Female fan in-depth interview, an interview with Chen Shanni, she a cool black as the personality as straightforward, everywhere to paste the technology era of the label, shed to compare, she is only willing to become their own, has been the original intention of writing, do like things, how not too tired.

Three o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Shanni early two minutes, a pair of sunglasses, set up bun, a black slipped in.

She leprous foot long, such as impression cool, fall shoulder T-shirt write We are strong, did not think of the first sentence, but said "you this kitchen is very good", tone like cat dog small animals.

The kitchen was good, she pointed to the broker next to her, "she is good at cooking, I am responsible for eating." "Chen Shanni is cool, but also because she does not let go of life, cobwebs, are all creative clues."

Her eyes, good from daily Teleprompter brew song, Creation so far, Chen Shanni such as Maiden, in 94, "When the woman is hungry," first write, "I write songs, you are fishing to the oil in the soup." In the future can find a good husband, to know how to cook, understand life, understand me. "She writes Love Like a B-class action movie, writes lovelorn like the rainy season, writes the age the epic, like the sadness has been downloaded two times--the entire cloud, writes full who flaw."

Maiden, paper work, open the ground ground, early we step to fight, lasted 20 years.

Ares Chaldean is an ID, to the neurotic quality of the times.

Write Chen Shanni, afraid to write bad, cowardly hands, but think of Zhang Hang write Chen Shanni, a delicate, "Chen Shanni is very classical person, she is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met, but extremely disgusted with the word of effort hook." 」

Really kung Fu, hard to trace. such as during the interview, Chen Shanni is very lightweight, full of personality, like nodding, do not agree to speak frankly, talk to her about the times like philosophy, talk to her about music such as girls, I often have an epiphany feeling. Her eyes swollen, the interview has not picked sunglasses, I repeatedly saw their reflection in the mirror, feeling her mirror after the gentle eyes, I see a transparent.

For example, I think very far, asked the new album "Ares Chaldean" imagery, the goddess of Rome, fighting, is not for who? She smiled, saying that she was afraid to disappoint me, I actually did not have any implications, more like a prank. "Ares Chaldean, I did not check what he represents, I don't even think he is a girl." Think of him as ID, a person on the Internet nickname, he can be a male or female, anyone around us. "id do not have to refer to the back, so open the imagination space. (Recommended reading: peeping music person Hush's room: My room is my small universe )

This era to become someone else is also very easy, stealth ID, floating IP, the actual situation staggered, how do you know I said is not true? Chen Shanni freehand brushwork, Big notes, accession to the WTO and was born, from "as sad was downloaded two times" brewing, hatching concept complete "Ares Chaldean" album.

First flagship, she wrote alone, a bit provocative, this era advocating lively, chasing clicks, we have been less courage to tell ourselves that we need that point of loneliness; the second, she wrote---☐☐☐☐☐//garbled, rebellious character character have the freedom of writing, she said she especially worship network writers, must be presented with music.

She said don't misunderstand, I write not to criticize, but is honest to see. "Frankly, we are all inseparable from these things. Like me, I hate posting, what I did, where I went, but we were already familiar with these things, don't forget to praise. At the same time, I rarely pick up phone calls, used to send messages, fingers can not stop. 」

Observation of the Times, live in times, infatuated with the Times, tired of the era, this era is both hateful and lovely, Chen Shanni hold the edge of the pen, written in a crisp album, to this era of neuroticism and neuropathy.

To be alone is to be with your own insecurity.

Black woman, take the escalator, such as MRT, dial the phone, look directly at the lens, the picture more pull farther, a mobile phone screen, a bento, a person bow, watch live with rice. "Solitude" sings modern People's solitude anxiety, welcome to the Seiberg era of mobile phone and human body [Note 1], technology is creating us.

Live in this era, solitude is too difficult, Chen Shanni shook his head, "mobile phone has a bunch of notice, we can not quiet, seconds addiction." A minute ago received a letter, subconsciously click the mailbox, take the mobile phone out of the slippery, do not know what you want to slide. "We seek, but do not know what we want, Chen Shanni words are very light, like telling the status of neutral, everyone is nervous fragile, everyone is afraid to be left behind."

