myself )

The most important thing about romance is to let the other person like the original self, not to be just like what the other person likes.

Mrs. Shigemi

Mr. Shigeru and his wife met, he had been single for six years. He once felt that he might be single, and he was psychologically prepared for it.Who knows that love is not a Japanese girl, and a love story is still being moved to the big screen.Mrs. Shigeru added a burst of popcorn, " and my birthday is on the same day as his ex-girlfriend!"

the explosion, Mrs. Shigeru further said that even if her husband was the main character of the movie, "I felt that there was no feeling of acceleration in seeing each other!"After listening to his wife's comments on the two-person dating stage, he asked him questions, and he also noded and said that it was so, that the couple were probably very happy and messy, and they were making trouble to hide and talk about love.

"But thank you very much for having this movie and archiving our love affair, and this is a memory that will never be forgotten."Mrs. Shigeru says so.

Mr. Shigeru: I fully support my wife and quit my job as a full-time father.

" Now, we've got to guess the lovers of the other's hearts, and they're family." Marriage is in fact a ceremony for the lovers to become family members.Not afraid of the storms, the mutual support, the passion of the lovers alone, but more importantly, the sense of responsibility among the family members and the expectations of the common stability.

and love are supported by romantic situations. Once the situation goes away, love is lost. But love is made up of daily life. As long as the daily life does not disappear, love will not disappear.

Love is also willful and willing to take responsibility for each other.

child, Mr. Shigeru decided to leave the workforce and become a full-time father.

" I don't want to miss my child's growth only once.Sir, it is a rare and unusual one.

It is not easy to say that this decision is not easy, " says Mrs. Shigeru.Mr. Shigeru has received a lot of attention in the company and is responsible for the important business. He has a sense of accomplishment in his work, and his decision to resign is very important in both the company and the family.(Recommended reading: [Work notes in 2017] as a career reconciliation dad )

Today Shigeru lives like this: 7 points bed, 8 o'clock, 8 o'clock feeding, 12-point meal, 12-point feeding lunch, fun with kids, start your own work, start your own work, feed the kids for dinner at 6 p.m., and send the children to bed for bed at 9 o'clock.The child sleeps between midnight and 12 midnight, which is a rare Me Time for Mr. Shigeki.A day's axis of time is based on the child's interest.

" The future child grows up, and I'll have more time, and I'll start working.Mr. Shigeru said slowly.

I asked, what kind of good work do you work with my wife, and what kind of work?Mr. Shigeru says that all of them are good, both have a good life, and that he is flexible about life.But what he can be sure of is something, "I hope the wife will not waste it and do what she wants to do."Mr. Shigeru rarely looks at my eyes and says earnestly.When I finished talking to the sofa, I returned to the sofa and returned to a sloth. It was just a very handsome one.

When I was a full-time father, I was hoping that my wife would not waste it.

Mr. Shimoki

If only two people are together, even if you want to go to the convenience store to work happily,

Shigeru listened to her husband's truth, and she was quiet for a while. She told me that it was her most difficult period. " The child is still young and the clothing business is starting. I'm really thinking about giving up my own clothing brand every day."

Is it possible to take care of it?Madam Shigeru, frankly speaking, it is really difficult.She is often in Nanjing because of her working relationship.

"I actually think about many possibilities, quit my job, work around convenience stores near home, and stay with the most important family members. Even if you don't make so much money, you can enjoy too much fun, just like when we were together."But she also said that at present she has the possibility of making different decisions every day about work and family choices.

Work and family is almost an eternal topic for all working mothers.Even if a partner is willing to become a full-time husband/wife, women still have the chance to feel the pain and the dilemma of their expectations of their mother's role, or society's expectations of their mother's role.It is not easy to take care of it, and sometimes it is rather difficult to think about the possibility of "giving up" a certain side.

doesn't understand Chinese, he probably feels what he's talking about now, " In the future, my mother-in-law who lives in the Utsunomiya is willing to take care of the children, and this will give me a little more time.Mr. "is in the side."

" I think people come here to know what is most important, what is most important and what is most important to protect.Mrs. Shigeru decided to pause her own troubles in the interview, and "do what you have to do.""It's not just work, it's also about company."

This is the only way to see the opportunity and seize it!

The couple's lives are full of surprises and miracles, but they are actually very practical. I ask them to give a word to their readers, and Mrs. Shigeru has thought about it, saying, " If you do a good job, you can see the opportunity and catch it!" (Recommended reading: [A Girl] from the goddess to the female Han, Li Bibli: to be a person who is always prepared )

Shigeru is a bit of a skimd. In the case of a girl in Taiwan, if a Japanese man loses information, he can stop him from refusing to refuse him!"

"Have you given your thanks to the Taiwan people for the relief of the Taiwan people?"The wife can't help but make fun of it. Mr. Shigeru immediately said, " It's not because I deliberately chose the cute one because every single girl in Taiwan is so cute!Ha, ha, ha, ha, I applauding by the side. Mister Shimoki, this is a beautiful killing.

Yes, don't rush people to tag their labels, they may be as full of support as Mr. Shigeru as they are, and have the ability to fully support their wives, and be able to say, " If you have the talent, don't waste it!Nor is the partner of the company.

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