2017 Tanabata, women fan launched a new mail for you to send a love letter plan, tell us those things that do not export, let us write a mind for you.

Dear, this year's special topic for the Tanabata, is for you/you and set.

Since 2015, women's fans have written nearly 500 "single Diary" and "relationship diary" units, the protagonist from the literary giants, artists, scientists, poets, singers, to the film protagonist, we write about the love of others, But flash not only happened in the romantic drama or novel text, every kind of ordinary lovelorn is the sky, every single time may be quiet and indifferent, every pursuit is indomitable, cheating leg apology not necessarily popular dog blood.

You have your love, your interpretation, why the narrative to other people share the popular text.

This year, women are obsessed with editors want to write for you.

We want to rearrange all the knots that you can't open in love, all the hearts you can't reach, the confessions you never sent. Tanabata, seven nights, seven love letters please entrust, write to yourself, to love the object, passionate partner, ambiguous object, the old couple, miss, once each other hurt him/her. Seven editors for you/you write down never said the heart of the export, love to but do not dare to confess, let us say for you. Love letters published in women fans, seemingly open, in fact, private, Ming share, stealing said like.

Each cloud love letter is a single piece of independence, but will also become a series of love, perhaps you will find that these romances happen to create your love history, but only you know, you are the only client, you are the only protagonist of the story, we only face the writing object.

Dear, please write down your/Your entrust, let us give you/you send a unique cloud love letter.

Love Letter Form Reference

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Write to the ambiguous he/she:

addressed to entangled's predecessor:

To the one who still loves his predecessor:

To you who lose faith in love:

To those who have repeatedly been wrong:

To accompany you to heal the scars of love he:

To you who love No Tomorrow:

To the love to the tea to dissipate your passion:

To the man who took you to know the world:

He wrote for his ideals:

The way to knock on women's editors

Love letter Entrust time for 8/17-8/27, please log in the post below this article, write down your power of attorney. The contents of the power of attorney must include:

1. You want to send a love letter to the object: Only one person, can be named can also be the name of the appropriate, but please describe the relationship. (within 100 words)
2. Write down your principal reason: you want a woman to be obsessed with editing the reason for you/your writing. (within 200 words)
3. Editors need to know stories: Please describe the status of your relationship with the recipient of the love letter, you want to say but can not directly express the content, the woman fan editor will retain the use of the letter you write the rights of the delegate. (within 300 words)

A woman who writes a love letter to someone who edits it

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Finally, thank you for holding the truth here to leave the entrusted story, seven editors, the pen sex is different, has the naïve to have the romantic, has the pragmatism to have the enthusiasm, has the gentleness to have the strong, the female fan editor will choose the most sympathetic, the most special, the most sincerity, or the most people approbation power of attorney, carries on the love letter writing.

The first love letter will be online at 8/28 night Seven o'clock, and then every night seven o'clock, there is a love letter floating in the clouds. Please lock the female fans and deliver the love you never exported.