Times have changed, she wanted to have no mobile phone in the age, there was a time, the world is quiet, with their own busy enough to get along. "People need to have a very quiet time, only belong to their own person." Reflect on your heart and settle down. But most people, once quiet, are anxious. "(Recommended reading: The Big Data of the Truman World: The time of narcissism )

Where's the anxiety? She laughed, "alone, with her own insecurity." To be alone is to choose not to Bingyi, not to avoid difficulties and complicated thinking. When you resist, you accumulate anxiety, so the busier you feel, the more empty you become. Maybe we really need to be alone with ourselves. 」

I nodded, saying that it was a little Zen, Chen Shanni like to say, "probably because I hate to be with others, I like to get along with myself." 」

"Solitude is the clearest of all." People will accumulate their own will and preferences, solitude is the cultivation of character, you will find that you do not need other people's opinions. Have you noticed that every time you go shopping with your friends, you buy a bunch of clothes that you never wear again ... "

Or go shopping, or eat, or travel, Chen Shanni think a person is good, only listen to their own will, develop independent thinking ability and habits, is to let you no longer have the opportunity to blame others, wrong choice, are their own problems.

Four dials the heavy, through the Ren du two veins, probably is the Chen Shanni unique dark healing. She says there's no secret to being alone, from leaving some time each day to start feeling insecure in the body. When you hold a cell phone, you think the whole world needs you, when you put down the phone, you think you will not survive?

Actually, not really.

Labeling is a danger, according to praise is a lazy, less time is an illusion

What else is there in this age? Label Aesthetics--#Hashtag, fan pages by praise, opinion leaders track, categorize, guess what you like, what kind you belong to.

Chen Shanni hate to be labeled with labels.

Since his debut, people love to ask her, how do you see Huang music? "People always ask me the female singers of the same period, why don't you ask me Sheng and Wu Bai?" "She smiled," I certainly know the label is very convenient, advertising is also convenient, but the label, but also let us forget to understand a person, forget that this is a person. 」

The label aesthetics is another self-fulfilling prophecy, and we actually ourselves to be others ' expectations.

Induction is a danger, Chen Shanni said to me in the creator's voice, as well as reminding himself, "our work, created, is to try to rule out this matter--we need to open more space, not in a thin definition." 」

Chen Shanni's official face book, her own business, she looked at the feeling of praise. According to praise, how great inventions, let us Bingyi, give ourselves a quick sense of relief. I press the praise, I declare, I participated in, I have the ideal. "The popularity of the culture of praise has allowed us to decline in substantive action, which is unconscious and harmless, but we do have fewer and less practice of anything." "For example, the protection of cats and dogs for all the keyboard support, abandoned rate is still high."

Like a philosophical question, a tree falls in a lonely forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Now we, do not want to do a no one to smell the question, silently fallen trees, we want those who will be seen, will be heard, will be a point of praise things. (Recommended reading: Lifelong achievement!) Melissa Streep's Golden Globes speech: To be a person who can speak, should be audible to others .

Technology creates us and also creates the rules of love and being loved in this era, useful and worthless. Chen Shanni changed turn, perhaps time anxiety is illusion oh. Knowledge economy, Competition time CP value, "I think the sense of time, not necessarily we think so." In fact, there are many things worth wasting in life, turn a book, sleep a good night, you just want to give priority to forget the process. 」

"It's a huge waste of time to spend time watching a century of loneliness," he said. "Sunny to the world as a child, by the way," right? 」

I have no classics in mind, I like new things.

I nodded and said yes.

Time to Chen Shanni, also is her creation, 1994, she out of the first disc "Washington Cut down the cherry tree", and then every two or three years, can wait until she an album, Chen Shanni in the creation of the Annals, write their chronicles. I can't help asking, what is the reason for your continued writing, your mission, or your heart playing?

She thought about it, as she pondered how to say it accurately, and slowly said that creation was not tall. "I don't feel so great about writing. Really, this is a job, in the labor of pay, and even no one else hard, we happen to spread a little influence, does not mean that we are more important. "She's still cool," she said.

To talk about a sense of mission is dangerous for her, "Put yourself at a high level and your vision becomes limited." 」

Sounds a bit Xuan, but along the way, Chen Shanni really has resisted to become so-and-so, achievement So-and-so style. So, it is difficult for us to talk about the sunny creation of the routine or style, she surprised, at this time without a recruit more wins.

