A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The age of single, you are not afraid to wait, you dominate your own "Wait" state, do not urge themselves, do not advance the future, if the future will love, then right now, you are carrying someone else and you have a time, like to be good at waiting for themselves. (same field Gayon: single diary: I am waiting for you, are not lonely )

Un momento, you really like this Spanish, which means wait a minute. Un Momento blurted out, holding his breath, something that seemed to be the brake for ever.

Single people, have their own "wait" status, and so what? such as time passed, such as love to forget, and so forgive themselves, and so put aside, and so the past file, such as the future come, and so love the initiation, such as the universe quiet, and so on their own departure.

Waiting, is not a passive thing, waiting for the person to hold the time, to seconds as chips, obstinately to exchange an unknown, waiting itself is very romantic. When waiting, time and space are still, only you are verbs, can although.

You are a good waiting person, for those who are anxious to clear the past, you cherish the feeling of love, memory is a fine time, you now separate, but in the past in the parallel universe, you leave time to each other. In any case, that amount of time, so you can't afford to litter.

You are a person who likes to wait, for those who are eager to catch up with the future, you slowly forward, time is not equal to seconds, you spoil the time you have, do not allow wanton wave throw now. If the future will love, then right now, how much you like to wait for yourself, to let bullets fly.

Single day, time, did not let you learn to forget, time, let you choose to cherish.

If you have someone else for you to spend a whole youth, if you experience a few weeks a few months of love, if you know that life is no longer than 100 years, time will let you know that you are very rich.