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American transgender artist's "Cotton Bar Tony", a revolution in body consciousness: menstruation is not only female

American trans-gender artist Carker · Ms. Kramer recently uploaded a photograph of his clemmer in a trouser suit, Instagram the first sign of the picture may be a contrast to her masculine appearance, and that's what Kramer is trying to do to remind the public that menstruation is not a woman's patent. To decouple the cognition of gender from the physical appearance, to see the physical phenomena of transgender people, and to set off another kind of body consciousness revolution.

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Ms. Kramer grew up in the Conservative Baptist community, for "sex", he can ingest very little knowledge, the traditional atmosphere in the community, the menstrual is considered a shameful thing, adolescent sex education is a big blank. Although Ms. Kramer's gender identity is not female, she still has to face the menstrual phenomenon, self-identity and physiological gender contradictions, so that he felt great pain and helplessness in his youth. (Recommended reading: Social Transport and trans-gender!) Interview Ye Jo: "I strive to be my own right")

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He also showed his feelings at menarche at the age of 15 with verses in the text. The words mentioned that the beginning of menstruation, "the body like a betrayal of their own", the red flag also for his life affixed to the label, "What is wrong with this?" You're going to be a woman! "Menstrual pains and swollen breasts remind him that he is a" woman. " Self's gender identity and physiological representation make him constantly pull with himself, feel contradictory.

As a result of his own adolescence experience, he in addition to the online launch of "menstrual not only female" movement, but also to create cartoons to encourage children to know their own body, join the ranks of sex education.

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Ms. Kramer created several manga characters based on female supplies, including "Cotton Strips Tony", "menstrual cup Malena", "Pads Patrice" and "Sponge Sebastian". With "menstruation" as the theme, set up "Toni the Tampon (cotton)" plan, with interesting and vivid comics to promote " Menstrual health Education ", look forward to more young people with the right health education concept of their body, understand menstruation is not a shame, but also do not need to know their own body structure and feel embarrassed." (Recommended reading: Why is South Korean tampons twice times more expensive?) Health cotton to hide well, menstruation is "that" stigma culture

Transgender men give birth to a baby boy: "I'm proud of my body, I can have a womb and be a person who has the ability to raise children."

According to CNN , a baby boy was born on July 14 in Lisbon, a Oregon State in Portland, USA-Leo Murray · Chaplo, Shapf, who has lived with him for seven years, is delighted. Before the birth of their son, they had adopted SHAPF sister's two children, Shapf sister had drug habits and neglect to take care of children, they will sister's children adopted, with overflowing love to accompany them to grow up.

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As transgender people, because of their gender identity and physical gender is not consistent, so in Lisbon for the past 10 years have continued to take male hormones, but he did not surgery to remove the female physiological organs, in the past they have established a Facebook page Recorded their childcare adventures and continued to update and share his pregnancy after the news of the Lisbon pregnancy in January this year.

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But in addition to these record pregnancy process, but also attracted some netizens for "normal pregnancy process" anonymous criticism and negation.

"We've found that behind anonymous networks, people seem to feel empowered to tell us how to teach children how to organize and develop our families," says Lisbon. "But he wants to use his and his partner's example to give the public a chance to see more organizational possibilities for transgender families," the reason you want to have a child is because you wanted to see more love in the world, and keep that love in mind, how difficult and hard it was. 」

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"I ' m OK with our body being a trans," I am proud of having transgender bodies,
"I ' m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby." I can have a uterus and be a person who has the ability to raise children.

--trystan Reese

Now that children are born healthy, Lisbon and his partner are happy, they say: "We are fortunate to have him in our lives and we can't wait to be part of his growth." Lisbon also said: "I am proud of my body and proud to be a transgender person, I can have a womb and be able to raise children." (Recommended reading:"to be true to yourself, is a very free thing" the life story of Australian transgender Jazz )

Love does not divide sex! Filipino variety show interviews transgender, lesbian partner announces pregnancy News

According to "TNP", the Philippine midday variety show "eat bulaga" 's location unit "juan for juan"team, secretly interviewed a male and female transgender jiminy (Gemini), when the show team appeared at home, he looked surprised and excited, but after the program content, but let the production unit and view feel more surprised.

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The program team asked Jiminy's family what other members he said were living with his grandmother and his partner, when his partner appeared, the host and the audience were pleasantly surprised, his partner Biet (Biel), a female lesbian who was a physiological woman, and had been pregnant for three months. Talk about the process of acquaintance and then exchanges, the content of the program is filled with happiness, at first Biet often to Jiminy home as guests, when Biet because of the love of the day to put forward contact requirements, Jiminy also thought that is just a joke, in recognition of each other's hearts, they only formal contacts.

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Now that they have lived together for a long time and decided to enter into marriage, they will participate in the government's joint wedding, and the families of both sides have expressed their blessings.

When the host asked Jiminy what he wanted to say to Biet, he said: "You are my family." We're going to get married in a joint wedding, and I'll take care of you and the baby we're going to be born with. I would do anything for you ... even if you cut your hair as short as any other boy. "Humorous and affectionate confession to the audience and the host are deeply moved." (Recommended reading:"infatuation hormones" let Love be free!) The love soul of transgender people )

Chuan Pu forbids transgender people to join the army, goddess Kaka: "Transgender people have a very courageous and resolute heart, and if they have the will, they should be able to serve the country." 」

U.S. President Trump announced on July 26 that transgender persons cannot join the army in any capacity, and that their presence would "produce considerable medical costs and disruption".

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James Mattis, the US Defense secretary, mattece a 6-month delay in his plan to accept new recruits for transgender people in the days of the government of former President Barack Obama in late June, according to AFP. Of the current 1.3 million active servicemen in the United States, there are estimated to be about 2500 to 7,000 transgender people.

Trump (Donald Trump) said in a push Venne: "After consulting our generals and military experts, we would like to ask you to know that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender persons to serve in the military in any capacity", and said: "Our army must focus on the decisive and overwhelming victory, Cannot be dragged down by the health care spending and confusion that transgender people will inevitably spend in the military. 」

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And this Trump's dispatch, the goddess Kaka, who has paid much attention to gay rights and LGBT Rights, also posted on Twitter her views on President Trump's remarks, "your message trump the lives of all Americans who are brave enough to serve our country abroad." Do you know that 45% of these people you rejected today (aged 18 to 24) attempted suicide? Transgender people in the face of the plight of life always have a courageous and resolute heart, if they have the will, should be able to serve the country, and then receive praise. (Recommended reading:"Be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

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Apart from the goddess Kaka, "reality show queen" Kinkadasha "," female singer "Demi Lovato," Gay name Mouth "Alan Dizeni and other people have also commented on this comment, including the reality show transgender actress Caitlin Jenna for the U.S. Army of transgender people, he thought there are 10,005 Thousands of patriotic, trans-sex Americans fought for us in the army, and should not be so suppressed by the government.