wish to be one person, the bald not to be apart, just the past love mode? Listen to the psychologist's advice, before giving up love, 16 questions can find the temperature of love.

Seems to be the case, the bachelor envy Ambiguous people, ambiguous people yearning to repair into the fruition of the old couple, to repair the marriage jealousy of The Bachelor, we walk in love cycle, go to where the heart is always so dissatisfied.

It seems that when we fall in love, we always want to find a stable and spiritual fit, but when a relationship through the heart of the ambiguous period of acceleration, the first three months just want to and each other all day glued together in the love period, quarrel and scold the last hug and good running-in period, gradually into the long, life is filled with daily necessities, years too quiet familiar, You are too used to each other, sometimes you can not help but look at his sleeping face, thinking: "I still love not love this person?" 」

Then, when one day you open the door and see him dead staring at the TV head did not lift, you find him more and more lazy, you find yourself very little heartbeat, you concluded that you are no longer in love. Or so, you feel like you don't feel love anymore. (Recommended reading: true love, does not exist?) )

"Is it a habit, or is it love?" "We ask ourselves, and then the relationship is mixed with doubt and uncertainty day by day." But what if such a "stable relationship" is actually a challenge that has never been mentioned in a couple's relationship?

"When the relationship goes into stability, people often subconsciously think that there is something wrong with the relationship." "Dr. Barbara Markway, of psychology, said in an article published in psychology today. "But what if this relationship doesn't have any problems?" "barbara share their complaints about stable relationships that they often hear:

"Our relationship feels more and more empty."

"When I look at her, I never feel a spark."

"We don't hate each other, but our relationship is like a ball of gas, there's nothing to look forward to." 」

Is this a very familiar statement? The end of too many love stories is that we think "we no longer love each other." "barbara Markway proposed in the face of the current situation difficult to solve, let oneself look back, and the other half together back to the beginning of the moment, to find the love story of the starting point. (Recommended to you: There are two stories behind each divorced person )

Maybe you don't love him no more, you just forget how to love him in time.

Return to love the first scene! Find the "You" version of the Love Story

The film stills of 500 Days in love with summer

How did love begin at that time? Might be the real advice you gave him to pursue his strategy, he laughed at you a few times love heart broken, you like not to hit a pair of comrades, in love on the way each fall, and then one day came together; maybe at first sight, you met at a café on the corner and didn't want to miss this rare period. Maybe you never thought that you would fall in love with this person, you are outside of each other's world, there are different circle of friends, the personality is quite different, but like a pair of flame. (same field Gayon: true love, how about a detour?) )

Similarity and complementarity are not important, it is important that you were so in love. Every love story is thrilling, every love story is also prosaic, love story too much, but belong to you two, only that one.

Barbara Markway shared her husband, Greg, and psychologist, but also, like ordinary couples and couples, had difficulties in the 25 marriage. After countless quarrels, they found that by remembering the love stories of the past, they were able to rediscover the cornerstone of their relationship and to have a sense of intimacy. Looking back on the love story, there are three other psychological benefits.

1. Melt the frozen walls between you

Remove from the layers of wall, and love has a gap in it. By counting the past love trajectory, each bit of the time and years to tear down the barrier inadvertently.

2. Find the clues of love

That's how you started this relationship, which is especially different from what you like. Follow the path of the past, pull the clues, remember the "special" place, increase the thickness of your love.

3. Memories bring more power to the relationship

We all easily forget that we had to spend too little effort on love. By looking back, you can continue to deepen your faith in this relationship and guide you in a more specific direction.

Each couple spends time on each other, building links, and making love so natural. We often think that love is a miracle, but in fact, it is you who create miracles. (Recommended reading: are you the one who wants each other?) 10 honest questions to ask before entering marriage

16 questions, walking on the road of Love

Enjoy a stable relationship, just like a single lovelorn, but also a learning. Barbara Markway Share These 16 questions, let us on the road of love can take them along, two people together to talk about the original intention, exchange thoughts, love again.

  1. How did you meet each other?
  2. What was the first place he/she attracted you?
  3. Where did you go on your first date? What have you done?
  4. When did you find out that the relationship began to be different in your mind?
  5. Why do you think this relationship is so special?
  6. What do your friends think of this relationship?
  7. How does your family feel about this relationship?
  8. What have you been through in order to be together?
  9. If you're married, what makes you decide to work with this person for life?
  10. What do you like most about your communication mode?
  11. What do you like to do together?
  12. How do you make your partner understand
  13. How do you take care of each other?
  14. What do you think is particularly good about your relationship?
  15. Has this relationship ever let you out of some emotional pain in the past?
  16. When was the last time you felt two people communicating with your heart? What are you doing? What happened?

In a word, love is a whisper in everyday life, you ask me, and I ask you a question, and we leave each other to sit down and talk about the days of the day and talk about the things that don't matter, about life.

In this era, the speed of change is too fast, when others are anxious to tell you "next will be better", we would like to remind you "love him/her once" is also a good way. We do not love each other love enough, anxious to break up, we have to practice love is not bland, like a small fire slow boil, stew the intriguing love taste. (same field Gayon: father to son's marriage motto: Marriage, not just for you alone )

Willing to be one person, the bald not to leave, in such turbulent years, let us all practice good love a person.