"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Chen granule and Sansing, love time is fierce, do not love also walk free and easy, if love is to let the people's disease a storm, I would like to accompany you to a enjoys.

You take me to the universe, fast and slow
You take me to see the world flickering
Your memories begin to sink
Your eyes are clear again
You into my

--"Zhu Xing" Chen tablets

You are soft to the world, but in the love love has a clear barrier, he is a man you tried to love, can go when, each other is so free and easy; you often say that love is love, how to divide the two-sucking soul with sex, that deviate from the social framework to love the trajectory, huge as the vast universe, such as the explosion gorgeous You say that the world is cloudy and he will salvage you from the worldly let you adhere to the value of their own belief, there is his side, dare to go to the distance, you have for love free and easy Shama, this is a pain to let him enter the love, at least when parting, you can take a part of him, experience life.

There is a woman in love with you generally fearless without fear, love to love to spare no regrets, love exhausted. Her song like Love is difficult to define, the fresh ballad has the reactionary to the life, the Love in her song romantic distant, but also is vigorous and violent. Chen is a folk singer, independent singing, the song is a woman arrogant, in the heart of love insolent firmness. She loves to love freely, understand to tell the world, I have a girlfriend is called Sansing, with the family out of the ark, save everyone suspicion on the same, she love also fierce, love, she is her world.

I only have Sansing in my eyes now. She opens me up and it's bright, she's low, I'm dim, she's me, I'm not me.

Chen granule

People say that Chen sang "Zhu Xing", is a little yellow song, write with the same sex lover's lingering lust, Chen tablets in the performance scene to talk about this, heroic big hand a wave, said I wrote this is a solid love, you do not want to love to go awry.

There is always such a person in life, love when he is like a great storm passing your life, into your heart, subversion of you, the original love can let you give yourself without reservation, you fall in love, so not afraid to go all the way askew, out of the world footprint, in each other's lives trample only belong to each other's secret realm, This is a love of rain and wind, But I would like to accompany you to a enjoys.

Later, this storm of you love stagger, this just understand love wild come, overwhelming, go when also suddenly, leaving a lonely and love of the Montreal ruins.

Chen granule and Sansing's love affair, maintained for less than a year. They broke up. Sansing to study abroad, Chen Grain has another person to share life with her. Chen Grain deleted all the traces of love with Sansing, this love, Love is full, love when fierce, do not love also free and easy, once had the sincerity of the present is enough. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Huaihui and Changhui: Love you, life will have a way home)

Love in the past, thinking that Chen will not sing this song "Zhu Xing", she loved the warm certainty, when the time is also thoroughly thorough. After a year, Chen sang the "Wish Star", she tried to hold back trembling, singing the complete song. About those who love the ruins, occasionally turned back, still provoked your eye socket perm. (Recommended reading:"Relational Diary" Shagao-style love, let oneself happiness is the only moral )

Think of that year, Chen grain confused and poor, wish star accompany around, everywhere rushing not shout a tired, for her music to do cover design, willing to be a PPT younger sister, in Chen Sing, with eyeful gentle for her to put a scene PPT. After the breakup, I wish the star bought the ticket, flying tens of thousands of kilometers from the United Kingdom, to that Chen grain in the stage, across the sea, silently listening to her singing the past love songs, faint looking at her on the Stage hair light:

"You stand on the platform of attention, I see you in the crowd, only I know, although you are dressed, but still wearing bear socks." 」

May you have such a person in your life, love with the Sansing general, willing to accompany you to go crazy waves, go to that unknown distance, even if there is a day, you will always throw him to the sea of humanity, far from the other; May you have such a love in your life, like Chen granule, when you are the only one in love, your name is kept in your own life, Sing it with a lifetime.

If he is in your life love Too good a love, once in a lifetime enough.

I refuse a better, more round moon
Reject the madness of the Unknown
Rejecting the publicity of the sensual
Not to reject you.

I became a desolate sight
Become indifferent to the appearance
into transparent walls.
I can't be you.

--The Magic Song of Ability