To the posture anxiety of you, all kinds of body posture, do a good want to love girls, your flaws and imperfections, have made you unique beauty.

When you see yourself in the mirror, no more flurried, and can grin and clap your belly: "The woman with belly is really sexy." 」

You also forget when to start touching the definition of "beauty", colorful on the runway, all kinds of clothing store, a huge billboard on the delicate carcass, they have a concave-convex slender body, slender waist legs, and faint muscle lines, you are blocked in the tower of the city billboard, feeling suffocated. They have no flesh bubble arm, no you do not like the stout calf, without you how to inhale also uneven abdomen, no edgy hair, no smile asymmetrical lips ...

You cannot find yourself in these social definitions, and you begin to doubt that you are in the opposite direction of beauty, independent of the world, and that "imperfect" is the definition of what the world gives you.

You start to hate your body, even hate to see the mirror of their own, try unhealthy diet to lose weight, and began to work hard to live as others, other people's Day looks bright, thin down, in line with the social definition of beauty, your life will be a little different, you think so.

Learning to live with your body is a lifelong task for all of us, no life to perfect, because of your unique, you are beautiful unique, because you are out of tune, you just live a candle, grow their own style, define their own life, share the following three women's life experience, they learn from frustration to accept their own, Those imperfect, let them regain their own self-confidence.

Stop calling me "big size", model Ashley graham:"focus on my mind, not my body.

When describing a woman, focus on what she is trying to do in this world, not her body size.

Ashley Graham

Learning to accept your stature is the first step to living with your body, Ashley Graham, who was classed as a big-size model in the fashion world, spoke of his stature, saying: "It would be great if I could no longer be labeled" Big Size "in an audition or a job. And I expect you to describe a woman instead of focusing only on her body, but on what she has done in the world. 」

About appreciating himself, Ashley Graham also spent a long time building up his body's self-confidence, she once said, now even if she had just washed the shower, hair a mess, face no rouge, naked buttocks lying in bed, still feel such a very sexy.

It's still not easy to look at yourself and maybe not in the perfect place, she said: "It took me a long time to begin to accept my appearance in the mirror, and to say to myself" I love you "from the bottom of my heart, although I sometimes just get up and look at myself in the mirror and still sprout" my goodness! " I'm so fat! "Or" I hate the fat here! "The sort of idea that this is a long process. "(Recommended reading: Big size models and black female models proof: New York Fashion Week, you should not only focus on beauty and fashion )

Body image will affect how we look at ourselves, there is a phenomenon of "stigmatization" of obesity in Boaster society. Obese or overweight people are often labeled "lazy" and "ugly" labels, which can also make the obese person's self-esteem low, affecting interpersonal relationships. This decline in self-identity due to obesity may even have an impact on it from an early age. The New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry (University of Medicine and Dentistry) has done research on 1,520 9-10-year-old children. The finding of obese Hispanic and white girls showed a significant decline in self-identity compared with girls of the same color, with more sadness, loneliness and nervousness.

We may have been in the face of our own body like a panic day, accept that we are a long journey, but we can appreciate their own imperfect start, step by step to understand: it turns out, this is my dear body.

Know about my anorexia! Lily Collins: "Don't be ashamed, embrace your experience bravely." 」

There's nothing to be ashamed of. Like you, I was an anorexic girl during puberty.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins, who starred in the latest film "to the Bones", describes the life of a teenage girl with anorexia, then confessed to the society that her adolescence was associated with anorexia, and she also wanted to share her experiences with her, Teenage girls who are anxious about their physical appearance during adolescence. (Recommended reading: The Curse of fat and thin: My dreams come true slim, why do I hate myself )

"This is the first time I've ever been honest with you about this disease. This is important because I know that there are a lot of girls who are going through this disease and I want them to know that there is nothing to be ashamed of. The movie I'm starring in is to talk to society--to be brave enough to embrace what you've been through, knowing that nothing in the world can easily define "who you are". What you have is the selfless support and companionship of people around you, who make you brave enough to walk through this process. 」

Lily Collins also in his Instagram account to express the social confession of his experience of anorexia: "This is a memorable moment." I have learned to embrace my past and to speak to you bravely about this past without any shame or regret. 」

We've all had puberty anxiety, longing for our bodies to grow into more perfect patterns, anxious to conform to the definition of society, but forget to explore the beauty of their own unique, in the long life with the body, we have been dieting to hate ourselves or so sick, it does not matter, those experiences make you feel frustrated, It's a process that makes us more aware of ourselves.

I'm so beautiful with wrinkles! Supermodel Lauren · Hutton: No matter how old you are, you must live your beauty.

Go to him! I am no longer bound by the eyes of others, and always dare to grin, as long as I am willing!

Lauren · Hutton

Supermodel Lauren · Hutton, at the age of 61, took a nude magazine cover on his bare body, and she was extremely exposed to her wrinkles, age spots, loose skin, and glance in photos without excessive images, Hutton says the photos are a desire to arouse older women's sense of identity with their bodies, and to try to put aside social discrimination.

The earliest psychiatrist, Robert Butler, gave a formal definition of age discrimination: "Age discrimination can be seen as a process of systematic stereotyping and discriminatory behaviour against older persons." "Age discrimination in society will also arouse and enhance people's fear of the ageing process."

Looking at their age traces and gradually aging body, Hutton decided to embrace fear in a positive manner, perhaps the body will be old, but your mind will be more and more beautiful: "Don't be ashamed of your body, always remember that you are beautiful, no matter how old." 」

Hutton's 52 supermodel career began with a chance, and she was 21 years old by chance to start modeling in the Playboy magazine phase.

Although her face is stunning in the fashion world, no one is completely flawed. In the years that Hutton started, there were few pictures of a grin--because she had a natural tooth in the middle of her front teeth, an agent who wanted to take pictures, and someone asked her to close her lips if she had to.

At first, Hutton Obediently accepted the arrangement, but the filler is often accidentally swallowed, laughed, or dislocation, these embarrassing circumstances let her realize that the camera before the Hutton is not really himself, she is not really happy, so one day, she said to herself: "Go to his!" I am no longer subject to the eyes of others, and always have to grin, as long as I am willing to! "Generous dew and love their own flaws, the courage to do their own style, so that the teeth into her distinctive personal characteristics."

She does not dump the age discrimination society to the elderly framework, all the way to do their own, whether it is born with teeth or loose skin, wrinkles, the elderly class, these belong to her part of her always deep embrace. (Recommended reading:3,000 years of beauty standard only to prove one thing: this time for women to make the decision )

Generous embrace their own flaws, this is your body shape, it may not be the most beautiful, but is unique only belong to your characteristics, beauty can have many forms, learn to use another angle to know oneself, put aside the society to you. Beauty of the value ", dialogue with his own body, on this road of coexistence, to look at your body again, to accept the little flaws that are a little bit lovely, this is a part of you, this is your dear, lovely, unique body, the way you look at your body in your own ways, what is the relationship between the thick thighs, It makes you look healthy and strong, what's the relationship between the rounded point of the butt, it makes your back look incomparably sexy; What is the relationship between a tall and low eyebrows, as long as the heart of the happy laughter, wrinkled face, is that you give "beauty" definition.