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Japanese monks change from to out of the closet: "Do what you want to do, I'm still pious, I am sincere about my heart"

The 26-year-old Japanese monk, Hung Tong, was interviewed by the Hong Kong daily Apple Daily to talk about the development of the monks from make-up to become monks.West Village's horsepower overturns ordinary people's tradition of abstinence, strict discipline and so on. They face up to their own sexual orientation and face up to their own sexual orientation. They say that the Buddha does not differ from any person's gender or background, and is positive and confident in the international concern.

Figure | Turk-up from the Western Village, IG

< Apple Daily > , Xicun Hall, which grew up in the monastery, did not have the wishes of the monks at the beginning. In high school, he discovered that he liked boys' sexual orientation. "I like boys, but I didn't dare say to other people that they would think I was not normal and don't want to be friends with me.""At the same time, I feel deeply incompatible with the subduality of the Japanese social education system," he said. "I think we all follow the definition of society as normal. I cannot agree with it."I would be angry or disappointed if we were to meet the community and to do something that I did not agree with.As a result, he left Japan at the age of 18 to study in the United States.The local open gay culture has made him more vocal, wearfully dressed, dressed in women's clothing.By chance, he had to make up for his friends, and unexpectedly found a love of makeup, and later became a professional make-up.(Recommended reading: [Pan-Pictures tab] Life goes from more than just survival )

Figure | Turk-up from the Western Village, IG

Because of the cultural impact of culture, Xicun Hall began to try to understand Japan's national character, and many doubts about the world kept him from studying Buddhism, and from Buddhism he found more recognition of his own." I know Buddha did not divide them because of the sex or origin of any person. I think it would be right to do what you believe is a good thing.He also said that he was gay, and that he had no conflict with him as a monk. He could do what he wanted to do, but at the same time he was pious and sincere about his heart!

A 17-year-old family kid selected for ice hockey: "I'm proud of my moms."

June 24, the New Hockey League of Canada (NHL), the 17th overall, was selected by the Los Angeles National Team (Los Angeles) as an ice hockey new show, and was excited to be a mother and father of two of the father-born sons and daughters of the gay and lesbian family.

to , Anderson Road Blue never hides from gay families, " I can't change others' thoughts, and I can only serve my family's teams, even if it's so proud of my moms, I'm proud of all the comrades I know, and I'm not ashamed of them, of course they don't.(Recommended reading: moving confession of the three gay families: "Recognition of my family, who obstrucises the happiness and happiness of the family?"" )

Anderson Road Blue () grew up in love with the lesbian and lesbian couples Flange (right) and Nancy (left).Photo by the NHL website

The natural mother of Anderson Road Blue is a Canadian female ice hockey player, and uncle Thomas is his coach."I think that Anderson Road grew up in love with two mothers, so that he could look at the world in a different way than traditional family thinking," Thomas said.He doesn't think that a man should be a woman, so he grows up to be a more open and more open person."Anderson Road Blue has two mothers who love him and cultivated him as a good player, and his dedication and performance in the field are impeccable," said Astonati."

Figure | Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Road Blues thanked two mothers for their cultivation, hard work and accompanying him to practice, and the two mothers of the Los Angeles Royal were thrilled to tears for him.As a child of a gay family, he says that he feels that he is not different from others, and that he grew up in a healthy and healthy family. This time he was chosen as a new ice hockey show, and also represented the progress of the times. He was very happy that the comrades were increasingly accepted in this society and lived in a more free and equal generation.(Recommended reading: Gay makes me a better person: I'm straight, I am them )

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, has cancer: "I want to be hostile to the regime with the best intentions, to love to resolve it.""

dissident Liu Xiaobo was reported to have contracted liver cancer, citing his family's comments, confirming that his family had been checked for medical treatment in a hospital in Shenyang shortly after the end of May, according to the .Liu Xiaobo was jailed in prison for the time being.Shang Baojun said that his situation was very bad.

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo and wife Liu Xia (left).Photographic | Dietrichson

Liu Xiaobo was arrested in 2008 for his involvement in drafting the Charter for China, calling for a greater degree of democracy in China, and on December 25, 2009, — sentenced to 11 years in prison for "incrimination of the state regime" —In 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and became the first Chinese citizen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Liu Xiaobo issued statement on December 23, 2009, stating that " I have no enemies — > , stating the value of his beliefs and the history of the persecuted heartless journey, and the words:

I have no enemies, no hatred, ... because hatred will erode a person's wisdom and conscience, and the enemy's consciousness will poison the spirit of a nation, instigate a brutal struggle that will destroy a society, and destroy a country's process of freedom and democracy.Therefore, I hope that I can overcome the development of the country and the changes in society in order to transcend the country's development and social changes, and treat the hatred of the regime with the greatest good will.Liu Xiaobo, < I have no enemies — — My final statement >

Photographic | Odd Andersen/AFP

This text expresses his expectation of freedom of democracy and the cruelty of the regime's oppression, despite the efforts of the Chinese democratic process to make him receive the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 2010, at a ceremony in Norway, where hundreds of demonstrators marched on the streets of Oslo and took the giant image of Liu Xiaobo at the main gate of the Oslo Grand Hotel.

legal marriage was legal, Qi Jiawei returned to New York to board the Big Gay Parade

On June 25, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of New York to celebrate the pride parade in New York City of New York City. The 3rd year of Taiwan dispatched a float, led by the Gay Rights Movement pioneer Kwei Jiawei.

Qi Jiawei returned to New York in 18 years to take part in New York's "Gay Pride Parade", and returning to New York soon after the legalization of gay marriage in Taiwan is of great significance to him.He recalls that for more than 30 years, he has never given up and insisted on the continuous rise of the marriage movement for a large part of his family support. "From the first day I told my parents that I was gay, and I had never been bullied in school, I was accepted, respected," he said.(Recommended reading: 42-year-of-the-wedding run!Qi Jiawei: "I don't need it myself, but I want to be desperate for others"

Figure | PNN Public Television Issue Center/Bell St. Camera

Small family support and companionage, Kejiawie made a bold move to the real self, and in the process of coming to the gay rights, he also mentioned: "Gay is not a disease. What is wrong with what people want to do?"In March 2013, he registered his marriage with a man in Wanhua, the capital of Taipei, and was dismissed. After a lawsuit, he filed a civil law interpretation. On May 24, the justices released the constitutional interpretation of the civil law unconstitutional, and same-sex couples could marry.(Recommended reading: Taiwan is the first Asian example!)524 Outcome of the marriage: the constitutionality of the civil law, the two years of amending the law, or the legislative guarantees of same-sex marriage )

gender process of this era took a big step forward because of Qi Jiawei's efforts to fight the gay rights drive. He returned to New York to take pride in the pride and marching of comrades, and brought a warmth to people around the world who still worked hard for gay rights.

New York's pride parade is seen as a year of gay pride, an important indicator of freedom and diversity, and a march from 5th Street to 38th Street in Manhattan to the Greenwich Village bar in the south to the 1967 Riot.The Stonewall Riots is widely seen as a major source of the gay liberation movement and the contemporary gay rights struggle. New York Times > took a 360-degree documentary film on the scene of the march, making it possible for people around the world to be able to participate and participate in the totem atmosphere of the gay march, seeing the rainbow flags flying all over the city.