an interview with the founder of Chineasy, Xue Xiaolan, the founder of the Chinese women's life, she says that she needs to be careful and careful, and that every step is going to follow the direction of her heart.

"I want to do something that only me, Xue Xiaolan can do, what other people can't do.""

The founder of Chineasy's founder, Xue Xiaolan, says that it is more than enough to say that.

Xue Xiaolan is the leader of the Taiwan start-up industry when it first started.In that year she was only 20 years old and had a $700 million fund in hand. Her first venture capital company took off and took a metaphysical attitude to demonstrate what an enterprise was.Entrepreneurship is something that no one has ever done. Entrepreneurship is a failure. Entrepreneurship is the best way to go over and play your life.

Xue Xiaolan's leopard is used to "death the leopard," Hsueh says, "The skin of Hsueh Chi-lan is not a success, but rather the flesh and blood of his own flesh and blood."For many years she has been accustomed to speaking English, but she has a long tradition of thinking about English, and she has the Confucian feelings and the old village's context.(Recommended reading: [Tsai Ju-shan]: taught me about the Tokyo Morioka bookstore: Make the bookstore become a thought carrier )

The hardest thing to do, let me do it

In an interview with Xiao Lan, I was the one with a kind of "teacher" and a kind of "teacher" for this kind of "teacher". I should tell the young me what is a wolf and what is a fighting spirit."I am truly ambitious, not at the top of the world, but transcbeing ourselves."Compared to being a mentor to others, I think she is more like a child and naive.Being a human, she doesn't want to live easily, she wants to do the hardest thing, not for the applause of the people, but to explore the undeveloped world of the world.(Recommended reading: Lucky for good dramas!An Interview with Wu Gang: "The way to make a round is a way to make you succeed." )

As a result, Chineasy emerged, the only educational platform in the world for learning Chinese, fun and fun, and communication of Chinese characters and Chinese culture." I hope that in any corner of the world, when they want to learn Chinese, their first thought is Chineasy."The word is the hardest, and at least people touch it. I want to untie this big issue first," said Xiao.I like to make it very difficult to present it in a very simple way.Like Chineasy, there's a word that's Easy, and the learning people say it's simple, it's simple, because we're done with the hard things."

Why did she say that it was only Xue Xiaolan able to do it?The first point is to understand the Chinese and Western worlds: "Apart from understanding the depth of the Chinese language, we have to understand the whole Chinese language, not just words, but also different ways of education.""At the second point, with the passion for new technology, Chinasy has followed technology to develop its own way of communication, for example, in cooperation with Amazon Echo, as long as it's up and down the website:" Alexa, playing today's Talk Chinesy!" You can learn Chinese every day. The original archetype — Chinasy — also used in computer graphics to disassemble Chinese characters.(Recommended reading: [File-hit] Use the social enterprise to change the Taiwan!Lin: "Entrepreneurship, not doing what other people are already doing" )

The third point is also an important reason for Xiao Lan's entrepreneurship.Her mother was a calliper, and her father taught ceramics, and her father's mother and father, who had breathed an eye on her father's art, and his father's art thought, loved to wear a dictionary in her bag.The sex is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.It's just that she didn't know it from the start.

With caution and caution, walk through the path of life

My parents always wanted me to understand their world, and I was rebellily, so I went to the Internet and turned around, and I felt like I was slowly becoming a mature person, and I was able to accept what I really looked like.She grew up all the way, and when she was 40 years old, Xue Xiaolan had already become a group of victories in life. In London, she graduated from the University of Cambridge, where she was the envy of many people who were involved in the creation of high technology.

But she realized: "If a person lives until 80 years of age and only 29,000 days, what can I do if I have more than 10,000 days left?"If you can, she wants to live an interesting life.She wants to ask herself, "What else can we do without the expectations of the family and society?"

Her rebelliy road, the jungle in which she broke through, all made her entrepreneurial Chinesy.When he went overseas, he found out that Taiwan was far more distant than Mars in the eyes of foreigners. Many people called themselves China and the Chinese language, but few people really understood what Chinese culture was." You want to know how many people on the mainland are studying English.Many of our popular popular culture, political commentary, and economic thought have all come from the West.But most Westerners have a shallow understanding of Chinese. Why?It's not because they don't want to learn, but because the has no easy way or tool to understand it.What I want to do is to make the world truly understand Chinese culture and the beauty of Chinese." (Recommended reading: [Documentary] See Taiwan: Not a ghost island is a treasure island worthy of protection )

child's birth also gave her more thought about how to educate the next generation: "My children don't have a little interest in Chinese when they're young, and I think there's a way to let them , understand, and further admire their cultural heritage."Instead of giving them fish, 's better to teach them how to fish."

Because of a butterfly's fin, it caused a distant storm, because she had walked the road and brought her here." If I hadn't come to England, I had no high-tech experience, I didn't go to the United States to train my profession. If no child was born here, I wouldn't be a Chinasy."

"Every step you walk, you have to be careful, and you have to be careful."To be prudent is to know that everything we do is paving the way for our future.It is to be determined that every step is a way of self-confidence."

You want to go to the farthest point of your life

"Now that you have a life, you don't want to live white.""I am very old," she said. "She is convinced that it is natural to be there and you will only know where you are."When he was young, he was afraid of heights, and when he was at the Taiwan National Palace Museum, he would have lost consciousness.But she went to climb rock, school skiing, studying climbing." To challenge yourself, face fear, fear, fly, climb, and I know that fear can be overcome.Now she can be proud to say she's a rock climbing man and a climbing man.

