2017 Tanabata, women fans start writing for your cloud love letter Plan , those you do not know how to say ambiguous words, let me write for you.

W Power of Attorney

I want to send a love letter to H, a girl I like, because in the heart of each other's predecessors, two people can only maintain an ambiguous relationship, with each other happy and sad moment. Every night we use the phone to share each other's day, and then we say goodnight and leave time to spend time with each other.

But she said she does not like the present herself, that she does not deserve to have love, that if they have not put down with me, is not fair to me. In fact, I do not feel that love has a fair problem, I want to tell her is that I am willing to wait, and so she learned to love themselves, we hold hands together. The future may be so far away that we cannot see, but I want to accompany.

I would like to wait for her to calm down some, think of her predecessor no longer pain, and then with her confession.
We are waiting for time, waiting for the time to let the heart out of the empty space into the new people, let us recover from the injury.


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The love letter of the Tanabata cloud

Dear H:

"How are you?" she said. 」
"I'm fine." 」

It's always the beginning of our conversation, it's good to hear you say, and I feel the future is moving a step further towards this moment.

Every night we talk to each other, share a day's life, and then say good night to each other.

You just ended the affair, said that nothing is all right, as if even the tears did not rub, I can go. You hardly talk about him, as if your relationship was a place no one could touch.

You said that if not completely put aside the predecessor, it is unfair to me, but love is not math, everyone is a different unit of measurement, there is no fair or not question.

But I still want to be patient, wait for each other's heart already tidy up, clean, can to the next person seer say "welcome", like a convenience store clerk so youthful.

Will your heart still crumble in the night? If it will, also in I can not see or hear the place, know it is your gentleness, to him is also to me. But if suddenly collapse, please do not lose confidence in the future, I want to tell you, everyone, everything is independent cause, remember not to put the predecessors before apply to now here, I am not him, he is not me, you are no longer yesterday you, don't be afraid.

In fact, I also ended the love with others, also wait, and so they are more strong and softer, you can gently wrap, and then tender confession, to you that love is not the only important subject of life, if we go together, I will not willing to let you put the full mind on the maintenance relationship.

I think I can put you at ease. You are most afraid of taking advantage of people cheap, I understand, you have the ability and economic independence, so I want to let your heart steadfast, do not have to worry about the future. More want to work with you in daily life to create light, let you have margin and energy to develop the passion of life.

The passion for life is the most expensive thing in life, isn't it?

May we all become better people in our relationship, grow and renovate each other, and love each other and new self each day.

So we come day by day, so that every day is like a new dynasty, every time the eyes are first met, every night is the last farewell, to feel the existence of each other is not taken for granted, one day, slowly walk, slowly live.

Someday when I ask you, "How are you?" 」
You'll say to me, "I'm fine, my love is as good as mine." 」

That day I will pick up your hand, we are good, it doesn't matter if we are not together.