Advertising to deepen the trend of gender discrimination for many years, lead you from the age of the number of advertising history, from the advertising of the gender solidified hands, and then to flip the sex of the media content, reflect on the media literacy of the audience.

According to the New York Times , the future of gender stereotypes in the UK advertising will be bound by the advertising norms.

The British Advertising Standards Agency said the strengthening of gender stereotypes was "personal, economic and social costs." "In the future, if there is a clear gender bias in advertising or gender-sensitive transmission of sex ideas will be more rigorous review." (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" when advertising creative step on gender landmines, the British government said: I forbid )

In contrast to the history of advertising development, the advertising line with sex discrimination has been in place for years, which regards women as passive objects dominated by patriarchal consciousness, and also sells women's gender temperament and body pattern as merchandise. However, looking back from the present, the gender consciousness gradually rise, the meaning of advertisement with the social atmosphere continues to progress.

For you from the past history of the 90 's to date the evolution of advertising, see ads in the sex discrimination, reflect on how the sexes to the pluralistic equality, mutual respect and direction.

1975:innocence is sexier than your innocence is another kind of sexy

This advertising content describes the female image as innocent, soft, harmless innocence is sexy, deepen the society to female gender temperament stereotype, to another materialization of feminine way will aromatic and feminine sexy string together, girls sex temperament, in addition to sexy cute we can also resolute brave!

1970:for simple driving it would be easier to drive.

Today's society has a saying, the road sambo: Women, old people, old women. And car maker Mini also put this gender stereotype into its ads, the 1970 release of the advertising screen, with a wide-eyed woman looking very nervous as the image, the following text reads: "Give us the gear problem, you will be easier to drive." 」

It is obvious that women are portrayed as worse drivers than men, and in everyday advertisements, they deepen the stereotype of gender stereotypes, and they are virtually positioned as unreliable and prone to panic. (Recommended reading: Does sex discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

1969:she ' ll follow you anywhere she'll follow you anywhere

The the 1960s Lynx AD, they suggest, if you're a smoking man, charming--blow a cigarette on a woman's face: "She'll follow you wherever you go." Look at the content of ads, it not only the shape of smoking into a charming charm, but also deepened the women should follow, clinging to the stereotype of men.

1961:what wives are for the wife's function?

A kitchenware advertisement, which clearly locks clients into male customers-especially those who do not cook-and the ad copy mentions that this is a multifunctional kitchen utensil that can be arranged in addition to cooking-while cooking, which is the meaning of the wife's existence.

The gender division of Household Work in women, the loss of gender equality to share the concept of household chores, but also the existence of the meaning of women and kitchen, cooking, family hook, ignoring women to master the rights of life autonomy, deepen the image of gender inequality.

1959:indoors, women are useful indoors, women are useful.

Ads for outdoor warm shirts, the big "man better than women" slogan in the text, it said: "Indoors, women are useful, but in the mountains, they are a bit cumbersome." 」

The image of the advertisement can also be clearly seen a woman hanging outside the cliff, while the man holding a rope to control her life, in this concept, stereotyped women into the inability to engage in outdoor activities, the burden of female body images.

1953:happier with a Hoover has more fun cleaning appliances

If you wanted a Christmas present, what would you have in your wish list?

In this ad, it's a sign for a woman's Christmas wish: "What's on the list of women's Christmas wishes?" You know: "Of course it's household cleaning appliances." 』」

In the advertisement, the female is directly positioned as the housewife, and the social expectation of the female outside the male is the main one, and the gender stereotype is deepened to the cognition of the readers.

From the 90 's ad back to see 21st century, there is still an endless stream of advertisements on gender clustering, and the content of sex-cured reading is still widely used in the media, and we can also reflect on the current gender-equality process by using a gender niche and deepening the stereotype of advertising.

2016:the Social Butterfly Girl, you can expect to be a social flower butterfly.

GAP, a well-known American brand, has been challenged by a print advertisement for sex discrimination.

In the advertisement, the little boy wearing the latest season's costumes was accompanied by a slogan: "The Little scholar (The little scholar)", wearing a T-shirt with Einstein's head, and marking it with a smaller typeface: Your future begins here. The other girl was labeled "The Social flower Butterfly (The social butterfly)" and described the little girl as "the focus of the playground discussion". (Recommended reading: Sex Discrimination on the playground: Men play volleyball very Niang?) Attacking girls, no face? )

As soon as the advertisement was written off, the network aroused the discussion, the social media users believed that the advertisement seriously abused the gender stereotype as the propaganda gimmick, and the future development of the boys and girls was stereotyped in the stereotype of the society, which deepened the limitation of exploring career course and interest of the two sexes.

2017: Women marry into the door to look up and down to avoid buying second-hand cars

May when Audi used cars issued an ad to provoke, advertising began, a mother-in-law rushed to the wedding of the couple, the purpose is to check the daughter-in-law's body condition, pinch nose, pull ear, 名称 also clue some, after a series of tests, mother-in-law assured to make OK gesture, then appeared Audi second-hand car introduction page, and dubbing " Official certification to be assured. "

This advertisement was questioned with obvious gender discrimination, materialization of women's tendencies, will be likened to women to look at the second-hand car, and must have no plastic surgery to pass the official certification, trust to marry the door, for a woman materialized as a commodity to examine the concept of advertising. (Recommended reading: single ads reveal the poor love imagination: Not everyone's love is a form of love games)

To count these trans-chronological advertisements, many of the obvious sexism are being passed on to the public through the media, eliminating gender discrimination and gender equality, and in addition to reviewing the content of the media through more advertising standards, we need everyone to start from themselves and improve the social atmosphere.

Flip stereotypes of feminine temperament! The NIKE ad tells you that the true nature of women

In addition to increasing the advertising content of the gender divide, in recent years there have been many media efforts to reverse stereotypes between the sexes, promote gender equality and see women's strength.

The NIKE film is an example of the use of media influence to flip gender stereotypes by subverting the perceived feminine temperament and feminine image of the society, and by conveying the feminine softness and fortitude to society.

Dear Boy and Girl,

Believe in More--you ' re made of what your do. Believe in yourself-your act, who you are.

The media's influence to society is far-reaching, the advertisement content also is the double-edged edge, can liberate individual freedom, also can become dominated a certain group's shackles, but as the reader's we also have the responsibility to understand " Media reproduction of gender stereotypes ", to develop their own media literacy, let us do a speculative ability to read the listener, in the vast information and media, with a pluralistic and open attitude to interpret media information, rather than the acceptance of the value of media transmission, see the social structure created by the gender differences, reflect on advertising behind the meaning and social framework of the gender Division of Labor , Stereotypes.

Next time, when you see the sex image embedded in the advertisement again, you can try to start from the day-to-day behavior, become a force to flip stereotypes, with their own thinking and social, media dialogue, no longer sex to divide the value of others, let the two sexes develop more freedom, let society move towards equality.