" I went to the top of the mountain, the furthest place, I couldn't explain what I saw, but only you, you could see it.I'm standing on the coast, on a cliff, and if I'm not there, I can't see it.Xiao Lan said.I asked what was the idea?She said, "Life is a good life and it's going to be great.""

Her attitude toward fear is like entrepreneurship. Many people say that Xue Xiaolan's collection of mountains is a failure case in the New Economy of Taiwan. In Chineasy, more people say, " What are you doing here, Xue Xiaolan?But Xue Xiaolan, "These are not adventures, but enlighteners."" (Recommended reading: [Workplace Notebook] effort is not a success, but growth )

What is a failure?You want to take the First Girls'First Girls' First Girls' School, butYou want to get married and get broken?In her eyes, there was no failure: "Even if I had a braid tomorrow, our company left behind an asset that the next generation could use."Every person who has an ulterior motive is a successful life."Don't feel the same as always," she says. "When Sanskrit died, it wasn't very good at the time of Hsiao Bang's death."When asked about her success, she said, " The experiences and memories of each life are unique. cherishes today is a success."

" Don't be afraid of your own life turning, it's only in this way that you can stick to value.As a child, Xue Xiaolan was very much in love with the court. He often stayed up late to cry. " His entire life experience has also been continually tried, challenged, questioned, misunderstood.His work is a snorkeling, listening to the wind, and feeling the enemy, so as to remain unchanged."

Hsueh Chi-lan feels that it is a virtue , because successful people will not be afraid to admit their mistakes." If you have confidence in yourself, you know how much you can do, it's easy to admit it.People who feel insecure and fearful of the blame will be very guilty, have made a mistake, raise their hand to say sorry, and the next time they will improve, this will be good." (Recommended reading: True success is not someone else's affirmation of you!)Cai Yilin: "Don't ask, don't be afraid of failure" )

Don't let the kid be absent from your career

Xiao Lan's attitude toward success was also reflected in her life as a human being.When Chineasy was at the beginning, many people were not optimistic. " We don't have a lot of money. We don't look for investors. We do it very little, and we do it very reluctantly.Our team is small, what we do is faith, and we have a strong passion."I felt she was so proud of the team that she started to experience a lot of volunteers and wanted to take part in this value."

In the whole interview, she didn't say she was busy, and that she was happy to be happy.I started wondering, what kind of mother would she be?The job will not be a reason for her to lose her family. Instead, she has to work to make her family a different language." When I was a quick man, my parents would only see me on two occasions, one on TV, and two on the way to the airport.I feel that I have done a very bad job. After having a child, I have to report everything to them."

What does a mother have to report to her child?Hsueh was not alone, and her daughter was involved in his work, and she worked with her to film "stop motion video" to see a celebrity on TV at the TED scene, and to meet 3D printing, without traveling. She and her children eat lunch and dinner almost every day, and her children also know all her partners and friends.(Recommended reading: Ironblood man: Always-absent father figure in memory )

The new journey of Xiao Lan is a new one, and of course they cannot be absent.She also believes that many women entrepreneurs have empathy and good products, all of which are related to the discovery of real human beings from their families and children.A good entrepreneur is not going to stand on the top of the loneliness, but to see the needs of the real world.

The quickest way is not the best way to do it

She dares to stop at the heart of her heart.For example, in the wilderness seeking meaning in the wilderness, every step is not afraid of muddy.I finally understand that sentence, "I have to do something that only me, Xue Xiaolan, can do, what other people can't do."" It is not a matter of complacency. It is not a matter of self-confidence, it is a matter of self

Don't do anything repetitive, an inactive life.She was on her way, no matter how old she was.

the end of the interview, we were all happy. I asked if there was anything that could be said to the young people in the job market, I said, " There are many things you can do to get lost people on the road. Here are the five points that Xue Xiaolan has been through.

1. Know who you are:

know yourself, if you use MBA terminology to know your own strengths, but I'm talking — I am, who I am, what's your value in society, and what's the only thing that you can do with another angle?There's absolutely something that you can do, every one of you can find a unique point.

2. What do you care about:

What do you mean to be meaningful to you?Some people would say that I like animals, care about stray dogs, and if you care about social justice and justice, then change.If you want to make a lot of money, you want to think the best way to make your money, but you have to be very clear about it.(Recommended reading: For life!Lupita N' yongo: Practice your beliefs, not the expectations of others

3. How to:

How do you make it through Rome?It's not the quickest way to do it, it's the best way.If you stop the place you stop, you want to look at the place where the scenery smells delicious, and it's the best way to go.If you think about which road you want, the way you think is not necessarily that you can go, you need to know how to react.

4. How to face noise:

At the end of the day, or you're on the road, a lot of people have a lot of noise and cool talk.Whatever it is, it's good to hear it selectively. If it is encouragement of love, then it is happy to accept it. If it is a cool thing, we need to know which ones to listen to, what shouldn't be heard, and what constructive mobs should be put away, don't be domineering.

5. What to do next:

Continue to continue, life is not over yet.Even if you still have 9,000 days, you still have 9,000 days. What are you going to do? Let's take a look at the scenery and smell the flowers, and continue on the road.If you think about it, if you get to the end of life, how do you live 24 hours?It will be more and more loitering.