Handsome lady, Juliet Bino know that everyone wants is not suitable for themselves, embrace their unique state the most beautiful.

Talk about the elegant representative of French women, regardless of shadow or not, Juliet Bino Xu (Juliette Binoche) of the figure will certainly be swept in the brain.

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This year's 53-Year-old Bino is the world's first to reach the three international film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice) grand slam movie Queen.

Born in an art-rich family, she began to touch the show and perform in the theatre very young. Her second work in the film was the Hail Mary, the movie guru. Bino has performed more than 40 films since then, and she has also worked with Lauski, Hou Hsiao-hsien and other film masters.

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The film she starred in always has a common theme: inquiry and dialogue. Juliet's parents divorced when she was four years old, talking about her childhood, she said her earliest memories were about loneliness (loneliness), and she also learned from it.

I never refused to propose, just never promised

She had four intimate relationships, with two of them giving birth to boys and girls, and Bino never married.

"I have had four of experiences of being asked to marry. Two times is at the beginning of the relationship, and the other two is at the end of the relationship. I never refused, I just didn't reply to each other. "Lifelong companionship can be too difficult, and she decides to let each other have freedom of entry and exit," she said.

On intimate relations, Bino is still looking for the answer to the skin, if the marriage than to do a beautiful robe, for her, beauty if not fit, would rather not wear. Bino was good at asking herself, knowing what she wanted, and knew that marriage still failed to provide the best answer to her life.

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"Intimacy is still a constant enquiry and quest for me," he said. In an interview with Sydney Morning Post, Bino said she has a stable relationship that comes from a loving, sexually appealing deep friendship.

"But I still hold a big doubt: I have children, my own house, my object is abroad, so we do not live together." As a woman, I work, travel, and take risks, and it's not easy to live with me. Under such circumstances, he must be very patient, considerate and willing to be at home. Traditionally, my situation is a bit like a husband looking for a wife, but I don't want a wife, I want a husband, a man who is as adventurous as I am and passionate about life. 」

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She loves life and learns to explore life through various artistic forms--apart from actors, she is also a painter and dancer. In different identities, she explores her body, coexists with it, and feels comfortable and confident. She said that to understand their own body, only to know what kind of clothing suitable for themselves. (Extended reading: Love relay Exercises!) Listen to Hong Kong dancers talk about women's body and love

"Fashion is closely related to your body, it's about how your body exists, about your body contour." Binoche try different clothes, feel comfortable and feel that they have feminine temperament (feminine).

"It's more fun to show your body than to hide it. Doesn't mean you have to show your breasts or expose them in a very exaggerated way. 」

On the red carpet, Binoschitzen through a lot of beautiful dresses, but she likes the Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz dress in 2016 at the Cannes Film Festival, and the New York premiere of a movie, she wears a Parisian family (Balenciaga). When the body is free to speak through the clothes, the lens remembers, the body remembers.

Photo: W Magazine at 2016 Cannes Film Festival

"Your body has a history and a unique language, so you have to find a comfortable, not too revealing, way to expose it." At the same time, you can see the body shape, contour is still very wonderful. "A comfortable dress makes her feel feminine," and doesn't feel like she's being hidden behind the curtains. 」

Bino the way to choose clothes is to talk to your body, to feel the body's desires and shapes, to feel the words your body wants to express, and to allow the body to speak comfortably.

Therefore, you must "be yourself, find your own truth" (Be yourself. Find your own Truth) ", said Binoche," You always have your own language, you don't have to be a person to imitate others, just like you don't need to imitate others to speak. " (same field Gayon:"Handsome lady" chrysanthemum Chiki Heroic Spirit: Recapture fashion creativity )

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Clothing and fashion is always about expression, not only the ideology level of the claim, but also on the body level of communication. The expression of the body is always more intangible, more meticulous and more attractive.

Also because of this, she refused to plastic surgery. Does she think that if the body speaks out the language has its history, is not richer attractive? Why use plastic surgery to erase their own traces of history?

"The way for me to stay young is to let my youth go," stay. Youth. You can't keep holding on to the past, you can't be young forever. Youth is the psychological level, not the body level. How do you renovate yourself? How do you reach your new state? Self-renovation, this is the true eternal youth. 」

How do you renovate yourself? How do you discover your new level? Self-renovation, this is the true eternal youth.

Juliet Bino Xu

Older women rarely see themselves represented and reproduced in gorgeous fluorescent screens. Hollywood is adept at depicting the charms of older men, but lacks understanding and embodiment of the charm of older women.

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In the past few years, the media have repeatedly asked Bino as a mature actress, what is the view of Hollywood's mature female discrimination (with age, acting more alcohol ripe, actress performance opportunities in inverse proportion).

Juliet Binoche No criticism, just a faint smile, "Hollywood is afraid of women's change and maturity, as long as I can continue to do the work I am interested in." (Extended reading: Vera Oladaivis: A hard base actor, but also a hard bottom woman Han )

Proverb often describe a woman as a flower, only to appreciate the flowering bloom, but a woman flowering more prosperous long. Understand the flower of the French said, 40-year-old women began to bloom, Bino Xu This, you would like to embrace their long flowering not the same appearance?

Together to appreciate Juliet Binoche for their bloom of different flowering season:

20 Generations of Bino Xu

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50 generations of Bino Xu

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