2017 Tanabata, women fans start writing for your cloud love letter Plan , the world how many people in the name of "good friend", deeply love a person.

Letter of attorney for M

I've tried to ask what kind of relationship we have now. You hesitated for a few seconds, spit out the "partner, forever partner" phone one I silently cry, silently, just like the silent Black-and-white movies.

Then, you and the girls in your class, I really understand that we can not be together, we are not together, so that we can still be together.

After graduating from time to time will call each other to update each other's situation. Every pride, every loss, every time of lovelorn every quarrel, after my house to meet to chat, have time to eat together in the park for a walk, talk about technology chat car chat feelings, talk about the stars, is not love.

It's also from the time you made your first girlfriend that we haven't met each other since we were single.

We each have to talk about each other's love, so after nine years.

Sometimes in the dead of night I will think, is not my wishful thinking into a double core, put you in a special position, so many years.

Until this time, you said, "Do I have time to love you?" 」

Want to have a future with you every tanabata until we are 30 years old:

"Cloud Love Letter"

My dear partner,

Remember you told me a story. Cub was born, open the first moment, will be to the attention of the image and space, start learning and imitation, it is his first impression of the world, everything is fresh, from this time and space in memory will be special, archive storage, become another kind of eternity, is called the biological imprint effect imprinting.

At that time I nodded, eyes seriously, but did not tell you, you know, you are my footprints, it seems to us the story.

Young beast like me, how lucky, is you do my campus life open the first picture. Stay up the double bed, the morning morning call, truancy day, the phone that head of the month total eclipse, close your eyes, I think of, is all I live with you a scene montage.

Yes, we have always had a good relationship, we have a lot of gray areas and we pretend we don't mind. For example, you will occasionally hold my hand, the palms tremble slightly; For example, only you can call me when I am not near a stranger, for example, after you have a girlfriend, I pretended to have told you not to disappoint, for example, until now, I still did not forget, we childish agreement, 30-Year-old If all single, go to marriage.

I have not told you, I always know, we are too timid people, love is gambling, we do not take nine years of friendship exchange a possible failure of the future. However, occasionally I will look up at the sky, imagine there must be a parallel universe, where we do not fear, we have no doubt, we generous hand, we have been together.

In the real world, friends are camouflage, let us safely under the village, I dare not love you, I fear, love you mean to lose, the most brutal relationship, is the future no relationship. And I do not want to gamble, I can not bet my world no longer you, not together, to the natural forever.

Nine years. I love you all the way, silly love for nine years, I have always been impatient, except you are the exception. You are my most reliable secret, you are I do not want to will be the scenery, you are my body and the softest core of people. From the moment I opened my eyes, you have become a part of my life.

Nine years. I love the bad people, you messed up a few relationships, talk about love we do not good, can it be because we have been avoiding the most to love people? And you finally asked me, I love you now, not too late? I would like to cry, bending fingers, count these years, you know, you miss me for a long time?

Originally, we have been shouting each other Partner, forever Partner, now listen to understand, that is the meaning of the original partner, from a long time ago, we have identified a lifetime.

So I Dear partner, we love to be late, but as long as we, will never be in time.