"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Liu Xiaobo and Xia, read their love die-hard perseverance, you put yourself into the dark for the World of light, love you I was doomed to miss the ordinary love, but also enjoys.

"Ice-like fierce love, black as far as love." Liu Xiaobo died in Shenyang, in the heart of his wife, he did not want to close the eyes, the spirit is still, the body has been exhausted, the love such as the passing through the bars of the sun, holding his body, as he met her, his heart the coldest time, there is her warm.

Liu Xiaobo left, the most unwilling is the ideal unfinished, but also left her, he knew alive than dead bitter, he from the physical prison finally free, she in the invisible Heart prison life imprisonment. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" release prisoners outside the prison, but also Liu Xia Freedom )

When Liu Xiaobo met him, 1989, Liu Xiaobo, who had been imprisoned for 20 months after the Tiananmen Square incident, was broken and had nothing, as the first dawn, she came to the world with light.

At that time, the two men ended the first marriage, Liu Xiaobo wrote, writing democracy, Liu Xia poetry, emotional surges, "I finally found all the beauty in a woman." "In the tone of gratitude, is she, is she, in the crowd will not be mistaken."

In order to get a marriage permit, the two people have to fight, in the 1996, their wedding banquet was held in the canteen of the labor camp, or the captivity and labor camps were almost their daily, wedding photos or collage, they in the cold northeast, Zuogeng Beijing government, the growth of the most powerful romance, love ledge, dark when the body.

Marriage to identity, Liu Xia from the beginning every month from Beijing to the trip, traveling 1,600 kilometers to visit Liu Xiaobo, she wrote, "The train to the concentration camp, sobbing over my body, I can not hold your hand ⋯⋯" she is not afraid of far, she is good at waiting, cruel fate called her the most patient lover. " (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Huaihui and Changhui: Love you, life will have a way home)

After the wedding, they repeatedly practice separation, they do not intend to have children, this life is too bitter, do not children to witness the catastrophe of parents. Liu Xia of course also Ming, know this love is dangerous, one day will leave her, and alone on the Dark road, she also will accompany him to take a ride, she loves Liu die-hard, Liu Xia for the video, is a silent witness, this fate is how to toss their soul.

That day came soon, in 2008, Liu Xiaobo launched the Charter of 08 to urge China to democratize, to improve the existing human rights situation, was convicted of subversion of state power, sentenced to 11 years in prison, Xia he followed by home house arrest, for no reason. (Recommended reading: The martyr of Liberty, Liu Xiaobo's death: "I have no enemies, no hatred")

Such a chaotic, vibrant woman also wither down, the days of house arrest she lost her language and depression, and all her meetings with Liu Xiaobo were monitored, writing poetry out of the question, what she could say, "What can I see, we're in such a ridiculous place, we don't see good changes." 」

In 2009, Liu Xiaobo's last public statement apologized and deeply thanked his wife,

"Your love, is beyond the walls, through the bars of the sun, to touch my every inch of skin, warm my every cell, let me always maintain the peace of mind, magnanimous and bright, so that every minute of prison full of meaning." 」

"My love for you is filled with guilt and apologies, and sometimes it's so heavy that I stumble." I am the rock in the wilderness, let the storm and the whip, cold so that people dare not touch. But my love is hard and sharp and can penetrate any obstacle. Even if I am crushed into powder, I will hug you with ashes. 」

Liu Xiaobo is a martyr, and Xia is doomed to miss ordinary love. They want little, perhaps poetry together, perhaps dragging each other's hands on the streets of democracy, perhaps no longer fear of tomorrow's sudden darkness, perhaps the next life peace.

In the picture, the two people with the same hairstyle, laughing and stealing the other side of the eyes, looks like a twin, it seems to say, you turned into ashes of the day, remember to hold me, I for you alone to survive.

"To be a tree is to live a lifetime is tired?"
Be tired and stand up
No one to accompany you?
There are birds.
I can't see the birds.--Liu Xia's anthology "Untitled"