"Dunkirk" by Christopher · Nolan directed and screenwriter, recording the War of Despair and hope, we are the chess of history, only want to survive the wish.

The Port of Dunkirk, the soldiers waiting for rescue, a total of 400,000, face fatigue, injury, home on the other side, ages, but not back, like the punishment of defeat. Transport ship was blown up by enemy aircraft, at any time vigilant, I have air raids, he covered himself, see the soldiers next to be blown into dust, wind blows on the scattered, this is the human purgatory, this time gambling only luck.

War is a strategy for the generals, and war is luck for the front-line soldiers. Land anti-wave Dunkirk a week, the Sea privateer Day, the air fighter one hours, betting who has the ability to survive, bet who has the ability to save more people.

I've always hated war movies, and I don't understand. is the meaning of war as a kind of film-writing, to record, to be vigilant, or to praise nationalism and brotherhood? Nolan's "Dunkirk" has changed me--the futility of war, nothing to prove, we are all historical chess, only want to survive the wish. (Recommended reading: In the War, the Children of Canada Cry, do you hear?) )

Seemingly ordinary, and even did not appear in the National high school history textbooks on this day, is enough thrilling.

Under the war, we have no name, no time.

Under the war, we have no name, just as we are not distracted from the memory of "Dunkirk" who is the protagonist who is a supporting role. War is the scene, we do not have a name, only the shoulder of the national glory, only the mark of the clear friend-friend relationship; we have no name, all the feelings are short, all friendly is not inevitable, everyone is the zu of the Flames, the next second will have no breath.

Under the war, we have no time, no time to mourn, no time to regret, no time to think, time to go forward, like the soundtrack of Dunkirk, always in a few seconds, Tic ToC, you don't run forward, maybe wait for death.

Under the war, we have no name, no time, but we can have personality, we can make choices, something is not. The past war film people think very flat, sand table deduction, is not Beikewen is traitor, not brother is the enemy, but Nolan with a simple space-time scene, three time axis, three space, filming people in which the complexity of activities, the story behind there are stories, do not simply.

War without a grand splash of blood, Nolan with almost Seiko like a pen delicate lens, to shoot upward fear gaze at the air soldier eyes, to collect torpedoes across the sea hit the ship's roar, to listen to the fighter jet breathing and chalk record miles of rustling, to say people's despair and hope.

Despair. Under the war, people are not machines, people have emotions, the soldiers will be afraid Ah, afraid not to live home, afraid of the wrong way to retreat, afraid to kill the people who should not be killed, soldiers are afraid of defeat safe return, what people will say me? I was not able to protect this home. (Recommended reading: Love lets us go beyond war: A couple moving photography beyond half a century )

But there is hope for war. The war scene does not need massive dialogue, the action exposes the choice, sometimes the person goes to the death, is because in the individual above, you know this battle has the more important mission, is at that time, we can surpass individual's destiny, achieves the very little hope.

"How do you know the tide?" 」
"The tide is rising and the body will float back." 」

The battlefield is another world, you are forced to have another worldview, you can live.

It's a lot of cool things I've seen in Nolan's films, war films do not take the name of killing, but to capture the subtle and habitual feelings and personalities that have been abandoned--those who are not in the way of guilt, the unspeakable self-doubt, the battlefield experience of aphasia, the souls who have been castrated by war, are rescuing their flesh.

War, the absence of women, the plight of men

Perhaps also my feminine identity and life experience, let me see the war film out of tune, there is no I can be in the lens, there is no my world.

Historically, women have been excluded from the battlefield, but women's battlefield has been in the rear, is they maintain the life continues to operate. When the soldiers left the city and countryside, the production line by the woman's hand filled up, they have to wear trousers, into the workplace, only to find that they have been doing very well, but not a chance, and the war created a vacancy, accidentally gave a woman in the past no stage. (Recommended reading:"Female film Selection" "Memories of that Stop": The U.S. military base in South Korea, the female elegy )

Nolan's film, no woman figure, but as a viewer, as a woman, along the Nolan lens, I was like the first stand in the vast battlefield waiting. I wait, do not know where to go, do not know who will come to save me, I wait, do not know what else can do to save their own life, I wait, and then ask themselves, what is the significance of this war?

The original war is about the body and the common dilemma, facing the situation of the lack of vibration, in the face of their own powerlessness, regardless of gender, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of nationality. (Recommended reading: A healing song for War casualties: How far is world peace from Lebanon to Paris?) )

Maybe it was about Nolan's eccentric relationship, and I think he made war with a sense of grace, not deliberately to create human nature in the war of rudeness, only to tell people a moral lesson.

To be honest, we really don't need more war background to make a heroic journey (hero ' s Journey), our world is too many heroes (see the votes of the League of Heroes), it may be said that those who do not have a name or historical memory, they do not have to be heroes, they only need to go home.

The war was over, and Dunkirk's operation saved more than 300,000 people, over 30,000 of Churchill's expectations, they went home by train, trying to be an ordinary person, having a normal life, having an ordinary dream, no torpedoes, no war, no transports, no fear, and that's enough.