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Flip the social housing type! "Green Bank cohabitation" project: I walked out of your intelligence, you walked into my youth

The introduction of foreign "green Bank cohabitation" model, the new Bei government in the Three Gorges Beijing to rehouse residential housing 26 of the social housing, selected 3 households pilot "green Bank cohabitation", is expected to hold 3 days 2 nights in July "Life Experience Camp", the city invited to promote the "Living apartment" team "nine buildings" plan the green Bank cohabitation plan, the initial concept of elderly conditions of 60 Years of age, can take care of themselves, through 3 days 2 night activities, the youth and the elderly to try to live, follow-up investigation has the will of elders, into the second phase of the "long stay" model, planning 6 months for the 1 phase of settlement planning, the establishment of the Green Bank cohabitation mechanism.

Photo |"Nine House"

Liu Hongdeng, director of the Urban and Rural Development Bureau of the new North government, said that in response to the trend of aging, the new North government tried to promote the cohabitation of young people and the elderly by providing more new models of housing supply. Through the future social housing is no longer limited to the property management function, but to create a link between people, to improve Taiwan's students and young office workers, the rental pressure, poor quality of the rental housing environment and elderly people living alone unattended, interpersonal network alienation of the situation. (Recommended reading: dignified old, Dutch village Hogeweyk for Alzheimer's Disease patients)

Photo |"Nine House"

Liu Hongdeng said that the green bank cohabitation in foreign countries has a lot of mature cases, such as Germany's silver-geku-haus residential residence and the Netherlands also have a support house to adopt the youth to work for accommodation scheme, are quite successful cases, but the transfer of these experiences to Taiwan, still need to consider cultural differences, through this experiment, The feasibility and promotion mode of the green bank cohabitation are further developed.

As a result of the community activities and the humanistic experience brought about by the social housing, it stimulates the pluralistic participation of the two groups, starting with the pilot of the Green bank cohabitation experience camp, to promote more senior citizens and young people to live together, share life and create more communication possibilities.

Photo |"Nine House"

What is sharing?
When the youth meets the silver-haired elders
I walked out of your intelligence, you walked into my youth
In our daily activities, we only know
The house is rented, but life is not

--"Nine buildings"

Still have sex after old age: Portugal reduces the compensation for gynecological surgery for women aged 50

Portugal recently decided to cut compensation for gynecological surgery for 50-year-old women, according to the Guardian . The resolution is sexist.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the importance of judgment in the case of medical compensation for Portuguese Judges has been reduced by the age of women, a general assumption that women of 50 years of age are less important to women than men of all ages.

Photo |The Guardian

A 50-year-old Portuguese Lady Maria · Mores (Maria Morais), who has two children, claims that her medical negligence in 1995 in a Portuguese hospital for gynecological surgery prevented her from engaging in normal sexual activity. She was thus compensated for physical and mental anguish, but the hospital reduced the amount of compensation by about One-third in 2013. (Recommended reading: Yang Sunny TED speech: "Dear girls, you have to take back your body, lust, rights")

The verdict came as the judge in Lisbon ruled that the court had sparked a wave of protests in Portugal as she entered old age and her sex life was no longer important to her. The European Court of Human Rights in France told Moraise that the Portuguese judge's resolution was biased and violated the right to respect private and family life. Thus, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Portugal to pay Moraise €3,250 (USD 3,790) for damages and 2,460 euros in sentencing costs.

The European Court noted that the Portuguese court's ruling "ignores the importance of gender to women's self-realization and women's physical and mental well-being".

Photo |The Guardian

The Lisbon court said the ruling was based on a general assumption that sex was not important for a 50-year-old woman and a mother of two children. The European Court of Justice believes that this statement shows the Portuguese judiciary's discrimination against women and the enjoyment of sexual prejudice. The Portuguese authorities did not respond immediately to the decision.

The Portuguese courts in 2008 and 2014 made two other decisions on complaints about two cases of male patients with medical incidents. In the case of a man who loses his sexual activity due to a medical accident, no longer having a normal sexual relationship affects their self-esteem, regardless of their age, or whether or not they have children, they bring a "great and strong mental shock".

