Helen Milan at the University of Duran's graduation speech, how to live a clear conscience, the pursuit of the happy life of love? Through life, she will become a reminder: "Do not let fear rule your life."

How in the chaos of the world to find a plausible truth, go all the way upright, a happy life worthy of the heart?

This August Helen Milan--a famous movie actress who won the 79 Oscar-winning actress in the University of Duran's graduation speech published a few people think of the truth, her life around a few bends, and finally still follow their heart, step on her want to go to the direction of love for the drama of the rich her life, In the process she also found how to live a happy life of the true meaning.

Her drama is not the way to go smoothly, childhood love drama but because the family look forward to the road of teachers ' College, but the love of drama still exists in her bones, life turns and starts to have a chance to perform a movie, she was famous as a naked movie star when she was young, for which she said she believed that one should embrace every possibility with an open heart When the opportunity comes, seize it, and the opportunity will create the possibility for you to move where you want to go. (Recommended reading: Shirley Sandberg's graduation speech: Steadfast hope, let you overcome fear )

In this speech, Helen Milan shared five truths that she experienced after many setbacks in her life, perhaps allowing you to find something to believe in and practice, and try to have a happy and fulfilling life in the process of practicing these rules.

Honey, when we try to live in a messy reality, when looking for the direction you want to move, don't let fear rule you, don't let fear stop you from digging your own possibilities, remember the positive and trouble-making curiosity, go to your own life, and create a generation where you want to be.

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Here's an excerpt from Helen Milano's speech at Duran University:

It is a great and important moment for you to come here and be ready for a new life, free from higher education facing the more uncertain future of the adult world.

So, the phone bill Hello, car insurance hello, rent Hello, office diving rules Hello, disappointed hello, frustration Hello, ambition hello, those who are anxious to feel the life of all do not follow the plan of the time Hello, and those, when you actually follow the plan to do, get more exciting results when the joy Hello!

There are some people here. When you are only 5 years old, there are some clear plans and ideas to lead you to the areas you want to work for, while others have no idea where they are going. But don't worry, because both of these ways will eventually work.

My nephew, who left the education system at the age of 16, went to London to become a bartender, and later worked as a cement maker, until now he has become a successful writer. And I, eager to learn drama, never went to drama school, back to the Faculty Training Institute-a field that I absolutely did not want to go to, but now, look at me and my nephew, we are back to a field where we should continue to work.

You see, this is where the mystery lies, and the key is that you have to listen to your intuition, and when the opportunity and enthusiasm arise, hold on to it tightly, and then completely give yourself and make the effort to achieve it, so simple. The truth is, you will stumble on the road, and your life will suffer setbacks and victories at the same time, sometimes the same day will test you, but please remember this very important point, just like going out and having a hangover, whether it's a triumph of joy or a super catastrophe, they won't last forever, these events will pass, A new day will come, so you can only do what you can to make the day happen.

So on your way forward, I want to share with you some of the experiences I have picked up in the process of constant setbacks and victories in this life, I call them: Helen has five rules for a happy life.

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Rule number one: Don't rush to get married.

I married my husband Tyler in the second half of my life, and the whole process was wonderful, and remember to let your partner have enough freedom and support to achieve their ambitions.

Rule number two: treat the person as a person

Just treat others like people.

A long time ago, my actress friend did one of the simplest things that gave me a big lesson. We were in the back of a car, ready to drive to the place where we were shooting, my friend was a smoker, and when she was going to smoke in the car, she shared a cigarette with the driver ahead before she lit her cigarette.

This is a small but important thing, and she simply treats the driver as a "person who might want to smoke" rather than a driver who serves us. She may have been arrested today for breaking the law, but I have never forgotten this understanding, and I sincerely thank my actress friend. (Recommended reading: Something more important than success: when a person is respected )

So, remember, everyone deserves equal generosity and respect, regardless of whether they have the right to rule over their life or life.

Oh, I'm going to add an appendix to the second rule: Whatever your gender, race, be a feminist!

From Sweden to Uganda, from Singapore to Mali, to all the countries and cultures I have visited, it is clear that when women are respected and free to pursue their own dreams and ambitions, their lives are improved. In the past, I have not defined myself as a feminist, but have been living like a feminist, and believe that women are as capable, energetic and inspiring as men.

