"If you want" series, if you have a desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Commemorate those with old friends to experience the youth, Tanabata arrived, recommend seven pieces just want to complete with the Boudoir honey life proposal; If the future is old, still can take to say miss.

That summer, and that night was very important to me, I will never forget her and me in the street running, breathing and crying.


This is the Green peak to Zhang Hang.

I think of the summer, the foggy days that we shared, our body of the dark blue frilly with the pace of swaying, the sun hot hit in your face, you look at the eyes, like to put too insolent dazzling youth to see clearly, the picture is always like this, one side of the red clay playground we tread their own rhythm, occasionally shoulder, occasionally distance pull far, But the bottom of my heart know, no matter how far we take the road to see the vast world, there is still a person, with you experience life ups and downs, the youth of each other into a common life.

Dear old friend, you are my life long way, do not want to lose the footprint, your madness my sadness, embed our growth vein, when I look back those summer, you are my secret words, tell the meaning of youth.

You also have such a friend in life, sad and happy with each other to pull each other's youth?

If you want to commemorate the youth, five pieces just want to go through with the girlfriend of the madness, memory adulthood stage, there is a you, help me remember my most authentic appearance.

Stab the same mark as you: When I look down, I see the traces that are in common with you.

In the time of collision, only you know, that night drunk down the roadside, I grew up overnight; only I have seen, before the independent appearance, you once loved a spoiled temper.

Growing up is when we recognize reality, efforts to put up the maturity of their own, the youth injury, there you wait for me to grow strong, want to stab a mark on the body on behalf of you, we have their own long way to go, when I look down, you can see with your common mark, regain the courage.

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We swim naked: only in front of you, I can not ignore the image to be myself

Every absurd act, every unrealistic idea, have you accompany me in reality dream.

We look at each other grew up, from the first social confusion to the expertise of each side, no matter what we grow up in front of each other can be proud to become a child, dear, we go naked swimming! Grumble each other raised belly, wail after the wrinkled together and diastolic facial features, sleep without the image of snoring, beautiful ugly silly epileptic, these waste of youth absurd, because you have meaning.

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Those crazy stupid things only sisters understand you, if you want to use nude swimming memories of young frivolous, recommend you are located in Australia's Ma Lin Beach, with the sisters into the distant blue, Embrace life, live wild.

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Boudoir Honey Wedding: Looking for a day to shoot our youth bloom, the old we wine miss

can be free and easy to do not who lover, but reluctant to put you on the road of life left, those old to take to say the youth of the mouth, I accidentally forget the details, you will be the edge of the broken mouth gentle count.

The longer the bigger, the more we counted the days at work, life or survival sometimes can not be divided, fortunately, with you together, I can faintly feel, those young frivolous still in our hearts did not fade away, looking for a day to clap our youthful appearance, old to take the wine to miss.

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Youth will fade away, but the appearance of youth, let us use a picture of its memory, we look at the old side of the picture, memories of the past. If you want to try a girlfriend's wedding dress, you are recommended to the va va voom Fashion Party restaurant to write down your most authentic appearance.

Girlfriends Holiday: You and I walk through youth, in time we grow into adults

When you come to the road, set foot on the Earth to raise you, to a ten-year journey, I would like to experience the same move with you, together to marvel at the magnificent world, the meaning of travel, is in front of the world and beside you.

Know ten years, thank you in time to accompany me to know myself. There is always such a friend, she used her life and your youth overlap, broaden your horizons, never thought of their own contact with things, because she and understand themselves. (Recommended reading: distance never let us discrete!) To the good friend: the youth will pass away, fortunately leaves one you.

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Girlfriends grow: With your life, I have the courage to be better.

You cry in love several times, she every time see you hurt carry you to read how you do not cherish yourself, but more than anyone else distressed you. In front of her, you can always rest assured fragile, when the reality of the waves, think of the struggle in life, he has the courage to swim so hard, until each other ashore, each experienced the wind and Frost proudly said: "We have grown some."

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Always hold a passion for life, is your agreement with the boudoir honey, no longer worried about the time of love, recommend you and your girlfriends to participate in the School of Life Taipei Limited course, take you from the perspective of psychology and literature, more and more understand yourself: learn to be intimate together, and their own complete independence.

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Boudoir Music drama: Noisy cities in our symbiosis, who said life like a play, I said it's okay to have you

The impermanence of life is sometimes more dramatic than the film, and the same is the common daily, the boudoir honey does not abandon. There is a can always say go, a midnight telephone is also willing to rush to you in front of her much should cherish; If you can't go to a faraway place on a holiday, watch a play! Two plays, for you who like to savor life together.

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"Those drizzle", bring you to talk about the works of Dream, life and drama, also talk about the experiment, desire and fantasy (and exclusive discount code: the drizzle)--2017 Taipei Yi Sui Festival Experimental work
"The most Beautiful Day", is you suddenly look back, found her smile to you face, is full of happy wrinkles--c ' musical original musical

If you want to, that's the time: I'll watch the drama with my girlfriends and enjoy my life.

Friends ME to share: With you, you can love yourself

I believe you must be familiar with this kind of moment, every time with the girlfriends Tea Party, always talk about "Ah!" It's really very busy. "Each of you is dedicated in your life and sometimes forgets to take care of yourself." Perhaps this time you start, in the Tanabata this beautiful moment, with a bottle of me time to your good friend, tell her: "Again busy, also want to leave me time to love themselves." 」

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Yours, is mine, I should give myself time, also like you should enjoy me time.
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If you want, now is the time: Take your metime

Seven Beautiful Life proposals, if you want to, just enjoy life with your girlfriends!

If you want, why don ' t you just do it?