Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Once tight hand later in time scattered, I miss that large hand attached to the temperature of my palms, warm heart also hot eyes, about love, we always learn not to say goodbye.

The boy has a pair of beautiful hands. Suitable for holding chopsticks, suitable for cutting onions, suitable for all kitchen live, boys are like the type of cooking, food is the love of the elephant, the end of the table called affection. Every month there is always a sick, the boy will be broken by her body, like a puddle of mud, her body weak, only the eyes shiny, watching the boy in the kitchen back, feeling vast boundless gentleness.

The boy has a pair of beautiful hands. The fingers are long and the bones are clear, which is suitable for writing a lot of strokes, say her name. She likes to watch him write, his strokes are correct, like the country small exercise book will get high score, and be praised by the teacher of the kind, his words have righteousness also personality, she likes to receive his letter, Shen Dian Dian in the palm, as if write down things more easily come true, so she can believe. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" I have, you spend a whole of my youth )

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The boy has a pair of beautiful hands. Full of fingers, like to touch her now plump silkworm, like a pair of friends is about to Joseph, the boy liked her eye sockets, said she wanted to live in it, and her fingertips, like a kiss, slipped through her body when she blushed, her skin warmed, her body was in the summer, the beautiful hands knew how to make her happy, she giggled, bit his hand, said you this guy.

The boy has a pair of beautiful hands. Hand back and forth the message, the left and right, the finger and his head, his fingers move fast, is FB or line, is private or business, she didn't have to ask, she knew he back to her message fastest, boy beautiful hand how busy, or remember empty out, holding her hand.

The boy has a pair of beautiful hands. Spread out palms and criss, like their love occasionally disorderly set, branches a lot, careless way on the branch, will separate, he wants her to handle the heart closed up, said that it is not our future, she thought, Love has its own destiny, the hands behind her, she will not have to hide. (Recommended reading:"single diary" to become a better person, still walk together )

The boy has a pair of beautiful hands, she used to be very familiar with, and then for a long time did not see; the hands later did not know who touched the soul, do not know who held the hand of the hands of the last to her hands, like to say, you know, there is no proper farewell, we love, I do not owe you, You don't owe me either.

There is no proper farewell, break up means to say, loosen the hand that you clasped, release a knuckle, cut off a relationship, leave a love time. Break up a long silence, they probably do not understand, some people you do not know how to disperse, some love may not have luck to meet the best time, loved one finally became a memory, she closed her eyes, still remember his pair of her good love hand.

And until now, she still did not learn how to say good-bye.

"But who can hold your hand and put it behind
Did you ever think that when we last held hands
Then no more, no more waving. 」