Perhaps joining a movement called feminism is too didactic and too politicized, but I have realized that feminism is not an abstract idea, but a necessity, feminism pushes us forward, not behind ignorance and terrible jealousy.

So now I'm going to call myself a feminist and I encourage you to do the same.

Okay, let's go back to the rules.

Rule number three: don't care about the people who criticize your looks.

Never mind how strangers look at you, criticize your comments, especially if those people are anonymously criticizing others on the internet, and if you're the one who maliciously criticizes others on the web-don't do it again, drop your computer and do something meaningful outside. (Recommended reading: network generation of bullying culture: a praise, may kill a person? )

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Rule four: Don't be afraid of fear

These words reminded me of my high school principal, a simple nun with drooping eyelids, who lived in a monastery all his life.

As I trembled with trembling body to the impending commencement of my 11-year-old high school life, she said a word to me, and I will never forget, she said: "Don't be afraid of your fear." 」

I think what she means is, don't let fear rule you.

Now, remember, sometimes it's wise to be afraid, just like when you want to dive in a pool without enough water, or a wine drive, at a time like this--fear, please you must be very afraid, and never do that.

But when you're challenged by other fears--like, "Am I good enough?" "Am I smart enough?" "and" Will I fail? " "Self-doubt and worry--give away those cautious worries, look straight into the ugly faces of fear, and move forward without hesitation, when you come over, turn around, and kick the fear!" (Recommended reading: The trip to India teaches me: Don't let fear catch your dream )

Rule five: Don't complicate things too much

Helen the fifth rule of happy life, do not overly complicated things, you can by following some very practical way to spend each day:

  • Do not hesitate to tell the truth, when it is worth a thank you, do not hesitate to say your thanks
  • Never lose your sense of humour.
  • When you face bullying, don't run away.
  • Open your heart to love, oh here to remind, don't confuse love with sex. Love lasts more than two minutes.
  • No smoking.
  • If you don't know how deep the water is, don't dive.
  • Call your parents at least once a week.

And speaking of parents, I think this is a serious topic, my parents generation after the end of a World war, the global economic collapse then survived, and fought two World War. And their heroic efforts were overthrown by our generation.

But you know, we're not completely wrong.

Young people are always like this, because they carry energy and idealism in nature, and their energies create new possibilities and opportunities in each generation.

And we do need you to solve things and get things back on track, and you need to answer the big, disturbing questions of this extraordinary generation.

We don't waste a minute or a second trying to fill the iPhone with all kinds of reading information, but after 6 years, we have no information and methods to stop the Syrian children from being killed by poisonous gases; we have spent a lot of effort trying to make the crime of AIDS, to develop a revolutionary drug, to become a treatable disease, But at the same time, there are millions of of people in the world who have been displaced by more casualties than after the Second World War, and have suffered in the camps.

This is your generation, and we count on you to create a new climate for the new generation, a more empathetic generation, a more caring generation, a generational change generation.

This is what I see in your generation, compassion, care, generation revolutionaries, and also a radical, courageous, often troublesome generation.

I hope you will never stop this trait because you are doing the right thing at the right time. To put it simply-to make a decision based on your intuition and instincts, this is necessarily the right thing to do. (Recommended reading:22-year-old Tired of generations of graduation love letter: In a world full of hurt, to be a clear conscience of the people )

Here, I would like to share a story with you about my tattoos--in the age of the tattoos of the people who have committed serious crimes, I have mine.

When I was growing up, in the early 70, during the brilliant and confusing times, I searched for answers to life in many places, the west, the east and even the world. And I found a word in Mayan's intelligence that inspired me and cheered me up, and this sentence became the tattoo of my left hand.

This is a simple phrase: "inlakesh",

It means:

"You are my other self, we are the same individual, and I am the other one." 」

The Bible says, "Love your Neighbour," and Mayan the great intelligence in a higher and more beautiful way: "We are all one." 」

Because if I were you, and I would be responsible for you, if you are me, you will be responsible for me. Just remember this, we are all together in this world, remember, we are all together in this world, these situations, so you can find some clues to fix and understand this crazy world, let the world because of this core concept, and have a better change.

Remember, you are me, I am you, and change the world, I know, you can.