After 18 years of friendship, what is the appearance? They seek each other, I have a low ebb, but it does not matter, because their hearts tightly together, there is a kind of friendship is Xu Shanning and Rainie.

Xu Yu ning x Rainie: When Love is greater than fear, one will be brave.

Xu Yu: Through the crash madness, I just want to have the present

Xu Yu Ning very naughty, TV movies, she is always introverted shen, reality more often, she is in the interview scene relaxed funny people. Such a girl, why the past makes people feel a sense of distance? Xu Yu ning character slender sensitive, her primary school has suffered from students crowding out, into the showbiz many attention her gossip more than she is who, in this most people do not care about her strength state, she in a drama more know oneself, also open atrium.

Now we can take it for granted that Xu Yu Ning is one of the most outstanding actors, she dared to endure hardship, now the front of the actress can be like Xu Shanning to use their dirty smelly with black, may not have a few. She used to abandon her consciousness to act. Yi June this role, perhaps most also have Xu Yu Ning's color, I ask Xu Shanning to Yi June the biggest common sense is what? (Recommended reading: Down-to-earth living!) Xu Yu Ning: Does not strengthen oneself, the opportunity comes when self-willed also did not use

She said: "I think in Yi-June, learn to cherish the present." In the play everything changes too fast, in fact, life is also, always constantly in the change, cherish is the most important, faith is also. When you believe that one thing, you will not hesitate, Yi June's belief is love, I think this whole play is about love.

"When you make sure that love is your belief, you should be desperate and believe what you want." --Xu Yu Ning

She said the drama of Yi June experienced the story of the heart sank: Yi-June's turn is, you do not want, and then you decided to, you want, and finally from your hand away. It is impossible to be mad when your familiar world collapses in front of you one by one. One of the plays is Yi June to accompany Finn to the mountains to find her daughter, in fact, she is malicious. 」

"I (Yi-June) is going to find a little girl in red, I want to go back to that unreal world, that Unreal world, have I want life, would rather have a false, at least I am happy." Yi-June is thinking, "Even if my world collapses, it doesn't matter, I have the world to go." "I think she is close to suicidal mentality and will have this crazy behavior," she said. It was only after something happened that she felt she had to wake up and have to live for her children. "(Recommended reading: Xu Shanning Talk about the role of Ghost film: Force themselves to face the most fear of the matter, but also full of strength )

I wonder what she thinks of her beliefs? "I am a man of strong faith, and now I know what I want," Xu Shanning said. Cherish the present is a few years I discovered slowly, before I feel very cherish, often we chat with friends while using mobile phones, not focus on the present. Like us, is to focus on each other. Rainie giggle to fill a sentence: "Still have to eat." 」

There is a sentence very appropriate to cut the state of Xu Yu Ning These years: "Start to see Mountains are mountains, the middle of the mountain is not a mountain, the last to see mountains or mountains." She said: "Before you think it is a mountain, then why do you think it is not a mountain?" Because you're thinking about something else, you don't have it in your eyes. This is what I learned in Yi-June: Cherish the present, have the present. 」

If I see you then I just want to hold you

I asked two to imagine if there was a chance to say a word about the character in the play and say what? Xu Yu Ning ha a good long good deep gas, what is she thinking? I'm sure you want to cry. "If it is me, see Shen Yijun words, should be good hug her." 」

"There is nothing to comfort her, she is a person alone strong enough to walk through all this, a hug than words, because she ... Right. "A big enough to make people dumb, lose their voice, it's hard to get straight to the ball, maybe you should go to the theatre, and in the past, Taiwan's ghost genre film in the pattern, after the experimental stage, the director and actors more in-depth attempt to shoot a flesh and blood, will hurt the ghost film

Rainie said: "Finn's obsession is her child, I would think she made a very good decision, though she had a special reason for getting the baby (I was not allowed to speak) but I felt that she did not do anything wrong every step of the way, if I saw her, I would say to her ...

Her mood interrupted, Pat Xu Yu ning: "You will want to cry, I just a episode, I thought I would be old God in." "Two girls like the discovery of childhood time capsule, for this" will want to cry, "the common sense is very familiar with, but can not say what they wrote in the end of the words of emotion, specifically belong to the loss of that role. Characters have been inseparable from them, like ghosts, planted in their lives, mention the role of the name of the time, there is sad tension, in the heart of a dull ache.

