A gender perspective was written after Li Mingzhe confessed, and Li Nai-yu says that she wanted to kill her husband at all.It seems that politics and the husband can only be two options. Many people say that Li's wife is a stupid daughter-in-law, and he doesn't understand politics, and only wants to leave a name.What do you think?

Chinese government accused the Chinese government of "subversion of state power" and pleaded guilty at a court in Hunan, China, on Sept. 11, the official said."If you see Li Mingzhe's words and deeds in the court of the court or to say something embarrassing, I ask our countrymen to be considerate, that is, the Chinese government's act of being guilty," Lee said in a statement before the departure."

Events raise public anger."After the UNHCR Assembly, I was allowed to see Mingzhe, under the surveillance of the media, the police and the public," Lee told me. "When you go back to Taiwan, you don't talk anymore." But his hands pinch me, and his eyes are also blinking.My heart is in pain, but I will not be fooled."

"You don't want to go back to Taiwan," but Lee was not silenced, and she chose to confront the political behavior and explain herself as a free man, and to protect Li Mingzhe from his duties as a self-free.The defence of this woman has sparked a debate: "Li's Yu has since been able to come to an unbrimled approach!"Mama Li refueling is the focus of her son's return, and this stupid daughter-in-law is not going to mention it."The fact that we have to eliminate her husband, from the beginning to the beginning, is that Li Mingzhe is a political hyper," he said. "This is not the heart of his safety.""Please don't hurt my husband anymore." "Marrying my wife is really going to take a look at it."( Source , source )

Li Yueyu was also seen as a political conspiracy on the front line of the rescue.

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Women's Rescue: Women Don't Do Politics in Politics

The allegations that Lee had "wanted to kill Li Mingzhe" came from the following: One, think that Li Mingzhe is still in China, and Lee's line of words affects his safety and safety.Second, Lee believes that Li's death does not care about the survival of his husband, but only to stir up speculation.Many politicians in the political arena teach Li Net Yu: high-profile rescuing will only kill him.

People think that Li Mingzhe may not necessarily be a martyr of Cheng Nan-jung, why should Li Yu shout call for democracy and freedom?

Before life, people should ask Li to shut up, or should they be free to name and shout?"I can't lose the dignity of the Republic of China for the rescue of my husband and don't tell me about freedom and dignity," Li told the crowd. " We can only choose one, not give me such an option. This is not the person we grow on this land."

This is a question of "husband or dignity, please choose one", society has always been directed at women.The woman should go home, wait for her husband to go home, or to make a news of her appearance.We will not guide a man's "how to perform politics," but we have never believed in our hearts that women have the right to interfere in politics.(Extended Read: Tell us about the political reasons!)The results of the women's political questionnaires are out of the way, and vote for the future )

At Lee's hand, when he put her hands on a high-show, "Li Mingzhe, I use you for glory", it was even more criticized: "Don't show it again.""

In the chorus of opposition to Lee's net Yu, most of the wind is considered "she doesn't want to save her husband, but she just wants to leave a name in the history of Taiwan."What I would like to discuss is not how Mr. Li has chosen politics, but how politics has chosen her, and she chose gender.Perhaps people are looking forward to Lee's political empathy with tears in her eyes, and the impression that women have a soft image.When Lee had chosen the position of "not only to fight for human life, but to fight for human rights", she moved to a "one-woman" point that was unacceptable to the Thai half - —, — exceeded the husband's identity and the national identity, and shouted out the will of the individual.

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Eligible Human Wife: Don't interfere with our politics

this point, Li's wife is not only Li Mingzhe's wife, but she has political intentions, her own thinking, and her own independent thinking, and she is thinking of acting independently.Why does the public opinion that Li Zen-yu is acting in a drama, but only a non-solemn clown in the political field?This is the exclusiveness of the political masculine nature. In this political struggle filled with fire and medicine, the historical imperceptibles and the indifference of the women's strong feelings toward women, "politics are not the affairs of your woman's family", the unconscious mind is self-proof.

People are not used to women in such a position: Lee has prevented Li Mingzhe from pleading guilty to pleading guilty to China, saying that "there is a violation of filial piety." Lee's resistance to Lee's refusal to plead guilty was "a violation of the women's path."Very well-commented, " Lee Net-Yu has seriously lost his status as a wife.' ( source )

I also want to know, how can I be a qualified wife?

Society's well-being-being-oriented, plauff-looking fond-looking fond-looking fondent, who is looking forward to a woman's insurrection and threats against Lee's behavior beyond the husband's instructions and her mother-in-law ' expectations.A qualified person is not a strong shouts of freedom and democracy, but rather a husband to return home.So what if Lee was a man today?If Lee was to save his wife instead of her husband, would we applaude his sacrifice and the knights of the knights?(Extended reading: < Mi Mi. > Why can a woman be a wife and a woman, but not a real politician?)

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Reflecting the direct reflection of how female Li was a female, a coarsely reflective model of how women could become a regular wife: women were not judged, women's sexual orientation and motherhood, and women should follow the instructions of the State and the husband.

This power is not only about close relationships, democracy politics, but also how we see men and women in the political scene: at the social scene, women are not goddesses, and many people don't believe that sex is a "real concern" of a certain kind of rights.At the scene of the Legislative Yuan, the women's legislator, Rivers, roar and wear suits, and must be seen as "fierce and tough" before entering the political palace.At the family scene, men drink and smoke cigarettes and chat about politics at dusk, and women follow the garbage truck with a large family garbage truck.

On any occasion, the politics of women "not to easily interfere with our men" is a sign that we lack the imagination of women in politics, and rarely break through the typical female political actors.Women seem to have only two choices in the political scene: isolated, yang-briated.(Recommended reading: Xu Qiuoing Beauty, Tsai Ing-wen, Wine Tsai Ing-wen?Do the Taiwanese politics be friendly to women )

However, Lee's choice is that she does not want to be isolated and unwilling to be persuaded by the state to be persuaded to accept the teachings of the family and not to listen to the family's teachings.

High-density patriarchal politics has been used as a "fake issue," and the society is concerned about the way Events are concerned, trying to solve the problem of the moment, when the inertia is based on the standard of thought, and "gender" is only a second.Perhaps I have heard a number of voices in this article 10 times: "Tsai Ing-wen has already become president, what do your women want to do?"and some people still say that this is a matter of national life and death, and the discussion is too small, is it?

So, we should continue to talk about it.

This is not because I look at her as a woman, but because I see her as a person.

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