Looking at Taylor's latest Mv〈look What you Made me do〉, Teles seems a lot of angry singing: "Look what you've made me do." "Why is Teles a controversial figure in feminism?" Should feminism be revenge or reconciliation? Invite you to participate in the pluralist discussion of feminism.

Is Teles a feminist?

〈look What you Made me do〉 provocative listing, Teles revenge great satisfaction, she set an intimate and brutal lens, let the audience see the Teles after the public opinion has been torn down: see, I'm the fake chick in your mouth, see I'm Dead like a zombie. Teles 14, is disguised, is retranslation, is also a joke. Fans think Teles's self-deprecating and ruthless, she as a star of a Zhen Huan in the MV staged, Taylor disguised as she had disputes with women, also played in the past a variety of abuse of their own.

Actress's complaint: Kill yourself, empower yourself

Teles black powder commonly used "snake" analogy Teles love to lie, like in her community message Snake emoji, she became a Viper queen. People feast on the gossip of every predecessor in Taylor's song, and she puts her ex-i❤ts T-shirt in the MV and mocks her past love. The tombstone in the MV is put on Taylor's past works and his former creation alias, symbolizing the death of the past. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Elva Siu and Taylor's "Bite Man" what? )

Taylor responded enthusiastically to the people who said she had gone to love also give a punch to the spotlight, she accused the media of celebrity gossip to capture, she jokes David Muller sexual harassment claims 1 yuan for women out of breath, she can not stand the dazzling beauty of the self-portrait culture, she countered Kinkadasha speech clip events ...

Taylor steps past all kinds of oneself, "You Belong With Me" in curtilage female modelling Teles, "Shake it Off" in the Swan Modelling Teles, VMA award-winning Taylor Silk ... She picks up the phone and says: "Sorry, the original Teles can't answer the phone now." Why not? Because she's dead. 」



People applauded Taylor for empowering themselves by "the media's love gaze on the actress", "female stars between the defensive preparedness," the past fresh debut of the country Girl "one by one break, full of gunpowder, all offended her past all tore up, like a roaring" I do not care about their reputation, you, do not mind me. "

Some say she is a feminist model, some say she corrupts women, Teles is not a feminist controversy, and foreign media to discuss.

A feminist who is not qualified enough

People say: "If she's a feminist, why isn't she at the rally?" Why doesn't she openly support women? Why is she so quiet? Rihanna is defending abortion rights and Miley is talking to the LGBT community, what did Teles do? "(Reference data: HowTaylor Swift are harnessing feminism for her 2017 comeback.

Others say: "Teles and Nicki Mina's infighting symbolizes she is not a feminist, and you see her MV are a group of white long legs sister, I do not see any of her acts can promote women in the economic and social equality. "(Reference data:What are white feminism and why are Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham of it?

In fact, the meaning of these words is: "Teles why to talk to young girls, she is white, cis-sex, super rich, and thin, she does not know how to improve people without resources." 」

They went on to inventory Taylorskan "Good":"Yes, she is very understanding of equality Oh, so she changed her boyfriend like in the game." "There are also eagle-eyed netizens who grabbed the 2012 Teles to answer whether she was a feminist:" My parents taught me that if I work as hard as men, I can achieve many things in life. But in her 2014 interview, she changed her tune: "I believe feminism is about equal opportunities for both men and women, and we must have this awakening." "(Reference data: TheEvolution of Taylor Swift ' s feminist Awakening)


In fact, I don't know if Teles is a feminist, but she is definitely on the way to learning or imitating feminism. These people question the Teles of "Not Enough feminism": narrow-minded, politically correct, and privileged, people feel that feminism should be "I am big, love", Teles care things, such as women's free love, such as women's infighting, such as her own success in the entertainment to encourage young girls, are too " Petty and individualism ".

The threshold of feminism

As a white sex pyramid at the top of the feminist, it seems to be very despised? Indeed, all of the privileges that Taylor had, she said, would have challenged her "progressive, living, not knowing the bottom" woman to hook up with feminism and then use the title "Empowering" to make a lot of money.


Feminism's critique of Teles may be necessary, but not necessarily mean. We should not shape feminism there is only one "walk like Emmahuasen in Women's March street, like Emmahuasen wearing a suit to give motivational speeches." We should not expect feminists to "pay for all people without a bottom line and fight for human rights to death". We should not expect every feminist to be "full of goodness and reconciliation". I should not exclude or even suppress the possibility of other feminist beliefs because of what I believe. (Extended reading: who is the "true" feminist?) )

How hard is it to be a feminist in this age? It is often said that feminists are gender pickets, but in fact more picket feminism: You lose weight, you depress a group of fat, you date do not pay, the basic sow, you are so beautiful, not feminism; you listen to hip-hop you watch idol drama you are not independent, please do not be with feminism;

How do we get to the threshold of feminism? Good feminism and bad feminism tends. Good feminism is clean and tidy and bright, and bad feminism is a decadent, dirty, nasty.

