Psychology tells you four signs that you should leave a relationship, learn to listen to yourself, and love may be lost, but that's not the responsibility of who, it's just that you don't love it!

I love you, So much. I just don't like you anymore. I love you, but I don't like you


You know, the love that you love, but love and life are two different things. The daily necessities of firewood have become the dead-end dialogue of the dining table, the friction of life, the gentle appearance of the lover, the feeling of being so pastime that you didn't have the feeling of love, but also the process of love and the reason why he no longer liked him.

It's hard to get tangled up in a relationship, but it's even harder to make a decision to leave a relationship that is not angry.When he broke up with his wife, he had to face the big gaps left by him in time. After he had broken up in his overcrowded suite, the house looked like an endless stretch of the house, where he left the footsteps of the footsteps of his footsteps.

These concerns are fearful that you would rather be tired in a relationship than to face your desire to separate, and if you are still hesitant about the relationship, marriage therapist Linda Carroll · you four signs of a relationship, dear, don't let your habit pull you out of your relationship and get yourself in the relationship.(Recommended reading: Relationship psychology with slow fire: Love is not just luck, it is also an effort to nurture relationships )

Physical abuse in love: He is bold, only because I care too much about me

In close relationships, someone takes the name of love. He says that when he gets out of control, he just cares about you. He says he's got a breach of the door. He says he is hot and hot. He says he's sorry, but he's afraid he'll lose you.

Whether mental abuse, sexual violence, language mockery or even physical violence, these acts of violence in the name of love have given the relationship a balance. The violence resulting from power relations creates a pattern of non-reciprocal relationships, more likely to harm your personal security, and to suppress your mental health.(Recommended reading: Is he a dangerous partner?of intimate relationships and violence )

The psychologist Renor Walker · indicated that there is a pattern of "violent cycles" in the intimate relationship, and that he has divided the pattern into four stages:

  • Stage One: Tension building
    The perpetrator begins to be angry and implements some verbal or physical abuse against the abuser.The victims felt that it was necessary to calm the aggressions, and the atmosphere between the two was strained.
  • Phase Two: Acute violence
    The perpetrator will have physical, sexual or linguistic violations of the abuser, and the victims suffer physical, mental and psychological trauma.
  • Third Phase: Reconciliation and the Reconciliation of Honeymoon
    The perpetrator may apologize for the atrocity and promise not to repeat itself, or even stigmatization of the victim, and may also commit the atrocious violence.
  • Fourth Phase: The pressure on Calm
    will be reduced at this stage, and the perpetrator feels regret and shame.The two sides are calm until the next tightening period arrives.

If you're in an intimate relationship of abuse, you learn to get out of this loop of violence, get yourself out of the loop, take yourself out of this cycle, protect yourself, and you'll find yourself worth a better love.

Hidden personality: deception and jealousy with him growing up

After getting along with a partner, the more profound understanding of his personality, the more the idea that they are not in line with their own values, and the difference in the context of each person's growth, we can try to understand the background of the growth, and affect his understanding of the values of the world.But the very different values have always been the main cause of the relationship, and the marriage therapist Linda Carroll · that when he found out that he was good at deception and jealousy, she said, "Personality is not the same, it's not just a minor problem.""

When you actually get along with your partner, you find that the hidden personality traits are different from your own values, and that's one of the signs that it's worth considering whether to continue with this relationship.

Intimate relationships that need to be improved: love may be lost, it's not the responsibility of who

Perhaps you have a similar obsession, trying all the hard work in a close relationship. He likes you to be gentle. You hide yourself from the ideals of future reform. He looks forward to finding your friends. He looks forward to seeing you at all times, and you will be able to spend time with yourself, and you will miss yourself in a busy day.You're in love, trying all the possibilities of improving relationships, but finding that the last two of them are not like themselves.(Recommended reading: Give love back to the psychological practice of love and passion for too long?)

Sometimes the emotions are like this. It's not who's wrong to get along. It's just that the love you want is different. He was your 22-year-old ideal of love, and you grew up in time. When you were 22 years old, you couldn't satisfy your more mature relationship.

When you die in this love, passion and intimacy are all dead, and this is not the responsibility of who, but we are all better ourselves in love, and we have to pursue them in different places.

The unloved self-perception: love and not love, we know the most in our hearts.

Love is a burning and annihilation of passion, and has been so crazy about each other, but the love of love is gradually fading away, and the rational living conditions may not be able to cement emotions, just like the beginning of love. You love one person because of passion and impulsiveness, and you don't love, or love, just because you don't love it.

Perhaps it's cruel, but it is not love after all, when you clearly feel that you don't love it, and emotions disappear, please face these unambiguous feelings, talk to yourself, love and don't love, it's all about your own affairs, and only you know whether you're dependent on or love in this relationship.

When you no longer love and embrace your emotions, don't negate the true love that you've tried to love, and we will love, and one day will not love it.

When emotions can fade so suddenly, how do you believe in the feelings of the first eye?

Valentine's Day >

Leaving in a relationship, you find yourself different in the days of the launch.A person's day teaches you to be strong, and the blank that he leaves gives you a chance to fill your face, and the sound he leaves may still be echoed in everyday life, but you have grown bones in your loneliness days, supporting your occasional weakness, when you are missing or sad, and you can still walk away from your own future.