2015, stunning "as sadness was downloaded two times," she looked for Tsai, Shijing, whales to the sea, personal opinions and other people across the border lyrics, the reason is very naughty, "I want to know those, I never know things." "The cross-border significance is to bring an unexpected theme to the work, and a new life."

Chen Shanni hate repetition, restrictions, especially colds, "the restrictions are learning, but do not others to paste your label, do not think about the bill Ah." "Like what?" Chen Shanni suddenly shattered to read, "Now the whole Taiwan-induced depression novels, have come to recommend me Ah, the unpopular movie, also find me to try the film." Ah, actually I also want to see the film of the Sun, ah, why not look for me? 」

"I have no classics in mind, I like new things." "Chen Shanni new solution, hi new not to be tired of the old, good, publishers and film dealers, you can take notes."

I'm never tired of making music

Listen to Chen Shanni talk music, very enjoyable. Music was her greatest interest and happened to be a life-sustaining job. "Nothing, I want to listen to music, want to see the performance." 」

She shows the girl's eyes, share her far away to Germany chasing Remmstein, the girl is not afraid of far, Olympia Arena, surrounded by metal strong, her Asian face, shake fan, own emboldened. "I thought, how have such a good song, they are very disorderly regiment, chaos come very good, break through the world a lot of aesthetic." "The last song, the lead singer put on Steel wings, sang Engel, Chen Shanni in the scene someone ever to cry, feel good beauty." (Recommended reading: an interview with the Cosmic People: "Ten years later, we are still love the music of the Youth")

She was very familiar with the Iphone, I saw a good few, care about the musicians, admiration Regiment, favorite production, talking about good music, she was like a naked admiration, "how someone wrote out such a good music, I often feel happy." 」

She has not been tired since she made music, "The thing that likes, is not tired." "There is no doubt in the tone, music is her repeated practice, so skillful interest and professional."

These days talk about work is an interest, probably a little luxury, Chen Shanni also understand, "if the interest and work can be combined, that is good, if not, I think people must cultivate interest." You are interested in, have to care about things, life will live full. 」

For example, friends and she complained that life without goals, life without direction, emotional instability, to drink water worries, how to do? She is cold to remind, I think you first from good clean home to start, put Auntie please go back, you come yourself.

"This generation rarely emphasizes the importance of physical practice, but physical practice can help us accumulate a lot of basic things." I believe in life, when you start to make life solid, there will not be too much unnecessary trouble. 」

A period of awakening, and point to your pain, is Chen Shanni kindness.

If you want to resist the label, do it directly.

After chatting to discover, Chen Shanni Music Foundation, is into the studio practice. Taiwan's record-making operations, is the master and Apprentice system, she met a good teacher, all the work of the award, said, is lucky is also efforts to learn a lot of formal things. "But when I went into the studio, I found there were no girls in the studio. 」

Why aren't there any girls? No reason, everyone said not suitable, carry things too heavy not suitable, girls do not know electrical equipment, Chen Shanni pouts, "have a cart, who will not move it?" Do not understand electrical appliances, then why every household is the wife in the use of household appliances? 」

Do "The Gold Digger" that year, is 2004, she looked for the female recording division from Hong Kong, with a female assistant, the entire team whole female class, the record company brought the assistant to observe, she returns, how, now is the zoo? Is it unusual? She could not bear to pretend.

Ten years later, the Times are different, independent studio more, the production environment, more female producers, Chen Shanni regrets, do not let the industry limit more creative occurrence.

I said that how to do, the world label so many, she handsome back, "want to resist the label, then go straight to do it." 」

Do it directly, there is no other way, like Chen Shanni all the way, she is a giant, continue to open their own, she likes all she did not know things, the world will always be fresh, music is also. (Recommended reading: thought is my sexy belt!) Annual Influence Women Almanac: Little Williams, Petti Smith, Ono )

I think of Lin Chen Shanni, said she professional, she is willing to sing the machine to her use, Chen Shanni smile back, there are 10,000 reasons why, but I like, we all have questions, later, know more, the discussion level of the wider, the better the quality of music. Chen Shanni debut 20 years, everyone shouted predecessors, pretend very easy, follow very relaxed, can Chen Shanni not, so do, that is probably boring.

"Pop music is a human thing, not just technology. "That's what she said," she said, very softly.

Listen to Chen Shanni music, like to get an invitation to see the universe, there are unknown in the universe, there is always the future of the style, how beautiful, I also in mind, so said to her.