What are the characteristics of a person defined as a beauty? In the ever-changing aesthetic experience, beauty is no longer determined by mainstream values, but by every one of us.

How long is the history of beauty? What kind of woman is called beauty? What is the meaning of beauty? Have you ever thought about these issues?

"Do you like roses or lilies?" I was embarrassed. Because likes the rose to be sorry Lily, likes the lily to be sorry the rose. They are in their own way to complete their own, why do I have to arrange the position? People often put a lot of the purpose of the world, utilitarian logic in nature, always to arrange the position ... life in a different way to complete their own. Chiang Hsun, "Beauty, invisible Competitiveness"

Life is in a different way to complete their own, your brilliant is the spring breeze and hee, but his life is magnificent winter thaw snow, beauty, really can judge? Human norms of the United States has been 3,000 years of history, during this period, what exactly do we do to "beauty"? A few days ago, foreign web site Buzz Feed launched a history of beauty rheology film, look at the beauties since 3000, they are about to prove a fact-the sum of the Times, all women, are beautiful. (Recommended reading: The atlas of Beauty Photography in 37 countries: beauty should not have only one appearance )

Ancient Egypt (1292-1069 BC)

Women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed a lot of freedom, and their society was open to sexual attitudes and able to accept premarital sex. And at that time women are enough independent possession of their own property, the Ancient Egyptian society will not be "divorced women" labeling, think of the "divorce" negative evaluation of the modern times in the mind may have regressed. Most important of all, women of that age also have considerable inheritance rights, and even female pharaohs! (same field Gayon: more free after divorce, Miranda's 11 beautiful Secrets )

Look at the image of the ancient Egyptians on the beauty of women, a long hair is very important, braids must be symmetrical way to weave, the other is a slender black eyeliner, and they think that women should have a slender waist and narrow shoulders.

Ancient Greece (500-300 BC)

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle called the Woman "the Man of the variant". Yes, Ancient Greek society was rather male-centered, and compared to women, they valued men's stature and physique. The man was as noble as God, women are considered to be born to serve men, therefore, the ancient Greek evaluation of women's beauty is only whether they have a full body, focus on women's bulging and flexible breasts, rounded hips, because for them, women are only the tools to bear children. (Extended reading: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having children!") ")

Chinese Han Nationality (A.D. 206-A.D. 220)

Since ancient times, Chinese society has been patriarchal, women's social role and power have been suppressed to the bottom. They think beauty should be "exquisite", slender stature, pale skin, have black long hair, Lighong, all is the standard of beauty. Another is "wrapped foot", women have a pair of little feet, to trample the graceful pace. Foot-binding is the main purpose to make the foot of the front and heel as far as possible together, forming a bow, in line with the "thin, small, sharp, curved, fragrant, soft, positive" these seven tips. In traditional Han society, foot-binding is the standard to evaluate women. Little feet indicate whether the family has enough economic power to allow women to be free from labor, and also to highlight the upbringing and culture of the family.

Little Feet by the ancients as a "noble" symbol, with little feet of "good life" nature can marry a good family, so around the patriarchal center of thought, Chinese women tirelessly trampled this bloody Millennium Road. (Recommended reading: foot-binding, wrapped up in the Ming and Qing men's feelings and desires )

Italian Renaissance (1400-1700)

The Renaissance Italy was in a very rigorous Catholic system, and women were trying to separate themselves from men in order to embody the teachings, whether in public or in a family setting. However, the value of a woman is given by a man, her God, her father, her husband. Women's behavior and external also affect the husband's social status. For them, "beauty" is a huge body, full hips and large breasts, high head, pale complexion, rose gold hair color. (Recommended reading: beauty of "size" more than one )

Victorian England (1837-1901)

Victorian age was the time when Queen Victoria ruled England, she was the most influential woman in the whole of Britain, so the whole of Britain, like Queen Victoria, they sought to become young wives, young mothers, as if every woman was to become the "ideal wife" as the goal. The literary works also portray the feminine image as "the Angel in the Home" and dedicate the family for life. Incidentally, the society at that time only allowed women to have physical intimate contact with a man and her husband. However, it is acceptable for men to have multiple partners. Women tend to stay with husbands who have had contact with others because they cannot get divorced. If a woman has contact with another man, she will be considered a "degenerate" woman.

In style to "beam waist" famous, corsets will be women's figure waist line outline to the most slender, women commonly used to hide the splint chest to control their own body, the natural appearance of the muscles are very disgusted. They like the rounded necks, the plump arms, the very low neckline that highlight the towering teats, the exaggerated hips propped up with braces, and the fake legs that make the calf look fuller. But this kind of clothing habit also forced the era of female uterine sagging, gastrointestinal discomfort. (same field Gayon: put on the body clothes to once and for all?) Two great myths about body-shaping clothes

"The Angel of the House" in the Victorian age, do you agree? The British writer Virginia Woolf (Virginia Woolf), hailed as the pioneer of modernism and feminism in the 20th century, disagrees! With her writing and the end of her life, she breaks the shackles of the typical family of angels, and writes, "Everyone should have a room that is entirely theirs, where they are free to contemplative, meditate and create." "At that time the British Empire, women's freedom, how extravagant."

