"Gender Watch" leads you to see traces of gender mobility in the daily life, from the first sex-mobile family in the UK, to the Gender division, and to the gender process, rather than the social framework.

July, Canada, the first sex-free baby Searyl Atli received no sign of other health insurance card, growth is groping, identity road is very long, gender identity should not be lazy; in August, the first sex-mobile family in Britain was heavily reported by the media, who were Louise, Nikki and Star.

Louise is a man, and is playing hormones to become a woman, Nikki also have male and female identity, also is the pan sex (pansexual), they decided to let four-year-old child, choose their own gender identity, he can be a boy, can be a girl, most importantly, by his own choice.

Gender mobility, noun refers to the implications appear awkward thin, family and individuals are thousands of possibilities, like the three of them a home is trying this-listen to the voice of the heart, who am I? Who do I want to be? The sex flow is to move closer to the free road so that I can live more like myself. (Recommended reading:"Sex watch" asexual confession, my love does not need sex )

Family Practice of gender mobility: you have the ability to be who you want to be

Nikki and Louise married in 2012, the first family to practice the meaning of gender mobility in the UK, and in biology, Louise is "Dad",nikki is a mother "and at home, their identities are reversed.

"My gender identity with Nikki is different from the gender identity we were raised in, growing up with a gender identity setback, so we wanted to give the child a freer childhood," Louise shrugs. 」

They named the child Star, the stars, the ability to become their own light, they have never called him in the name of "Boy", they do not buy sex-limited toys, they want to give the child self-confidence, so the soft voice told him: "You have the ability to be all you want to be the person, gender is also." 」

Star likes to rub nail polish, like to play with dolls, like to play four-wheel drive, he wears boys school uniforms, boys underwear, choose pink socks and vest embellishment, Pink is one of his favorite colors. Star growth process, one side aware of gender existence, one side tease sex. (Recommended reading: The sex flow of Rio Olympic Games!) Cross-sex supermodel Lea t:"more important than sex is that you have to know who you are on the pitch.

Nikki and Louise that as parents but for a few years, they choose to let go of their hands, so that the child to the place he wants to go, to become the person he wants. Others looked good to see, a family out, passers-by cast a strange gaze, someone shouted at them, "Strange, if I were you, I would have to die." "Escape out of the rough classification of two points, the sex flow step on the social unrest, practice is really not easy, their family has insisted, of course, there is pain."

"star once came home from school told me, students told him that he should not play dolls, it is a girl's game. He asked me, why is there a game of boys in this world with girls? 」

Nikki and Louise families are not afraid, they spend a lot of time discussing the concept of gender: What is gender, how do we think about gender? Star makes them wonder again and again, "a boy said, I look like a girl, I reply to him like this, yes, I think I am more like the DC comic water man." 」

After having children, their family is reborn, imagining a world in which the gender order is redistributed, and how many children have been strangled to a lively and imaginative gender imagination?

Welcome to the world of gender mobility

The first moment of your birth, the explicit sexual organ lets you be labeled as a good sex label, this is a baby boy, this is a baby girl, triage, the value of the boy, the girl's value, the boy's Road, the girl's way, the boy's education, the girl's education, the boy's life, the girl's life.

It's funny why we never doubted the rough sex split. The concept of gender mobility, which advocates the "natural" hypothesis of taking away sex, sex, sexual orientation (sex-gender-sexuality), ceases to use the observed physical features (especially the explicit sexual organs) to infer how we should make the corresponding gender action, and how to love and desire.

In the book Sex Trouble, Butler mentions the compulsory heterosexual matrix (hegemonic heterosexual), stating that we often see sex and sexuality as directly related to the physical/biological nature. Therefore, the expected physiological male to show the behavior of male temperament (masculinty), and there are sexual tendencies of women, two points of physical sex and bisexual gender, both serve the heterosexual matrix, strengthen " Heterosexual normalization "(heteronormativity) of the foundation, so that the love relationship between heterosexual, has become an anomaly and special case.

Remove sex two yuan glasses, butler further proposed sex performativity sex (performativity), sex through performativity existence, performativity is the process of reciprocating and learning, women are becoming women, men are the same, rather than people mouth "natural nature".

Both biological gender and gender are a performativity with no original true only facsimile.

Judith Butler

The concept of gender mobility is to give us the opportunity to reflect on the two-dollar gender limit and ask ourselves, are we accustomed to the gender norms on which we live, really "natural"? As individuals, how can we get to know ourselves again and what new practice can we have?

Nikki and Louise's sex mobile family is walking on the road, like that photograph, Louise Star on his shoulders, looking at the distant future, as if to say, welcome to the world of gender mobility, welcome to the world of imagination, welcome to become your own world.