Give up power to see the bottom of society, Syrian Artists: "The most powerful people are not very strong, let us face the crisis together." 」

According to the BBC, a Syrian artist, Omari, has created a series of oil paintings after fleeing to Belgium, which has drawn powerful heads of state and former leaders as displaced refugees.

Syrian artist Abdullah · The portrait series of Omari (Abdalla Al-omari) portrays contemporary world leaders as hard refugees living at the bottom of society. U.S. President Trump also appeared in his paintings, he held a child in one hand, the other holding a black and white family portrait, look dignified.

Pictures |of the BBC

At first, the artist used his situation of displacement and the anger generated by the Syrian war as his source of creation. But with the portrait series progressing, Omari, now living in Belgium, has turned anger into portraying these characters as losing their power, and can be more empathetic to the human nature of others. Russia's president, Putin, is also one example.

Through these works, let the public see the power of the reversal of the society, but also to everyone living in the bottom of the society shouted: "Let us tell the world: even if we are fragile, but the most powerful people are not strong." So, let us use more empathy to face the crisis brought about by the social situation! 」

Pictures |of the BBC

Omari said: "I want these leaders to lose their power, and not to help relieve my pain." I just want to restore their humanity and let the public see the fragile side of power. "Through these works, painter Omari does not particularly show the respect of the famous leaders nor highlight the power, charm and justice of these leaders, nor even depict the country or political color of the characters." (Recommended reading: The era of war orphans: Syrian refugees displaced only for rebirth )

Pictures |of the BBC

Syrian artist Abdullah · Omari to subvert the power of the way to arouse the community more empathy, see the social bottom of the life of people, take off the next level of power, put themselves in care of the world. At the same time, I think we can also think that if we can in front of goodness regardless of rank level, power, only with the human empathy to the people of different backgrounds, the world will have more warm goodwill. (Recommended reading: European refugee tide under the hidden name!) Shore Boy Allen's Warning: "Our dreams are Dead"

Victims of sexual assault in South Sudan under civil strife: "Satan passed me the day I was raped."

According to the Guardian , Amnesty International published a report in Monday-"Do not remain silent": Survivors of sexual violence in southern Sudan called for Justice and reparations to be revealed, since the December 2013 South Sudanese government forces and anti-rebel hostilities, The severe sexual violence perpetrated by thousands of of people throughout the country has forced many women and children into rape, sexual slavery, torture and castration, leading to mental anguish and humiliation, but no recourse.

Image | Amnesty International

Amnesty International's regional director for East Africa, Muthoni Wanyeki, says the recorded case is a massive premeditated sexual violence. It is reported that thousands of people have been raped throughout the country since the outbreak of the conflict in December 2013. The scale and atrocities of sexual violence in the country echoed those of neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo, which began rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1998.

The report also mentions that these irresistible acts have caused victims to be physically and psychologically disturbed, and many survivors have been neglected by their husbands and laws, and even marginalized by the community. Sukeji was raped by three government troops in front of the children in August 2016, "I don't want to remember, but sometimes it just exists in my head and I cry," she said. "Sometimes I wonder if my children also have such memories, when they grow up, what will they think of their mother?" 」

Photo |The Guardian

Nyagai lost her faith last July after being raped by government forces in Juba. After being raped she stopped going to church and prayed no more, she said, "Satan passed me the day I was raped." "There are also many young people and children who have been sexually violent in the civil war, some of whom are infected with HIV, some suffer from trauma syndrome, urinary incontinence, and even brutally inserted into straw by soldiers and burned to death."

Photo |The Guardian

Sexual violence exists in many historical conflicts, war, but until recently it was considered a serious crime, using the chaos of war to carry out sexual violence everywhere, and the outrage in South Sudan was also a familiar pattern of sexual violence in the conflict, when war occurred, sexual violence was often used as a mechanism for humiliating and undermining vulnerable groups. In the face of this situation, the international community should put pressure on the Government of South Sudan to start taking action to improve the status of sexual violence. (Recommended reading: The use of "sex" established by male self-esteem: good bed kung Fu, female talent can not leave me? )