British photographer Amanda de Cadenet, who launched the "#girlgaze program", hopes to jump off the object of desire through the photography of women's gaze, to become the subject of gazing at them, and to allow the girl to construct herself in the process.

Do you know what a woman's gaze is?

From the perspective of women, attention to the various forms of women's bodies, when I stare at you, like gazing at their own local beauty, as seen in all kinds of women in the world, we can find a similar figure in these photographic collection.

Women's gaze is the process that women know themselves and construct themselves. So the girl's nudity is no longer a male gaze at the object, but also the subject of the desire of others; when it comes to the definition of beauty and ugliness, girls do not need to cut themselves to match social standards, and by understanding the various forms of body, you can live as you want; Speaking of gender temperament, You can be feminine and masculine, and build your own gender identity in the process of growing up. (Recommended reading: female body aesthetics of reverse gaze!) American female artist awarded Golden Lion lifetime achievement )

You can like it or you can hate sex.

Love your body, release your mind and body.

There should be only one size.

The female gaze plan of the British photographer: showing the world what we see

The "#girlgaze plan", initially launched on Instagram, was founded by British photographer Amanda de Cadenet, hoping to develop a more diverse view of the world through the sharing of beautiful and original authentic images in a feminine perspective.

Through women's perspective, the photographer turns the woman from the object of gaze to the subject of the gaze, or even in the process of gazing at the other, liberating the woman's standard form in the social frame and developing more physical imagination.

Flip look with the subject being seen, the girl in the photo gazing at you with her own body: this is my body, imperfect, but true. So you see yourself in these truths, let women take the form of different female images, women gentle but powerful lens, there is a story to tell: This is the world we watch.

Flow, shuttle and pass.

Be yourself, natural and true.

Emotion is beautiful, let oneself feel it all.

Beauty in the lens: A woman's perspective

As Girlgaze website Oberming said: "We are a group of women, before and after the camera, women's posture for women's eyes."

They look forward to filming women's various faces, like the world show Girls can also be the one who stares at society, stares at men, flips social stereotypes about girls, breaks the boundaries of gender roles, and allows women to redefine themselves and affirm self-worth without distinction as to race, country, body type, sexual orientation, and economic background. (Recommended reading:"#womanynude" coexist with the body!) Write not perfect, become the best of yourself )

According to I-d magazine , photographer Amanda de Cadenet hopes to pass on this photographic program to each viewer a core concept: "We talk about many inequalities and discrimination in these images, and 2017 was an interesting year, We tell the story of the Times through the lens of women's perspectives around the world. Especially for young women, I hope that they will be more confident through this project that they can create their own careers through their own abilities and encourage them to continue to create and work-the world needs to see more women's views. 」

Regardless of race, sex, religion, you have your own beauty.

Embrace your body-like state.

When kissing, it has nothing to do with sex.

In the perspective of women's gaze, know their own soul

John Berger, in the Way of seeing, said, "objectification" arises from seeing and being seen, men with authoritarian viewers, while women are objects to be viewed, and so the subject-object relationship allows women to look like they deserve to be seen under social standards. " This concept is also in the process of women's growing up in the life of women, in order to male standards, patriarchal framework to ask themselves to become the side of the gaze.

"Female gaze" emphasizes the female body as the subject, viewing the various patterns of the body through the female perspective, reconstruct one's own cognition of the body, from the role of desire to the side of the desire of others; With more women's narrative and perspective, write down stories and life experiences that belong to women, in the process of constructing their own ideas, breaking the gender boundaries, redefining Own identity. (Recommended reading:"Taiwan Girls photography Exhibition" Jump off the frame, the girl's neutral posture )

We are in the vast world, thinking.

Dear Girl, you can be the main body of desire others, give up the gender standard that society sets on you, see more female narration, jump off social frame, think with more feminine point of view, try to believe can use own strength, girl's power, become the kind of change that you want to see in this world.