Explore the beauty of the imagination! Atypical fashion models to the world, those who are full of racial discrimination, physical humiliation of daily documentary, look forward to different body patterns, for the imagination of the United States to bring more possibilities.

The modelling industry looks bright, the industry behind the bitterness and sex discrimination is rarely known, the recent "New York Times" released a film, inviting in the fashion industry model one by one confessions this road of hardship and difficulties, break the silence on the modelling industry still exist in racism, sexual harassment, Physical humiliation and extreme pursuit of standard stature.

Hidden racism: I'll always be the only black model in the fashion arena.

I can almost be called the only African-American model on the field. --Precious Lee

Precious Lee said in the report that when she met her clients, she was always asked about her race and heard them talk about her background, "When we look at the figures in the fashion industry, we always see no black models, not to mention the big black models, And I'll always be the only black model on the floor, and people rarely appreciate the different types of beauty, because the publications, the media, the designers--actually have the power to make the change happen and people don't do anything to make it happen. Fashion is thought to be the next new trend, and when 1 million slim women are in the magazine, there are other 14 or 16th sizes of women in the box outside the aesthetic standard. 」

Pointing to the single aesthetic standards of the fashion circle, Precious Lee hopes that by sharing his own experience, society will pay attention to more forms, skin tones, and racial beauty, and that those in possession of real power can use their power to exploit more physical imagination and liberate more physical freedom, Let society see more body forms, so that everyone can in the media, fashion in the spotlight, see their own beautiful body similar to themselves. (Recommended reading: Big size model and black female model proof: New York Fashion Week, you should not only focus on beauty and fashion

Deliberate bodily humiliation: I was too late to react, and he grabbed my nipples like this.

According to the study, nearly 30% of the models encountered improper physical contact at work. --TheMODEL Alliance

Renee Peters about the years she was chosen to be a model, "because the girls in the circle are very thin, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to be that kind of girl, because I want to succeed." Later, it was anorexia and bulimia, this period of illness lasted five or six years, until a few years ago found that their own mentality has been distorted, has been sick. "In addition to being worried about her body in the modelling industry, she points out the physical humiliation and inappropriate touch that a model would encounter in the workplace," as long as you're a model, and in a way you're a watched item, when you're crowned. The name of a mannequin, you are no longer treated as a real person, you are just a carrier of clothing or makeup or hair, and these actions are sometimes even like sexual harassment, when the other side wanted me to be able to show a convex appearance, so I grabbed my nipples, and said: "You see, we need it hard." 」

From his body anxiety to the morbid pursuit of stature, Renee Peters shared the hardships of being a model, allowing society to see the model face that was different from that of the runway. In addition to the body's self-identity, she also pointed out that models are not treated as real people at work, and that physical humiliation and sexual harassment, which are taken for granted, are the norm, with the hope that by exposing the details of these industries, the public will be given a proper understanding of the model's actual work, giving the model appropriate respect, Give up the media to shape the aesthetic concept of a healthy understanding of their bodies, to embrace their own stature. (Recommended reading: to fight back boldly!) Ariane Anna, Gabre Silk Tippy, Renee Zellweger lattice: "My beauty, define myself!" ")

Non-accepted disability: people only see my flaws and turn a blind eye to my beauty

There are few people with disabilities like me in fashion circles, and I hope to open up more discussion through myself--Jillian Mercado

Jillian Mercado wanted to use his body, to create a more liberal path for fashion, "I used to shoot people, until once I was standing in front of the camera and I found it was an action that could change, and in the past I rarely saw people with obvious disabilities in mainstream media or entertainment." This makes me confused and puzzled. Because there is no such person in this circle, I have played a role in the hope that through myself, I will open up more dollars and put aside the biased dialogue. "All the way, defying the eyes of the world, her beauty to let society see," My disability is very obvious. People sometimes see my disability first rather than see me as the "man", sometimes I would rather people ask questions that make them uncomfortable, because those are the things I face every day, better than people guessing on me, 100 times times more awkward than those uncomfortable problems. 」

Without fear of social vision, she resolved to use her disability to open more possibilities for a single fashion standard, for a disabled person like her, and to live out her colorful life well, she expects to say these experiences and let society see their own beauty and their personalities before they see their disabilities, Instead of labeling them immediately, let the beauty of the standard, more vast diversity. (Recommended reading: jump off the beautiful and ugly relativity!) Lizzie velasquez:"Don't call me the ugliest woman in the world."

To break the silence of the deep confession, together see the model industry in the unknown side, before we touch the physical appearance of the media, let us use a more open mind to see the same beauty, regardless of race, color, body, acceptance of the diversity of the body in order to break the rigid aesthetic standards in the fashion industry, so that each unique , the posture of the United States, in all parts of the world, but also to liberate everyone's body anxiety, let us free and dedicated to live into their favorite appearance.