How does a gender view be generated by a mother and a mother?From pregnancy to production to correction, a mother leaves her personality and enters the "re-socialization of the mother".There are two kinds of women in society. To be a good woman, you have to understand what a good mother is.Let's open the definition of the mother, let the social initiative change, give the choice to the woman, and return the child's parenting to his parents.

Who is responsible for giving birth?At the end of June, the PTT article "must have two or more articles to give birth to a couple's child plan."The women's "Back to Work" were invited by the women to bring their children.Finally, the male side is " not to have a child, OK? I don't want to sacrifice so much!is rejected.

Two-person child plan declaration failed.

Many people respond below: " There must be not enough love. You are not suitable for marriage." There are also people who agree with the agreement on the plan of children, and gradually affirms the two sides' imagenation of the future life. Who will take the children after theyWho is responsible for the economy after having children?Who says, "A kiss, that's a woman's own belt?"

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A woman wants to have a mother, a built-in motherhood can bring a child, a woman is responsible for educating the child, and a female is more likely to take care of the housework.From the point of view of men and women, we can't help but think that having a child is a kind of love.Or is it a responsibility to say that when men are responsible for penitentially responsible for penitentian, why is it that women are responsible for raising the responsibility for penitentian?

This society's term of responsibility for women's "love as name" is actually in our lives, and I've been in a discussion zone where women have been, Is the child's education a responsibility of the mother?, housework is a woman's responsibility?How do you think, it a woman that must have a mother's love? In the survey, I found out that my mother and I were copied and playable:

" It's better for women to do things more carefully." The
of female paedophilia and the next consciousness will be sorted out."
a woman wants to have a mother's love, a little bit of warmth is not good enough?"The instinct
the female is to learn how to take care of the child, thereby producing a mother's love.""

The role of women as caregivers in the biological sciences is the role of caregivers: women have fertility, breast feeding, and therefore have a mother's family name. In a biological perspective, pregnancy and childbirth are the process of "becoming a mother" and a mother's love.

This "congenital assumption" is that the practice of "medicalization and motherhood" is that women are treated by the use of scientific instruments as a result of pregnancy and the production process, and under the control of the production process, they become "medicalized."Women's reproductive autonomy is medicalized, productive, and abortion. They are all recognized by the "system." Gradually, medical information is regarded as authority, and there is no way a woman can raise a child, bring up a child, and eat anything for a child.In the name of the mother and love, women are working day and night, "having a good child for their children".

Any person who is eligible to educate the "mother"

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The spread of medical resources, the spread of parental knowledge, more people are trying to be above their mother, teaching her how to treat her "pregnant body".For example, the artist Janet Whiteers and the gentleman who had a card in Mongolia drew the following "Reminder":

"The greater the point is that the bigger the month, the more nervous the healthcare resources are.""
all, we have a big month of diarrhea, and we need to take good care of your body. Don't be too tired and excited!""
the case of pregnancy, there is a need to pay attention to safety and food hygiene."

The above reminders take out the words "pregnant women", which seems to have been established."Once a woman is pregnant, her body is not his own body."The "forefathers" of the system of marriage and production have been informed that the system has given the authority — "—" person who has passed the rules "successfully" to educate the mother on any public occasion.(Extended reading: You are not alone!Janet's confuse with depression: a person, a fragile time )

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This is a bit serious, because all of these are "bona fide interest from experience", but return to the starting point, how can we do what other mothers of the "education" who have the right to do in good faith should do so?

In fact, it is not only the decision not to take birth, but also the birth control. In the process of pregnancy, there is a contradiction between "reproductive responsibility" and "physical autonomy".People feel that they have the right to interfere with the choice of a "soon-to-be-be-a-mother", and people have the right to shape the "sanctivity of the mother" in order to strengthen the cultural experience assets of the pregnancy.So I can't help but hear from the pregnancy: this one doesn't want to eat, take a smaller action, don't go anywhere, don't go around sex, pregnant women, don't have sex.Women are accurately controlled by instruments, naked, and physically standing before the doctor. This pair of obstetrics medical surveillance and cultural training is completely missing, and everyone tells the "opinion" objectively or objectively.