America's 20-year old biography (1920s)

In the 1920, American women were given the right to vote, women were deprived of the right to work during World War I, and they began to make demands after the war. These prohibitions have led to the vigorous development of the underground movement, which has greatly changed the life form, and the advent of radio and film has contributed to the spread of power and to the opening of public opinion. Then there was another departure for thought, and feminism, hedonism and homosexuality were slowly accepted. Women's social identity followed the "gender concept" began to have a little growth of the age and Ascension. (same field Gayon:101 years ago today!) The beginning of Asian women's right to higher education

This is a time of great banner, they fight for their rights and abolish sex discrimination, not willing to just be a housewife, eager to become independent new women. Women begin to abandon the lady's traditional view, throw away the tights that enlarge the visual focus of the chest, find liberation in straight-loose costumes, wear a boyish suit, have a playful haircut, or wear sleeveless clothes and a skirt just to the knees, trying to express the true self. "Neuter", began to become popular from this age. (Recommended reading: Neutrality: The Beauty beyond sex )

"Flapper" was another way of showing women at the time, Flapper: The trend of women in the 1920 's, but also a cultural symbol. These young middle-class women no longer wear bundles of the body's corset, the loose cut and lowered waist line become their dress mark. They smoke, drink, drive, heavy make-up, often go out at night to dance to the early morning, open to sex, from all aspects of the traditional system to challenge society.

The Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s-1950s)

In the 30 's to the 50 's, Hollywood films were prevalent, and the censorship rules were rigorous in that they were in line with what they considered "supposed to be released", and the film censorship rules regulate the freedom of narration and the expression of film. Only in the rules of the film can be known to the public, so that era of Hollywood movies are very popular, and we now claim that "Non-mainstream film", have been into the "exploitation of the film" Limbo. At that time the film norms established the obvious moral and aesthetic standards, also created People's "ideal beauty" of the imagination, such as starring "Gentleman Love Beauty", "seven-year Itch" Marilyn Monroe Red all over the 20th century world, waist-fiber voluptuous blonde impression is deeply engraved on the aesthetic standards. (same field Gayon: Mistress History: "Nudity makes me more comfortable", Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy never said the story )

Swinging 60-year (1960s)

In the 60 's we can see more women liberated from affirmative action, both in the workplace and in women's rights. This era is known as the "Swinging Sixties", in the "Swing of the 60 's" the most important design of the times, is the liberation of women's legs of the mini skirt. At that time, young girls no longer rely on exquisite elegant face or graceful posture, no longer with a gentleman's arm, in the high-level social occasions, these women but more want to wear fashion skirt, into the bosom of rock singers!

The most famous modern representative was the supermodel--twiggy. Wearing a miniskirt and a-word skirt She also wore the fashion of the times, such as Twiggy such a slim generation, overturned the big chest theory, set up the modern model standards, slender, elongated, flat aesthetic characteristics began to become popular. (Recommended reading: who has made a woman thinner?) )

Super Model ERA (1980s)

In the 80 's the popular bodybuilding gymnastics created the female ideal stature. To supermodel Cindy Crawford as fan, tall, slim, but still bodybuilding plump posture for the trend, but it is clear that "thin" has become a total of all people's perception of beauty, modelling era rise, " Beauty "Another step of the threshold, and in the latter part of the people on the thin figure more overkill, began to pursue the ultimate of thin," anorexia "the word began to invade human civilization. (Recommended reading: Stop putting fat girls and skinny girls on Libra: Stop using the body to reset the meaning of a person )

The fashion of the Heroin pie (1990s)

Heroin Chic (heroin fashion) originated from supermodel Kate Moss (Kate Moss), her first appearance in 1990, Skinny, with black eyes and a pale face called a drug-smoking look. The fashion image was so popular that Kate Moss even filmed fake drug-taking, even when U.S. President Clinton attacked its unhealthy image as a way to stop the boom. Decadent bone feeling in the mainstream, and then set off a wave of thin climax. (Same field Gayon : real size model )

Modern Beauty (2000s so far)

2000 years later, the beauty is given more responsibility, they want to thin, to health, to have big breasts and big buttocks, but also have flat belly, women, how difficult ah.

To achieve all this is not difficult, the development of plastic surgery has made many women's desire for beauty, but also increasingly unified the "United States." We live this very moment, many are considered as "non-mainstream" strength is gradually strong, the runway features models, Lady Gaga break the fashion rules of the ultra-Avantgarde wear, drama actress Kong Jiaojin set off a wave of big face beauty, more women no longer choose to do "standard beauty." Not so perfect we, not small, most of us, not all with so little defect, still complete to love themselves, the pain of life. (Recommended reading: When a woman is happy, don't let gender stereotypes negate your beauty!) )

From now on, our times

From today onwards, looking at this article you, and we, want to create a "whole beauty era."

Heavy is a beautiful woman, small nose small eyes is also beautiful; we agree that make-up is just like agreeing to a general beauty; we can lean to the health can also be meat evenly, we support you to do any ideal of yourself. This argument is based on, from ancient Egypt to the contemporary, The are loved, each era, there are different beauties, but this era, we decide, we do not want to determine the beauty should have a few inches waist, a few kilograms, a few cups. Digital norms of beauty standards will always fall with the times, we want to do immortal beauty, do not be digital shackles of beauty. (Extended reading:beingproud to be a Woman, my body I am the boss )

As Chiang Hsun says, life is done in a different way. the so-called beauty, is that you allow yourself to be in the most comfortable position, give oneself the most comfort state. This beauty, beyond the appearance can give a person a lifetime of value, this beauty, is to observe their own body subtle changes began, from falling in love with their own smile opened the imperfect teeth began, from the unbridled travel do not count more to eat a meal fat how much began to read their own body began.

We are ready to go into the next era, what about you?

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