Los Angeles illustrator Yaoyao MA VAN as painting The daily life of each single woman, lonely days, sometimes, more often we have become a stronger self, with precious no regrets time.

Remember the first time you were single, you panicked, lost your weight, you fall a step on the ground, more out of the big blank, try to put pieces of their own pieces, several absurd night you use the carnival to drive the sadness, the crowd dispersed, but can not cry themselves; with friends to tell the heart of the past not cross the ridge, friends Comfort, You cry to the hoarse, but in no one hug, the time to be more comforting, also can not be for you to prop up those who must be strong.

On a single day, you start trying to pull yourself out of that eight-size suite. Know that every time you go home no one lights up to wait for you, you will be with the City of Light and shadow sloshing, home on the road no longer anxious for who to go, you can be arbitrary, with a night of luxury time with their own dialogue.

These days slowly to pick up their own situation, are in the Los Angeles illustrator Yaoyao MA VAN as the works of realism, she had in HuffPost 's report that she painted these women's motives: "In fact, single life is not as terrible as imagined , yes, maybe sometimes it sucks, but more often than not, the single day is an unexpected moment of unimaginable beauty. The moment of celibacy makes you realize that every decision you make is for yourself and for the life you are looking forward to. "(Recommended reading: 10 illustrations to embrace the single moment: The reason to be happy )

Dear, to share with you 10 a smile of the single everyday scenery, crying night is unavoidable, but those days of celibacy let you live closer to yourself.

Single Practice topic 1: Don't be afraid to embrace emotions, learn to cry for yourself

A sunny day, think of the past still want to cry, but you know every cry, let you know yourself more, let those sadness have a place to fall, will be good.

Single Practice Topic 2: The aftertaste of youth, with a good sister again a carnival

I do not know when the last time, and sisters unbridled carnival one night, spend a whole afternoon to dress up and ridicule each other, waste these too precious youth.

Single Practice topic 3: No longer avoid sadness, to put down

Face the vast sea, those heart heavy sadness, put it into the arrogant sea breeze, you can put down to move forward.

Single Practice topic 4: Every decision you make is just to please yourself

Rain or shine, you can move towards the future for yourself, and on this road you share the scenery along the way.

Single Practice topic 5: Learn to talk to yourself and keep your dreams pure and free

Spend the afternoon taking your own suite as an escape from your daily secret base, where you can make a random painting, fantasize about the future, and giggle.

Single Practice topic 6: When you are in the original, you find yourself always unwilling to

Those in order to work, ideal to endure the night of the night, your eyes are tired, but think of the original intention of a stubborn, willing to work hard! (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" Your luck is because you work hard )

Single Practice topic 7: Just want to Fashi, willing to do nothing to waste time

Holiday Night is to Fashi, a person to do nothing to eat and drink, with a whole night round the favorite movie, crying and laughing to hope that the time is stagnant in such a night, feel the beauty of the moment is incomparable!

Single Practice topic 8: Romance is the necessity of life, a person also want to love themselves

Every ordinary daily still do not forget the romantic life, you are willing to accompany their own scattered a way, go to two of the alley out of the flower shop, for their own pick a bunch of your favorite flowers, days to live, also have to live without being mistreated.

Single Practice topic 9: Go on, keep the heart to take risks

When the sun is right, a person jumps on the train to the direction of the sea breeze, jump into a blue of the cool, let the sea gently wrapped their own, in a quiet listen to their hearts.

Single Practice topic 10: Single But not lonely, you learn to love yourself more than anyone else

In those days of celibacy, you grow to be the one you never thought you were, more independent but also more gentle people, began in the day-to-day daily outline their vision of the future, you still love to cry but more understand how to regain a smile for themselves, you live free and easy, in every ordinary day, learn to do for their own perseverance not to cheer, You grow up in time not the same person, no longer dependent on who, you have been able to walk independently, in each single but not lonely days to love themselves. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" You have to wait for someone who deserves your heart. )