Pregnant women were "pathologically" linked to "fetuses" and "birth", and in 1965 published a picture of the sucking of embryos in the sheep's water for the first time, and the embryo was "present", erasing the mother's "presence".In many cases, abortion laws were proliferating, and even the "mother mismanagement" was prosecuted.

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Fetal and mother, child and mother

In another example, the hospital has a "mother-to-child" facility that implements parent-child care, and mothers and children must stay together 24 hours a day without mother-feeding, as if they were not.In 2013, Lin Shufen, a legislator at Lin Shufen, called a press conference to announce that "mothers and mothers are not good to their mothers". Many mothers are very much like to "escape from the hospital" to the center of the moon.How should we look at the care relationship between the mother and the child from mother to child?Most of the parent-and-child care facilities operated by the government are based on the SOPs and parenting guides proposed in the scientific study, allowing mothers to become scientific servants, unable to understand the needs of infants from natural interactions and respond to the needs of infants.(Recommended for you: [Su Mei-wen] Mother: When you were born, I had a hatred in my mind )

Just as people are looking forward to "love built in", mothers love the slogan of a crowd, a woman, how can she not have a mother's love?

Women are rich in warmth and empathy and are always willing to accept, concede, and be gentle, and are a collective society's false image of motherhood.Before the mother knew what the mother was, the girl had to have a mother's love.Su Chien-ling once wrote a book on her mother's role in the traditional mother's role, copying her in the system: "Providing services, sacrifices, no regrets, no remorse, no mother's role."In addition to being a mother in the family, women are also required to become mothers in schools, companies, and agencies to provide a wide range of services."

Unlimited emotional labor, tedious women who respond to human needs and demands.

" When I read the news from newspapers that American women were being sued for harming the fetus, I started thinking about how this happened; how the body turned into a public space, like a telephone booth.-- Rachel Cusk, Work of Life: Mothers >

The society is terrified of women losing their mothers, because once women do not grow up, society will not be generated from generation to generation.Feminists like to say "personal as politics", and that women's bodies have long been public, open, commented, and instructive.

Back to the audience why they like to point to the "master".Our view of women has another twist since she "became a mother."The double standard of sex is the "reproductive function woman" and "sex with sex", a countertop, and under a countertop, the system allows the "social order" to continue to operate.The name "mother" is registered under the patriarchal system and requires a careful review of the conditions before he can reach the position of "no man can be above the head of a man, and cannot be contemptiated".(Laughter) (Laughter) () (Laughter) [Ipteri/Mothers, every mother, once a wounded daughter )

From the fetus to the mother, to the child and the mother, the mother is a little bit less. Do you have breakfast in person?How can a child be so skinnyThe various "model mothers" regulations are used to raise motherhood, the relationship between the child and the mother in the manual, which is so unnatural that it is so perfect that it is a deliberate act of making up.The inheritance of motherhood comes from the mother to the Internet age, and everyone can educate their mothers.And then the mothers are advised: you have no room for mistakes, you have no right to give up, because you have been pushed to the position of "mother".

Chiu Yijun says, "After having a child, I often feel that I am no longer a person, but a" mother ".I seem to have lost my name, especially in the new interpersonal relationship that I created as a child, and my name became "a certain mother," and part of my survival seems to have to rely on the child."

When a man says, " Don't have a baby, okay? I don't want to sacrifice so much!"We should think about the life of women who have retrein from childbirth and upbringing."If the society gives more decisions to parents, more childcare support, perhaps we don't have as much fear as the patient, the loss of personality, and the only "mother" of the girls.

In addition to releasing more responsibilities to parents and returning family ties to parents, we should also clarify the relationship between parents and children.There is no one set in the world to be a good father and a good mother. Every family must find a way to live together, parenting, parenting, an emotional relationship, not a job.(Extended reading: Eelt from eel's mother incident: learn from the child, not fear )

It is not a way to judge the integrity of the individual, nor is it a compulsory subject for every family, nor is it a admission ticket to mainstream society.But we should still evolve a more friendly parenthood, open up the definition of motherhood, and allow a woman who does not have a sense of suffering, pursue self-happiness, and grow up to be able to enter a good mother's team.