"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Zhangshau and Monk Rou, you are my youth did not become love, but close your eyes, can always see you stand there.

"If you are 17 years old, you want to be able to go to college, no longer a virgin, urine can always line words, you should be how happy children ah." "The Blue Gate"

If the youth has the picture, probably is Zhangshau the flower shirt which blows by the wind, as well as under the net white sleeve shirt, is he repeats self-introduction. The sun kissed his skin, his narrowed eyes like a curved moon, he laughed like the sea, the waves as cold.

If there is a picture of youth, probably Lin's secret love, to follow, to call himself Mrs. Zhang, to love all of his love, to Menkro wear Zhangshau mask, a dance, listening to heartbeat, I like you, can't let you know, my favorite is also your appearances.

If the youth has the picture, probably is the monk soft eyes, the despair is because has the love. What can love do? Menkro on the wall over and over again, I am a girl, I love boys, as if a kiss will come true, to be a normal person in the eyes of others. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Woolf and Vivian: Love is hermaphrodite )

Youth is the first kiss, is a misunderstanding, is not the love, is a repetition of the scene, is a large number of questions, is their own echo, is handsome with the adult world pass by, we rode bicycles, sailed to the door.

It seems that everything should start with the introduction of the handsome self. My name is Zhangshau, Scorpio o type, swimming team Guitar Club, I am not bad. Monk Soft Vicious asked him, what do you want to do, the boy wearing a flower shirt instantly shrunk very small, "I just want to chase you ah ⋯⋯"

Encounter you, no longer handsome, more times embarrassed unceasingly, the world always someone is your nemesis.

If love can stop here is good, more like idol drama. But the world is not fair, Menkro thought, my favorite people like you, I can do, but when her messenger, I in addition to fulfill nothing can do, I love her and love you can not, I also very much hope that I like you.

The world is very unfair, Zhangshau thought, I like you, even if it is a temptation to kiss can also, and you may never like me, I can do, but also is handsome to say, if which day, you start to like boys, the first told me. (Recommended reading: There is a love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng: I love you, do not have to have you )

Menkro and Zhangshau, youth so unreasonable, but it's okay to have you. We probably will not love each other, probably do not need to be together, but in the fall when know you in, can hold your hot and humid palm, back to the sea, exchange our deepest secret-love originally not for GET, I just want you very good very good. (Recommended reading: for the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be silly again )

Then, we should take the sun, step on the bicycle forward, through the years of the corridor, close your eyes, let go, imagine you waiting for me in the distance.

"Young, looking at your flower shirt drifting away, I think, a year, three years later, five years later, what will we become?" Because you are kind, cheerful and comfortable, you should be more handsome, so I seem to see many years later, you stand in front of a blue door, three o'clock in the afternoon sunshine, you still have a few acne, you smile, I run to you ask Hello, you nodded, three years five years later, or even longer, we will become what kind of adults? Is it the P.E. teacher or my mom? Although I close my eyes, I can't see myself, but I can see you. 」

Menkro and Zhangshau, it is also love.