2017 Tanabata, women fan love letter plan , for your love to write, and your story shared, 've in the heart of the words, we deliver for you. W Power of attorney, I hope you first happy.

Ⓦ 's power of attorney


Time flies, blink of an eye from the beginning to know that moment, has more than 10 years. Even though you've been parted for years, your voice is still ringing in your ears, and your record point has been very successful! Just broke up pelting also often hear your news, sometimes fate is so, even if I do not seem to completely enough. Always tossing and turning will be from friends that your current situation, or even casual encounter, but I always quickly turned away. I can't stand the courage to see you or talk to you.

I do not remember the year why I promised you, and then accompany you to see a movie, visit your favorite shop. The name of the movie can not recall, only remember you are still so charming, I try to suppress their desire.

In your heart, I should still be unfeeling and indifferent pronoun. But I know I still love you, even now.

The injury that I suffered so far still has a dull ache, but I can't bear it.

Do you know? You still appear in my dream, but I run away from you again and again. And I know that you have a stable object now, I am still alone. If the life can be again, I will choose to be hurt by you, and then like this embarrassed to live. Love what you choose, choose what you love. I never regret it, because it's all my own choice.

Love u 4ever N ever ... This sentence I will always remember, also practice. Finally bless you, have a happy life.

"Cloud Love Letter"

Dear Ⓑ

How is it going? So long to see, often think of, your outline in the bottom of the heart is still so bright.

I'd like to send you a song that I've been listening to a lot recently before bedtime.

Happy memories, I never remember less. Hands in the sidewalk laughing, palm temperature, skin touch, everything is still so vivid, as if the palm still have your remaining temperature, but you are far away from me very far away.

I almost close my eyes can think of the breakup that year my embarrassed and disappointing appearance, in spite of so long, those wounds or deep shallow in the heart, but not at the beginning so painful deep, but the dream woke up with some melancholy. Yes, we've all turned away for so long. (Recommend you:"parting Travel": Write the missing beauty, looking for the next enthusiasts )

The crap you left me, I'm going to lose it all day. I even sincerely wish eternity to happen to you first

If asked why after the breakup will promise to meet you, I will say, see you are not good, I will be at peace. In fact, I want to see you again.

I can't remember where we went, when we were watching the movie, and which part of the bridge let us have a tacit laugh, only remember that day you too good-looking side face out of the eyes, this once let me happy to cry out of the people, let me embarrassed to recognize their own people, has no longer have nothing to do with me. (Recommended reading: Love Cafe Song: After the breakup, your tears have nothing to do with him )

You still want to be happy you must not provoke anyone else to cry all the mistakes from me the curtain closes don't follow me Mencel

You're still going to be happy, and I'm sure I'm going to have to make sure I don't take your space anymore. It's all over tomorrow.

I have grown up, will not have trouble, and will not use that strength to death love. Later met the people I have been loving very carefully, even not together also does not matter, always feel as if nothing, but quiet down at night, by the Tianfu Veltzke of the song gently hug, this time to admit in fact I still miss you.

I know you and the new object have a happy and stable, social networking site you smile as brightly as the flowers, I think you must be more than "we" also have a lot of happiness.

If I can again, I will choose to run to you again, because, I believe that the people who have loved, I have done the most beautiful choice.

I wish you a happy Tanabata Valentine's Day.