The first gender hacker in 2017 has a sex-sexual experience, and we gather together to use technology to improve the gender theme of society, and invite you to participate in discussions, from the next party to the online extension, to let the thoughts ferment, and to make concrete actions to change the world.

The first gender hacker will begin in 2017, and on Wednesday night, each moose begins to get into the women's fans. The eyes are particularly bright.

This evening we are gathered only because of the core spirit of sex hacker, finding out the sense of gender in our lives and making real efforts to change the spirit of action. Every small step we take has made the path of gender equality a success.

We have pain, we change it.


Do you feel the gender stereotypes, gender stereotypes, gender disparities, or even sexual assault, which are full of our daily, gender-generated problems, and we do feel pain and change it.If you see an existing gender problem, you want to do what you want to do, and improve the situation, then join us in #codeforgender.(Recommended reading: "Feating, so action" gender hackers: angry, can change the world )

#codeforgender is an expectation of creating a gender-friendly biosphere through technology.

In 2016, women's fans and the Taipei Municipal Bureau of Information jointly organized the first "Gender Hacking" in the Chinese world, and in December the Ministry of Health and Welfare organized the second gender violence to prevent the hacker from being used as a sex violence.We continue to focus on gender issues with the use of technology and pluralism, and we look forward to an intelligent solution to output gender.

In 2017, what women are trying to do is not just a sex hacker, but we look forward to continuing with the continuous Hacking community's drive to organize "gender hackers" on the third Wednesday of the month, offering you a gender, technology, and sense of change. You want to change the world. You are eager to meet you, a new knowledge, a matchmaker, a matchup, a small weekend night of discussion.

I don't know you, but we get together because of Gender

On June 21, 2017, the first gender hacker's "Civil Science and Public Science Award X Gender Proposal Seminar", #codeforgider and g0v public folk science and technology innovation fellowships co-organized. When you introduce the project proposal with the project proposal, how do you think of ideas as a proposal?How can gender be combined with technology?How do you participate in the g0v public medical science and technology innovation fellowships?Let this space be filled with a sense of gender, full of energy, like the universe, with us through the big bang of thought, bursting with more elements, equal gender and friendly societies, and getting suspended ideas to bring it into actual action proposals!(Recommended reading: [Gender-based violence against hackers] "Multivariate" is not just spiritual, but action )

How do you want to change the world, improve existing gender issues, and create social progress, if you have 30 to half a million people participating in the public science and technology innovation program?

The first gender hackers start with each other, starting with each other.

In the beginning, Tin asked you to introduce yourself to the "three keywords". I picked up a paper pen with curiosity, and I wanted to remember that you were willing to act in your eyes, in your eyes, in the eyes of the world, looking forward to the world's better intentions.A girl told me she felt that she felt the pain, the pain, the pain she felt, the pain she felt, and her own feelings of injustice and injustice in her life. She wanted to create a better social atmosphere through her own actions.(Recommended reading: The sex is part of life!The gender hack recalls: We have pain, we change it )

Pain pain and change the world's nutrients no longer.

At night after work on Wednesday night, you have been dancing to a woman's fan, and many conversations have been quietly fermented, listening to a gender-focused purpose, how to get to know each other, and how to get together with a little sex hack, a sex hacker, and how to change feelings.

This kind of conversation is in the field of women's sex-disaggregated data, but we don't know each other, but we are all together.We have the same beliefs that we want to give to the world.

Gender Matrix Spot: From Anger to Forward Collaboration to Action Ideas

In addition to partners who have a common sense of gender, the gender hacker has invited two speakers who have been involved in science and technology to improve their gender. How to use technology to improve the social situation and to put ideas together into practical and actionable actions, only actions can improve the current situation and create a more favourable gender environment.

g0v Arend: From Anger to Forward Collaboration, Transparent Open Power

At the end of the game, it is coordinated by the G0v Public Academy Award for Innovation and Scholarship, and is also the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Open Cultural Foundation, who has been involved in the environment, gender and human rights social movements for many years.By participating in the Taiwan's zero hour government, creating new technology to help citizens participate in policies, monitor government and policy transparency, and launch projects such as "You've been served", "Legislative Council Member Voting Guide", "Labor Department Computer", "Zero Sewer Observation Station", and so on, let citizens focus on civic issues and think about social issues in another way.

The government argues that from anger to positive collaboration, the spirit of collaboration is open to the power of research to enable society to engage in a gender-responsive project, develop more gender-responsive projects, and achieve a positive cycle.(Recommended reading: [Gender violence prevention hack] is not it!Breaking the silence of gender violence )

When social issues are at the heart of the current debate, many ideas come from everywhere, but after the rush, they are not properly planned and implemented. In order to inject more energy into projects that have the potential, the government will raise money to raise funds by raising funds for public funds, hoping to create a reward system!

Don't ask why no one does this, first to admit you are the "no one"

When you have a bit of a mind, you start from yourself.Through technology tools, social issues are brought to the top of the community, leading to a more effective discussion of society and a move to change the status quo in real terms.

ggm: Build people's questions, think, and create a personal perspective

ggm is a G0v Public Science and Technology Innovation Award for the first time, and its proposal is "genuine and false" by LINE Bot, and false rumors are forged through verification of the information transmitted on the line.

He referred to the "true fake" project in the process of sharing, and initially saw many false rumors at line, but the line's users were not actively checking the ethnicity of google, causing misinformation to be delivered quickly at line, resulting in "real fake" programs.By allowing the "real fake" community to edit the news, we can ask questions about rumors, and can give a statement of breaking the rumors and attach a link to the rumors, and complete the act of verifying rumors once and for all.

I want to promote public discussion through the LINE Bot, so that every rumor can be discussed and verified, and even if many rumors don't have the right answer, in the process of verification, the public can think of themselves through thinking, building the ability to challenge the public through the process, rather than believing in the media.(Recommended reading: 3/19 Legislative Yuan's field visit: A truthful civic education session )

open space: idea loud, brainstorm action

the two speakers shared their ideas about putting ideas into action, we left them with an open space. After discussion and thought, they expected to make their ideas work. Through a monthly gender hacker, they could make their embryonic form into a project. In the final proposal competition, they could be the next proposal to win the prize.

process, participants shared many proposals to improve gender, including an article in the "Gender Pass," which was based on an objective standard of the ability to read the gender friendly articles.

of these ideas come from personal experiences, or gender issues in society. Through consideration, they hope that they can better understand the situation and improve the social situation.(Recommended reading: Artificial intelligence to sexual violence referral system optimization from AI!The First Sexual Violence Hacking in Asia )

Follow up discussion on line to online for mobile to continue

If you have a sense of gender in your life, if you are so angry about social inequality, you can't know how to improve it.Together, we will work together to promote social change. Together with us, we will actually participate in women's obsession on the third Wednesday of the gender hacker, code for gender, and let the discussion continue on the line and move forward in a world of free and open space, with action.

[Gender mini-forum: to participate online in thought fermentation]

addition to making proposals to improve the current situation of society, the gender hackers receive a positive cycle of code for gender. More importantly, the discussion of the offline parties will be extended to the online discussion, allowing more ideas to be discussed by the Internet to enable more people to invest in the idea of creating practical proposals.

Invite you to the #codeforgender online forum to share your unique ideas, participate in proposal discussions, and change the world needs you to come forward and move forward with small actions to accumulate social progress!