Feminists have been working harder than any doctrine, to get "good baby stickers", not only to get approval, but also a hard war. Feminism exists as a "revolution", and we all hope that one day feminism will die, but every day is a battle before the day comes. In order not to find fault with outsiders, feminists are particularly demanding their own internal order, proving that feminism can make the future better because it is a model student, and that they must constantly criticize "internal" theories that cannot help the status quo or may depress others.

But what if feminism really doesn't have to be a model student? Suppose feminists each have different cultural capital?


Poor feminism: Who is qualified to talk about sex?

Gender is a kind of theory of relativity, each political identity, may correspond to different edges. So it's hard for feminists to criticize anything with the argument "stand in the same place as an egg." Sometimes feminists may stand at the end of a high wall, but he has the courage to overthrow the walls. There are always feminists who continue to struggle after recognizing their own privileges. Many labels cannot be torn apart, for example, middle-class feminism, white women advocating gender equality, beautiful girls talking about physical freedom, and gender-sensitive theory of queer ... we subconsciously believe that these people are "not enough" to " The real "weak voice, they do not understand the weak, said the words are not sincere, the behavior may be conspiracy theory, do not just want to take gender mainstreaming of the car." (Same Gayon: Rethinking Feminism, why is it always missing the gender weakness?) )

"I think there's something important about being a feminist, and even though we're all women, we have to think about the difference between you and me." How these differences affect us and how we determine our needs. "--roxane Gay (Reference data: source )


As a black woman, a middle class, a professor, Roxane Gay culture and intellectual capital is the relative weakness of race. Roxane Gay [Note 1] in "The Confession of the poor feminist" talk about, when we examine a person's privileges, assuming that he is white and he is rich, we should not ask him to apologise for "vested interests", but to help him, using his strengths, to help more lives.

What kind of person is "enough to be" a feminist? Why can't we accept a person with cultural capital to do the fight against order? And why do we not accept the "individualism" of feminism?

Maybe Taylor's concerns are too small for many people, and perhaps Teles's revenge will never be reconciled, but we don't have to ask her to be a "right feminist".

Feminism puts forward "personal as politics" for more than 40 years, we may forget "women experience, regardless of size, is political" feminism expands the meaning of "politics". Yuval-davis [Note 2] has put forward "feminist politics", emphasizing the practice of dialogue and empathy in feminism, the speaker based on experience to propose reflective knowledge, dialogue with different groups, exchange of experience, exchange of experience is an important step-put yourself in the other person's position to imagine.

There is only one answer to the gender discourse, and we expect people from different positions and different subject positions to learn from other subjects to see the world.

Feminism doesn't have to be a model student.

Teles bold Passion, Allempe Kitenyan Gay Pride, Beyonce advocated gender and racial identity equality, Emmahuasen stand at the United Nations Platform initiative #HeForShe, goddess Card anti-sexual violence against multiple gender discrimination, Angelina Jolie Jolie attention to the third world of poor girls, Jennifer Laurence pay equality ... (same field Gayon:"Gender observation" feminism, give a person gentleness is to oneself gentleness )

Because of feelings, they act, some people's experience is collective, such as gender stereotypes, unequal pay for workers, some experience is not universal, such as gay identity, black identity, sexual assault experience, even the lust of a female star demonized. The pain has the value of being rejected, whether it's a majority or a few.

Stand on the stage of the feminist is not perfect, trying to correct Emmahuasen should not show milk (Emmahuasen back to show the milk storm: "The existence of feminism, is to give people freedom"), advocating women independent not to return to the family ("leftover" survival rule: economic independence, can? ), against Teles change boyfriend and change clothes as fast ( Teles and Tomchy Deston love, never apologize for the woman ), if we expect feminism is a model, rules, an unbreakable truth, may be with my father's long system of training women the same way.

We always thought feminism was like this: "aggressive, sophisticated, perfect image, hate men, no sense of humour, always sen 77." "In fact, I know more, hate purposeless inflammatory posts, always sloppy to go to work (but go to the nightclub is very elaborate), super ha Men (or women), lovelorn will be crying for three months of feminists."

Feminists are not necessarily neat, clean, tough, and always politically correct, they are vulnerable, not only caring for the world, but also being cared for. Perhaps the answer is a little bit of a ball, unable to answer what is feminism? At least I think feminism is not a discipline, feminism has its own bottom line, but there's never a limit. Why correct? As Roxane Gay said: "I would rather be a bad feminist, and not even a feminist." 」

Many people are very concerned about what Teles can do for feminism, but I also want to know what feminism can do for Teles. As for what we would like to know, is Teles a feminist?

Teles in the MV finale has responded:

"Shut up!"