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Tsai is on the International , with the right of music: "I just follow my heart and do the right thing."

addition to her musical abilities, Tsai has been writing an interview with her gay community. She has written an interview with she wrote an interview. She has been trying to make an interview with her."

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to , there are always efforts to focus on the gay issue, so there is a seal for a "female singer who is the most acclaimed by the gay community", asking Tsai Yi-lin's opinion: "I am very happy to express my concern through music."I don't intend to be an icon for any particular group.What I want to do is to encourage the gay community to bravely do it, and that's what I think is right.Let them know that they are not alone, and they are looking forward to influencing the community's acceptance of more elements.(Recommended reading: After Tsai's concert: Everyone needs the courage to face himself " )

The birth of this MV came from a true story I heard, and I was feeling very sad. I wanted to make people see different relationships and lives in a more peaceful and pluralistic manner, with the ups, the laughter and the tears of everyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, " she said.I sincerely hope that no one will suffer from such pain and hope to use the power of music to bring people to face up to the gay issues." (Recommended reading: Tsai Yi-lin's rereading of the rose youth: Ye will die, but the world still has more leaf-innit- )