Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? If you want to live a productive life, peel off time so that you can live well,

Wasting time is called waste, stripping time is called life.


Information explosion, a fast-changing generation, the excessive demand for more and more people, 24 hours a day seems to be insufficient, how to absorb enough and correct information in an effective time, how to efficiently arrange the agency matters, from time to steal a little space to live a good life?

If you want to start a productive life from now on, from the day-to-day escape by work matters, from the tight pace of life left some calmly to yourself, recommend you five must download the APP, re-examine their work status, from the establishment of efficient habits, so that their daily apart from work, Add more to the need to live well.

If you want, leave some time for intimate private life | Timetree Shared calendar

Timetree is a shared calendar that you can share with others. You can effectively write down your work in a busy job, as well as dating and travel dates with your family and friends, so that all the social circles that are relevant to you can have a clear picture of your work status and your leisure time, and you will be able to spend time with your friends in your to-do list, Leave some time for a private life outside of work, and make a mental adjustment in a high-pressure routine.

This app can watch all the dates in days, weeks and months, you can also directly access and modify the calendar, so that all the people in the shared calendar immediately update each other's status, not only can quickly and efficiently update everyone's daily status, but also allows you to record work items, quickly update the details, No more important things are missing. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" live a textured life, five must immediately download the app recommended )

If you want to stay focused for a while to stay productive focus |forest focus on the forest

Forest is the main to let you "stay focused, Refuse to be the head of the family "mobile apps, so that you are in every need to maintain an efficient focus of the moment, put down the phone, focus on the immediate things, the main function of the program is very simple, when you need to focus on, set a good time to plant seeds, in the next period of time, as long as you do not use mobile phones, the screen will be a strong seed tree.

If you can't stay focused and start using your cell phone, the tree will wither immediately, and you let yourself into the habit of focusing on the failure, this program can also record your daily focus situation, let you see your daily growth, use fun game interaction, monitor your daily habits, develop your life routine.

In addition to helping oneself grow, this application also cooperates with the tree-planting organization, when you practice the concentration the process, accumulates certain gold coins, also can plant a real sapling on the earth, for the environment.

If you want, set a time to focus on sprint work |pomodrone tomato Clock

Pomodrone is a good helper to improve the patient with the delay, using a cycle of 25 minutes, 5 minutes of rest, to enhance work efficiency, and to maintain an efficient and focused sprint for a period of time, which also leaves some breathing time for you to rest, move around the toilet, and regain your undivided attention. Trying a cycle like this might be more efficient than sitting around for a few hours while you're distracted. (Recommended reading:"instead of managing the time, it's better to manage the pressure" 10 secrets to improve productivity )

The Pomodrone design interface is very clean, with only the screen and statistics that help you to timing it. When you're ready to start working, click on the Middle Start button and Pomodrone will start counting backwards every 25 minutes, and after four or 25 minutes of work, it will give you a 20-minute break to keep you focused.

If you want, filter too much useless information |feedly

In the information explosion of the process of searching for the news you want to see is also a time-consuming thing, feedly for a news subscription tool, you can directly subscribe to their interest in the site, receive you need and want to accept the important information to see.

When you log in to the Feedly page, featured will filter the key news for you that has not yet been read, and will also list the most popular news sites on the right, you can check out the key news in these sites, or you can link your social accounts, and quickly see the latest developments in the community in Feedly, Because it is the active selection of the subscription content, you can make yourself faster and more effective to receive information, but also faster into the working state.

If you want, use 21 days to build a good habit |chains.cc

Behavioral psychology Studies, when you continue to carry out a plan to maintain 21 days, you can develop a new habit, if you want to give yourself an effective use of time, planning life habits, recommend you chains.cc this app, its main function allows you to open a number of habits to develop, and by the way to complete the smelting bar, Keep you going every day and still have the fun of interacting with the game, and you will be more patient to build this habit in order not to break the chain. (Recommended reading: The job management that leaders need most is to give time back to themselves )

In addition to the customizable chain color, with the different cute chain icons, when the screen upright, the main screen in addition to show the custom plan, there will be English inspirational small language, the horizontal display chain of the state, so that you encourage yourself to persevere, in addition, this APP also has anonymous mutual help community, Allows members of the community to motivate each other to accomplish their customary goals.

If you want to properly allocate time from now on to the business you want to allocate, in the workplace, the performance of high efficiency and full of energy at the same time, can also be the day-to-day leisure life, social entertainment planning into your life, an efficient and fulfilling and enjoyable life, quickly open your mobile phone download these five apps, Make your own day a new and efficient start!

If you want, why don ' t you just do it?