Rainie not like such a sad atmosphere, she decided to reverse the situation, said she would speak to Li Shufen: "You do, good job! 」

"I'll tell her that you grew up, and through this process, you finally know what is right to love a person." At the beginning of the play, she used her way to love a person, after all, she will know how to love her loved one. --Rainie

You're my groundhog, I'm your Sea

In this play, the mothers are very strong, but also each other's redemption. They are old friends, I ask two people to describe each other's friendship. Xu Shanning wholeheartedly only remember the first appearance of Rainie. "I had a hunch that it was a groundhog, and she was very good at being a native mouse. "Xu Yu ning the mouse has wonderful pronunciation, similar to Shu long tone, is only in front of a friend to speak, a little stupid, very intimate." (Recommended reading: Rainie, Xu Yu-ning Sisters Talk: Life can not be missing six kinds of girlfriends )

Rainie said: "I just think of water, ah, the sea, I feel very comfortable." "Xu Shanning said:" Water can be loaded into a variety of containers, today we can squeeze in a very small cup still do not feel squeezed, we can become the sea, at their respective ends, will always communicate together. 」

Their friendship to maintain the way is very simple, do not often meet, but a meeting is to continue to continue to stand, like the feast. Know each other recently need support, will accompany each other side, do not say too many beautiful words, is to make a one or two: "Anyway we are." 」

Speaking of each other's change, Rainie earnestness, she has a little mother's posture: "I was all the way to see Wei Ning grew up, I think she became very powerful, in the past she may feel very small, you can cry!" "Look to Xu Yu ning, she refrained." "Whether it is her experience, life, her heart is full, because of this, the performance will be good, she grew up in the process of change, so that the performance is very strong." 」

Xu Shanning that Rainie has always been a strong person: "She knows what she wants, she is very decisive." But I think we are the reverse, she becomes soft and sensitive. Rainie as soft and sensitive as a eight-claw octopus. "This is the change that I see in her, and one thing she has to think about and not be so subjective." Before she was very independent, everything to be done by herself, one shoulder to carry a lot of things. In a year or two, you'll find that she needs to be protected, someone ... "(Recommended you see:" Peter Su Special wen "to friendship!) Thank you for seeing all of my pretending to be strong

Rainie nodded: "Tired, carried for too many years." "Xu Yu would rather look into Rainie's eyes, that pair really really hard to see deep, hard to feel the eyes of anger:" She is also very brave in front of our friends, she will begin to release some of the voices in the heart: "You can also come to comfort me, give me a show show. Can be loosened, can be released, can be relied upon. 」

18 years, a lot of things, the only unchanged, they have been moving forward.

I'm not worried about you, you're going to be fine.

than girlfriends, sisters, in fact, they are most like to make each other's childhood, a long time no see, see you still as usual, funny sometimes, playing mouth skin Sometimes, rogue sometimes, love to them also said, is far more concerned about sharing, their own to the end of the Earth, how will not be lost.

To give each other a blessing, Rainie said: "Wei Ning, don't worry, I used to worry about her, I will be very positive about her various." I will not worry about you, you go to your own beliefs, there will be no mistake, I hope you find your happiness. Xu Yu ning eyes to look at her, smiled, nodded.

Xu Yu Ning said sweet greasy words, and a little embarrassed: "We usually go out occasionally will talk about, but I think, the same, said before, you do not think you are a person, we are in your side." When you have hesitation, uneasiness, we all open our hands, as to Yi June hug, I will hug you. 」

18, what kind of years is this? Because of the half-breed face, Xu Yu better to work hard to make up for failure. Because of the cute leader's seal number, rainie with more stubborn temper and deep acting and song art. They all have to admit defeat, demanding their own character. Their commitment to the heart, to take themselves to a wider place. (Sister reading: There is a kind of friendship called S.H.E: we become better people together )

There is a kind of friendship is, have you without you, I will be very good, because anyway, you are there. The next time we meet, let Xu Yu ning with Rainie, and then appreciate each other's progress, or aftertaste of their own embarrassing deeds of childhood.